Sunday, 23 December 2012

OMG Lowsex

I have in the last 24hrs never had so many hilarious happenings go on when I'm online.

So I have been running around lowsec on my Alt Silent Sarrow last 2 day's due to curse being a massive cluster fuck ( Queue sad face ) with -A- losing all their space and so on.

Anyway I decided to JC up to highsec and go join camper running around lowsec in Caldari space, we had a few little engagements nothing note worthy until I met and hung out with a couple Eebil Piwates! The guy's were solid and good fun to fly with no sooner had I started lounging in their station a chimera landed 5km off from his Cyno and in true Randunip fashion I did what I do best.. I leeroy tackled it with a Caracal while it was being bumped off by a Machariel soon enough a couple other guys came to help and a Niddy undocked and repped me <3

Soon enough the Chimera pilot died in a blaze of dignity going up in flames 1-0 to caracal!

Another little engagement I had was a drake, I was chilling on a gate in my Hurricane trying to bump off this Drake that had landed on me locked each other up and despite me thinking he wasn't going to engage me on the gate he did. And he died with one of the pirates whoring with a bomber ;D

Suffice to say I made a nice 220m off that Drake due to the faction launchers lol!

Somethings tell's me I found my new holiday home!

Randy o/

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Merry Xmas! The return of Rand


Yup work's sorted out now so I have more free time! Although xmas time wasnt the best time to come back considering everyones on a mini holiday and enjoying the festive month!

Anyway house is decorated I have more flashing lights then CCP can produce in a day on EVE and Im back baby! I must say I came back at the right time! The changes implemented and the new ships are fantastic! I promise I will be doing a full write up tomrrow but for now I want some sleep!

With that I welcome you all to once again enjoy my blog! And expect the LONG awaited final episodes of the fiction story to come to light!


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Quick Update!

Hey guys things at work are calming down again meaning I can start easing back into EVE again, However it'll be a slow push as I still have some RL crap to do like fix my car.. and a friends car x] It never bloody ends! I will however be bringing out the Fiction post this weekend I deleted what I had currently as I didn't feel it brought out the epicness of the final couple of pieces that will be going up. Hopefully you'll enjoy it! And I will sort a post out with links to ALL previous posts so you can catch up on the Entire story :)

<3 Randy


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I promise!

I am half way through finalising the next fiction post! Ive been sick :(

Also PT2! Of Incursions coming soon aswell!

P.S - Someone give me a Moros ;)

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Incursion lowdown. Pt1

Morning all, Sorry I've been somewhat AFK. Ya know how it is when several people quit and you and the rest of the teams left picking up the slack its a little nuts.

Anyway I thought I'd do a quick Incursion post before work. Nothing too in depth and what have you! But enough to keep me happy that Im actually getting some content out there, also the fiction post is almost ready for posting so keep your eyes open.

Anyway I was asked a week ago about incursions and what the deal was by a fellow coalition member, Only having done them for a few days I felt ill equipped to answer some questions as there is alot involved and thats even before you join a fleet! After a couple more days I felt more comfortable in passing on the knowledge I had gained. The thing about this is the FC's were/are great. Having a great teacher means you learn more and at a quicker pace.

The main question was how do I incursion???? The answer is simple you join one of several public chat channels that play host to the varying incursion sect's within the community. TVP and ISN are just two of many whom I encountered. You link your fit depending on wether you wanna do HQ/AS when they ask for more people and you sit and wait and hope to be chosen. You also have to read to the guide on incursions thats linked ( This is helpful DO NOT pass it over.. You will regret it ) and obviously get onto their teamspeak server, move to the destination system. For dps ships have several fits in your hold ( Max tank, AB fit ) and your pretty much done with the basics. As a catch up HQ = Headquarter sites, AS = Assault Sites, Max Tank = If you dont know this your retarded and same with AB Fit.

So you got into a incursion fleet excellent! Well done pass out a few cookies and enjoy the ride it wasn't that hard  was it?

More next time as we delve into the more intricate matters when landing on the field to lots of sansha and the differences between "pre load" and none pre load!


Thursday, 6 September 2012


New fiction post due this weekend, along with a nice write up on Incursions and hopefully I can fit in some PVP!

Been hectic at work, 3 people signed off, 1 on holiday and 1 on maternity! Talk about being short staffed :P


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Archon off the port bow!

Hey guys!

I'm still around don't fret! I've just been on a PVP rampage the last couple of days with some really sweet kills.

Started the other night I had two days off work straight so I made use of them by getting some sick PVP in! First up a paladin was popping cynos in V7D so I tried baiting him with a hurricane instead he undocks a vargur and engages me so I start killing him ye fleet standing by on the Titan ready for a bridge, he goes into armor and bleeds structure and out comes a archon to rep him typical! But wait he goes red on me with hobgoblin II's oh mother fucker it is on! I switch point to the carrier and drop the cyno hurricanes in half armor about now, I undock my alts and bring in my own carrier fleet and get with the repping love. We melt the vargur in short order the fleet having bridged in starts raping the Archon which is still aggressed as he hit armor in comes the Titan! And BOOM! Carrier down :)

Props to the pilots but seriously that Archon fit was so terrible! It made me cry :(

PVP update 2 will be later tonight as I'm working at the moment!

Carrier killmail is on my alt in the hurricane as I had Rand chilling in the Archon!

Love Randy

Monday, 20 August 2012

Dram it!

Tonight something hilarious happened.. Previously I wished that I would get my wish to try out my frig killer! Tonight that happened I had been trying to goad Gorgon Empire's frigate gang to come shoot me but 3 times they ran away finally after taking a hour out to drive to get my brother I get home and there back in local and engaged on gate against a friendly cane. I warp right there lock up the closet dram and get to work doesn't take long before he goes BOOM! It still hasn't  clicked that they are all royally fucked so I manage to snag another and nuet out a second the snagged one melts so quickly it's hilarious as our hurricane friend dies so does there condor. The third dram actually made a effort to run but didn't get far before he exploded like his comrades!

The fourth Dram makes the smart choices and runs with his tail between his legs as he watchs his fleet mates get decimated.

Lesson of the day here kids! Everything is not always as it seems.


Randy o/

Ignore the battle report the CVA gang was apparently when I was out, the way it keeps linking unrelated fights is pretty retarded =/

Saturday, 18 August 2012

King's Landing Is Born! And Pop goes your POS

This morning my gorgeous golden hull of a Archon came out the oven! And since I have recently been whoring my way through the Game of Thrones collection I have named it King's Landing to go with my Tengu "Winter is coming" they seemed fitting considering the tengu is a Icy blue to go with winter and the archon is as Golden as the walls and halls of King's Landing.


Also last night a POS was coming out of reinforced however the main FC's were all getting drunk in Texas, So it was apparently upto me to grind up support and go and finish it. While beating the drum of war wearily as I was tired, I got word of 4 Drakes and a Hurricane in 5E- So I put out the word and basically said Im going in a Abaddon get me some tackle and Logi in the next couple of minutes otherwise Im going down fighting POS timer be damned! Luckily a few perked up at that notion and people started joining fleet as I was in warp to the KB gate as by then they had moved back to the KB gate in 5E. I jumped in and warped to the gate as they jumped in to KB landing my hefty Abaddon right on top of them I waited for yellow box's and then opened up with a Overheated round of conflags into the hurricane who started dropping rapidly while they tickled away my shields. I called the gang in as they went red and called for extra points we managed to tackle the hurricane only as our fast tackle suck ( Wallshadow couldnt tackle a AFK Titan with 1000 dictors lol ).The Hurricane succumbed and exploded in a glorious fireball. While waiting a second drake jumped into us and died promptly due to lack of MWD or any propulsion mod other then his shear will power. And he died a nice firey death too.  It would seem that these Drakes were endorsed by ICUwarrior and his No Prop mod drakes of awesomeness.. Lulwhut?

We headed back to the D87 gate and chilled while our scout probed them down we managed to snag another drake and called it a day and went to kill the POS.

We finished up at about 2am my time with a healthy fleet taking some stupid losses from people who got caught out by a small roaming gang but managed to snag a few kills aswell. My Talos proved that you don't need interceptors while I burned down and caught their torndao and let the fleet do it's job and rape it.

Other then waking up feeling haggered and sleepy 4 hours later for work, It was a great night with a good turn out and some very funny moments.

Grim's stealth bomber is invincible - FACT

Link to the drake fights - Here
Link to the POS kill - Here

Some mails arnt posted due to crossed boards ect ect blah blah

Randy o/

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Payback ftw

Hey guys! In still here just been playing rather then blogging at the moment for that I apologise!
Anyway quick update.

I have been PVPing quite abit and had some nice kills as of late including a very expensive tengu the other night! Last night however I set up a little camp with my Tornado and was soon joined by Chevy a new alliance bus who used to be in PIXIE with me, Kyle, grim and a few others we had word that the Germans were in OSHT an heading our way so aligning out they all jumped in. Most ran however one unlucky stealth bomber didn't make it. This son of a bitch spends all day cloaked in our system so it was nice to finally get the drop on him for a change. After that grim had to take. Break as the wife was harassing him or something or other so we move I KB gate where Luffy is scouting and he sees a ferox, oracle and heretic on the VOL gate engaged we decide after some pondering that well go engage them. Landing sees the gang warping to the gate so I call for shadow to jump with then and get tackle on anything he can knowing full well I may die in the process as I'm first on field and have no tank! I load screen to see the oracle already 80km away and immediately lock him up and burn for him he over heats and starts gaining range even though he's tackled by shadow ( get a scram you nub ) heretics still on field so I drop him to half structure and he legs it. I overheat everything and gain range on the oracle Chevy not far behind me and even more back up is arriving from NI4NI but there to late to the party as me and Chev and shadow finish him off Luffy takes a unlucky hit and does in his hero tackle Rifter! We scoop loot and head back home giving us a nice boost to the upcoming replacement program, all in all a fun little camp and without Kyle's egging on I would never have gone for it ( originally they had more but they ran as soon as I entered VOL ) and shadows tackling too, ironically if I hadn't took a shot at that heretic shadow would have died as apparently he was at 5% shields and being webbed so lucky call there shame he didn't pop though. In the end we ended up 180km off KB gate, he'll of a chase and well worth it.

Hopefully some more fun tonight! People are getting used to flying with me especially the new guys and I'm also getting to see how everyone flys and what their capable of, can't wait to get my Alpha Omega team setup for black ops drops should be a interesting trial, I will get a blops post done tonight.

Randy o/

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Interesting Times

Sorry it's been short on posts works kept me busy and I was enjoying what little sunshine I could.

The other day I was watching some PVP videos on you tube mainly vindicator ones, and I came across one from back near 2004 I think it was. The old weapons UI where there were no timers to be had. The simple graphics even the stars shared what looked like a colour pallet from photoshop and I sat thinking to myself how far Eve and technology in general has come in the last ten years. Now we have breath taking nebula with a depth that is realistic to the real thing, graphics so beautiful that at first sight take away your breath. The overlay very much different to what it used to be and updated again this patch with that wonderful tooltip for modules. It's amazing what can be done in ten years and I very much hope I get to reflect back on this post in ten more years while I watch my kids pod CCP Soundwave :)

I have been flying the PVP flag and had some fun fights some good kills and a giggle while I was at it I'll write more later when I'm not gulping down coffee this early in the morning while at work.

Expect to see abit more of me as I press forward, on another note I recently got made a director to my surprise! Very pleased and happy to take on the roll. Interesting times indeed

Randy o/

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Fiction - Onwards

It had been a couple days since I'd been in contact with Dusty and Counter I'd told them to prepare while I got some rest, I'd been feeling like I had a Brutor warrior sat on my chest the last couple of days, mainly due to exhaustion and probably alcohol.

I let my eyes work themselves open not wanting to speed up my waking up, I had taken to sleeping in Serenity this ship had protected me many a time and I felt safer and more confident when I was on board her.

It's funny that I consider my ships to be somewhat sentient beings when they are most certainly not. However I always got the feeling in some way she was watching over me, we had looked after each other for several years, I opened my eyes and glanced at the sleek green metal that was the ceiling and slowly slid out of my make shift bed. Strolling to the PDA on my desk I sent a mail to Dusty and Counter telling to prep and pass the word along. Then poured myself a drink, and walked to the Pod bay I knocked back the drink and slid in once again feeling the mechanical tendrils grasping at my neurones until screen after screen filled my vision.

I focused and like a flash from a camera I had every feed from the ships drones relayed to me, I let my mind work it's way to the warp coils and felt then warming up along with weapons, I stretched my fingers mentally and felt her jerk within the docking clamps, firing up the hardeners saw her tanking ability soar through the roof the new membranes also doing there job. I felt my mind swirling like it was all over the ship in every console and every drone it was a Weird yet amazing feeling being able to stretch your mind further than your arms can reach, with each pulse of the hardener I felt each harmonic wave crash over the ship like it was a ocean wave, I buzzed scotty to say good bye and released the clamps I swung the ship around and threw it out Of the dock anyone watching would think I was running from something, but in fact I was on a chase.

The hunter has just become the hunted.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

ATX - The Aftermath

It's the morning after the final, heads are aching from alcohol induced success, the crisp burnt smell of thousands of fried crewmen lingers in the depths of space in the AT staging system and egos are verily deflated such is the side effects of playing in the alliance tournament!

This year has been an epic battle to win the coveted spot as champions of Eve, Defenders of the righteous! Ok I'm talking bullshit, these skilled blood thirsty players have given it their all the last couple of weeks and I have got to say since watching from AT6 this one has had me on the edge of my seat, HUNs ballsy and utterly awesome Vargur setup proving to be a absolute top dog against Pl's Torp Widow setup and new players from Verge of Collapse taking everyone by storm! Including HUN in the final fielding a Minnie rush team that obliterated HUns Triple Vargur setup! At that point I literally fell off my chair.

The highlight for me yesterday though was Michael Bolton's visibly annoyed look everytime the camera zoomed in on his removed moustache! Could have been bad timing but he didn't look to happy, although props to him for putting his tash on the table and holding up his bet like a man! Now if only we could convince Mittens to make a equally bad bet... Maybe we'd be rid of that chin pussy ;)

So things to look forward too! 10th Anniversary should be sweet! Bountys are being redone. Iteration on PoS! Yay! Fanfest next year, winter expansion if there is one, further look at player introduction into Eve! It's shaping up to be a fantastic year!

Big big big thanks should go to all the teams this year and also to own3d for streaming the matches like a boss!

And CCP if I could shake your hand I'd congratulate you on a fantastic year so far and many thanks for all the efforts to everyone from your team for putting together such an amazing tournament your work visible or not does not go unnoticed!

Much love!

Randy o/

Toying with the market gods

Lately I've been making small investments into market orders to sell in curse and so far things are going well with a total profit of 400m ISK from a 1.5billion isk investment and I still have a couple hundred mill to sell yet! It's working out at about 37% profit which Is good! I generally don't touch anything that has less then a 10% return. Although I have noticed a few anomalys in sell orders such as 120 gyros selling curse for 150,000 isk cheaper then Jita buy orders so I bought them all and resold them fairly quickly. The market doesn't move quite as fast as I would like it too and I did have to take a loss on a few items although they were primary buys which lead to the purchase of my other bits which made up for it! It worked kind of like a normal shop would they don't make much if any profit off the big stuff the money's in all the extras and that's the same principle I used on this.

A prime example would be the Hurricane which I snagged for 47m at the time and there were a few orders selling around 44m-47m however there were no mods to fit said hurricanes so while I lost in the end 1m isk per unit as the lower priced ones where a couple jumps away I made up for that gap with the prices of the guns and various fittings for them it occurred to me that once the fittings were avail me they sold a lot faster then previous orders with mine clearing in just under. Week along with all the modules while the other hurricane orders stayed the same over a three week period I had been watching them. If this trend continues I may look into alternative setups and invest alittle more once this current run has completed.

Fiction post should be due out tonight along with a quick update on how awesome EVE is at the moment! Also I'll be trying to record another Randa Eve info for noobs videos tonight! Stay tuned

Randy 0/

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Solo Kill? RAWR

So about half a hour ago I was waiting for a gang to pass through D87E-A a system in the curse region. Curse is so pretty sometimes

I got wind of a Hurricane chilling next door in OSHT so I warped my trusty dual web ham drake over to a bounce spot and waited as I jumped in my covert hauler, I was about to drop cloak when a fly catcher lands on gate or rather decloaks and bubbles me.. I hit the MWD and cloak up but get decloaked and tackled. I jump the drake in and land luckily 11km from the flycatcher I pulse the MWD and get point and dual webs on him and tear him to shreds as I catch a 12 man fleet hitting the bubble 50km off me.

I overheat the MWD and burn towards a planet the hurricane is in my path but thinking im chasing him.. He overheats and burns away... seriously?

With his gang on grid, there bubble ship dead and the hurricane running like a wuss I warp off my hauler and my drake safe and sound with a Flycatcher kill under my belt too.

Who said solo pvp was dead?

On another note I was checking out some rumors on SiSi ( Test server ) today and noticed these cool little tool tips. Nice huh?

Monday, 9 July 2012


Yes I have been consumed by madness lately! Jump freighter madness!! Since being able to pilot it reasonably well fuel wise I've made a couple trips and everytime I've forgotten my skill books! FML! Covers that fairly adequately!

Anyway that didn't stop me getting in some minor pew pew after work or messing around with some fits and such!

One fight I enjoyed and it really showed the awesomeness that is the triple rep Myrm, was a fight against 5/6 assault frigates two of which died we lost a hurricane to them but that was before the actual fight! The muppet still had a drone out doing damage and he could de aggro once here fleet jumped in lol. Anyway I was like perfect opportunity for pew!? Undocked in Salvation my loveable triple rep Myrm!

Being frigates they came in close which is perfect as the web and scram latched on to there hulls I started melting the wolf when all of a sudden falcon! -sigh- seems most people can't pvp without them.

Anyway I was like hey guys we have pew on station. Frigates! And about a minute later people started swarming in stopping what ever they were doing to come and whore. The falcon kept the initial jams up but my drones forced it off field. I switched back to the AFs for a minute or two keeping them on me with bait tanking, I'm guessing the overloaded guns as my armor started getting chewed away abit more so I dropped a pill and as I the golden syrup like liquid of the Exile Booster courses through my body I hot overheat and two cycles later I'm sitting pretty.. Realising there going against a triple rep Myrm they de areas as there second buddy is about to go down. I go for the falcon but he is forced off by our ECCM hurricane who has got too close for his liking. With that they all run away. Good fights are had and they complain about 3 BC v 6 Af and a falcon... Really? You had a falcon so stfu!

Funny thing was after that I camped one of them in station for a few hours then the next day they rolled through again. I told him I'd kill him again, and I did with my sabre bubbling his ass and our little gang blowing him up.

They were not impressed.

After that we spent the evening mocking Scottey, all in all a epic day :) and a nice break from eye bleeding, boring, I'd rather shave my nuts with a cactus hauling.

Randy o/

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Being lazy!

Ok so few posts been written up there half finished so will be done soon! Mostly roam reports, mini fights and some care bear crap!


Randy o/

Monday, 2 July 2012

A nice surprise

Logging onto my email yesterday I noticed one from CCP, the basics of the mail were this.

Due to being a blogger CCP are renewing my media account!

Over a year ago I heard that CCP would sub your account for a year if you produced media in the form of. Blogging, websites and third party tools ect. I had already been blogging for about six months at that point so I sent a mail there way and within about 2 days I was basking in the free subscription club lounge sipping cocktails and writing posts, but alas about half way through despite having a paid sub real life reared it's ugly head and I had to leave eve behind and the blog even more so as my time in game was spent changing skills and logging off. I came back during the end of the media subscription and reverted back to placing my account. I had considered asking CCP if there was the option to be reconsidered for the media account but never did so as I always felt a tinge of guilt and felt greedy, however after receiving that email I was very ecstatic! And further more provided you pass each 3 month review it seems the subscription automatically renews every 12 months!

They overhauled the system apparently and this will mean less stress for our lovely community team! And more pew/build/blog time for players. Props to you CCP and thank you for that lovely gift!

On another note while your overhauling maybe adjust the fan site listing and have Blogs - Third Party Tools - Guides or something as a sub header so we can just click on "Blogs" and have it only list blogs. That'd be a lot nicer to look at then the current jumble ;)

Randy o/

Friday, 29 June 2012

Lack of sleep brings out the derp

Lack of sleep really brings out the derp in people last night saw me make multiple derp's because I was too tired to realise how retarded I was being!

I spent the day chilling out ran a plex nothing sexy dropped apart from a 100mn After burner which I'll use for my Tengu later on down the line! There were lots of people on which made a nice change I had someone call eyes on a small gang in D87 consisting of a Hurricane, Vexor, Raptor, Myrmidon. I decided I'd engage in my dual web ham drake, I undocked in "Cuban Missile Crisis" and poked Intel to let people know what was about to go down and back up would be really nice. Having experienced before trying to set up a fleet and give a plan was time consuming so I warped in on the assumption someone would arrive. I landed at 0m and only the Vexor and Hurricane were on gate so I lit up the Hurricane and he jumped out which confused me considering what happened next. The Vexor went red so I poured my missiles into his hull until the Hurricane and Myrm jumped in. The Raptor came at 0m so I webbed him down and started beating on him till he ran away, switching back to the Hurricane I had Intel lighting up asking for Intel on the brawl so I just called for DPS Ships to warp to 0 on the OSHT gate and I'd call primary's at this point the hurricane was in half armor and I was in about a quarter shields they had switched their guns to Operi wolf which didn't make sense as he was no direct threat to them, however it left me valuable time to pile on the DPS leaving me to eliminate the hurricane with the help of Anderon who had blindly followed my lead an came to my aid shortly after the Hurricane died more friends landed on field the Vexor went down next to eliminate a good 490DPS from the field as I was now in armour as luck would have it the Myrm switched scram to our second drake allowing me to overheat my midslots while keeping the Myrm double webbed and burn away as I was entering structure the Myrmidon's Gallant drones were to slow to keep up so the damage stopped and the Myrm popped with y drake breezing by in 89% structure! It was a close fight for me but I had many friends arrive practically an entire fleet turned up to whore away on the free kill mails I had provided. That fight was when I was awake and was just to put in perspective how I play when not being a retard I generally don't get people killed apart from Operi who had coasted to close and got scrammed. Later on we chased a Local Down gang nothing big 4 players one in a Jaguar two Talos and a Huggin a gang that had some range control and good DPS at the time I was flying my Cynabal and we had a BC heavy fleet with some fast tackle. We chased them around a little until I finally got eyes on where they were going Anderon landed on gate at 0m with them and they jumped thinking my gang was still in system I called for everyone to warp to the 5E gate and Anderon to get tackle on something. Mistake number one. What I hadn't realised was that we had a slow gang in comparison to there's and that our gang was actually in PO4 so all we had to bear was a Drake, Hurricane and Cynabal I jumped in and burned for the Huggin taking a lot of Damage in the process as our gang jumped in I hadn’t realised our Hurricane had died and I had burnt about 70km from hate In the end my brain fired up and I pulled range surviving just barely under the reps of our Scimmy pilot. Sad face.

Derp number two was me chasing after a Taranis that had reproached gate so I jumped after him and pointed him in my Dramiel now instead of keeping my range I ended up at 0m on him that's really really bad. Our guys jumped in I overheated guns and died just as he popped. Stupid Rand! Get some sleep! What I should have done once the Rapier had tackle was overheated my afterburner and pulled out to about 10km instead I sat there like a moron and died I was so tired I didn't even realise till too late!

But alas in the grand scheme of things I had fun and that's all that matters, I learnt to accept my losses long ago so the occasional derp keeps me on my toes and stops me being complacent in my ability to lead gangs and such. I have had sleep now, and am ready to tackle EVE again, like I said in my previous post long ago. Sometimes you get the bear... But sometimes the bear gets you. This time he got me. GF

Randy o/

Plexs and a Jump Freighter

Forgot to post this it's been sat in drafts for a few days! Going up anyway ^_^

Yesterday morning I didn't start work till lunch time so I had a couple of hours to kill before heading out, I decided to go and drop probes and see what I could find.

The first couple of systems were completely void of signatures not even a lowly gravimetric site! However I finally found where they had all gone. Probes showed 3 sigs so I started scanning and had two wormholes pop up one to high security space nine jumps from Jita! ( I went and bought a claymore later on ) And one to scalding pass ( where we killed a Hurricane later on as well ) however the third signature looked promising as I had a hard time tracking it down till finally it gave me the sweet response I was after "Angel Prisoner Retention Facility" this complex is a 8 out of 10 rating for difficulty which to be honest is pretty easy. The plex drops B-Type loot and a Machariel BPC along with Overseers Effects although this isn't guaranteed, normally I make between 1.2b and 2.1b depending on what drops I get.

I decided to try a Different set up to run it this time usually I roll Macherial, Vargur and Scimitar this time I went with a nano shield buffer Dominix and the Vargur and Scimitar just incase. The Domi cap transferred my Vargur allowing me to perma run my shield booster and it was also sporting Berserker II and Bouncer II aswell for DPS and I swear it's insane with sentry rigs and drone damage amps on it I expect it to out perform all expectations on the next run. I managed to get a Mach BPC so that was ok I guess. On another note I've bought my Jump Freighter! The Caldari Rhea! Aptly named the U.K.S Scotteh another couple of days and I'll be bouncing round null sec delivering presents to all the good boys and girls.

Fly Safe!

Randy o/

Monday, 25 June 2012

ROL raiding and Bubble Sniping

So home from work Sunday afternoon I jump onto Eve, it's about 3.30pm and locals buzzing with my Eve buddy's from NI4NI. I decide to go out scanning first, not finding much of interest apart from a class three wormhole in D87 I decide to go run some sites as it’s inevitably dull and the wormholes void of life with three dead towers scattering round the system. Me and Izi ship up to Drakes and my alt in a Scimitar and we proceed to run sites being interrupted by probes we decide it's best we leave so we finish up the second site and bugger off. Scooping about 70m iskies so not a total loss to be honest and it defiantly beat the monotony of ratting belts. Shortly after arriving home the guys decide a sniping gate camp would be a laugh so we hop into our snipers and bubble up a couple gates. Some Raiden guys seem to be trying to get somewhere with three Helios a Manticore, Rapier and Hurricane all entering KB within about 20 minutes we kill one Helios ( my decloak skills ) the Rapier burns for gate and so does the Manticore pilot.

Said Raiden Manticore pilot proceeds to shout to every new local in KB that we have a camp set up now I realise why Raiden failed so hard people like him. A new target not of Raiden faggotry appears! An Omen Navy Issue is making its way to us when to no surprise the Raiden guy once again solidifies his place among the fail pilots of eve and starts shouting in local again, the wise Omen pilot heads his warning and reroutes. However our eyes are everywhere! We move gates as the Omen has appeared in 5E after a few minutes he lands on gate being pushed through by one of our hurricanes as he sheds his cloak my web and scram reach there long fingers out slowing him to a dead stop teamed with our Rapier this pilot is going nowhere.

The fleet proceeds to melt him down to scrap in a few moments, a bubble is deployed and his Pod snatched victory is ours! Meanwhile back in the dark depths of wormhole space Mika has been scanning finding a null sec wormhole to ROL space and an entrance to a C5 while exploring the C5 a Domi ninja closes the entrance and poor old Mika is stuck! But do not fret because our brave adventurer scans his way out and makes it back to us in D87! We get a few more people in fleet and decide that fucking with ROL would be fun! So we head into the wormhole only to be greeted by a Loki decloaking from the ROL infidels! We move quickly jumping into their system and leaving via our exit gate, landing on the second gate has a Noctis land with us, he jumps and we jump and then he goes boom! Along with his pod. Expensive Noctis! Over 300m including his pod. We move on hearing that five Drakes and a Heretic are chasing us! Two more jumps and realising that we could kill them we stop and re approach gate. The drakes slowly trickle in and the brawl begins, Losing two of our Talos (how? ) we kill all five of their Drakes and the Heretic we linger too long afterwards relishing the success when another Drake jumps in we aggress and then an entire fleet arrives... Whoops! Everyone Deaggress's with several of us making it out but losing our Eos and Daredevil and Scimitar! And some other stuff but I forgot what! Either way with our kills and losses we came out on top considering all the pods where implanted and one of our late to the party guys popped a cloaky and a hurricane 1 jump out from us. It was a Epically fun fight for all apart from Counter the ROL Fc who was sad he couldn't whore my kill mail <3 With my pod safely docked back up in D87 after running the gauntlet back to the wormhole I logged off for the night. With nearly 100 kills under my belt for this month it's turning out to be a good June after all!

I should really care bear some more tomorrow and get some isk! Till then have fun and fly reckless!

Randy o/

Friday, 15 June 2012

Eve - Brothers in arms.

Thursday saw a new addition to the Eve community, My little bro ( he's 19 so not so little ).

After chilling with him for the day while I was playing Eve I made the suggestion that he should sign up for the trial and one month game time. ( I got a plex for it ) and see what he thought of the game, so he did just that creating himself a minmatar toon because after consideration I decided that would be the best starting point, minmatar rule after all.

He got through the character creator easily enough and I gave him a quick one on one about what certain stuff did , just the basics so his head wouldn't explode and off he went to do the tutorial missions. Having him sat next to me on his laptop proved useful as I was able to provide more accurate guidance and help set up the initial skill training queue for him I told him to grab evemon as it would help plan out a skill queue for future ships and also keep a eye on his skill queue and without my help he downloaded, installed and set it up with the API key. He has almost finished with all the tutorial missions despite losing a couple slashers at first he was abit perturbed about losing his first ship but after that he just thought it was funny I explained that losing lots now would help him to not lose a lot in the future and also get him used to losing stuff.

I helped fit out his ship with basic mods and lent him some ISK to keep himself afloat I explained the basics of ship fitting and transversal and soon enough his ships losses declined as he was able to orbit the NPCs and warp out if things got bad, he has been making use of the tactical overlay to help gauge when he can do DPS and when he can't, in one mission he got webbed and scrambled and couldn't warp out or catch the other ship so he went back fit an afterburner and a web of his own went back and tackled the pirate NPC and killed him, he surmised that if he got in his face before he got slowed down he could do some damage and hopefully win. In two days he's learnt what a lot of people take a long time to figure out so I'm impressed. At one point he burst out laughing as one mission apparently told him to kill NPCs and then leg it when the "charges where set" he sat orbiting the facility in the mission only to have it explode and take his ship with it. Made me chuckle!

Don't get me wrong he still asked noob questions like wheres the undock button and why he kept dieing in a reaper etc but he has leant a lot already especially where modules are concerned if he can't use it he'll buy the skill book train it to level one and continue and with the skill plan I set up.

It'll be interesting to see how things go and how well he gets on with the game in the next few months, he may well be my own case study on the learning curve in Eve, I may even have him join some of my Eve info for noob videos as he can provide genuine questions about game mechanics and how to do certain things that a veteran player could not ( unless he was a eBay toon ) so here's to family flying in space! I hope to see him grow into a capable PVP pilot and one day flew together pillaging other people's ship hulls!

Fly safe

Randy o/

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Wardec changes again?!

I've seen a few posts now about the star fraction vs goon "forever war" I won't go in to any details as people already know it all. I have only one thought on this subject and that is why is CCP changing how things are now? The idea that you could bring in as many friends as you could was a great thing for the war system it more accurately depicted how real life wars went. We used to bat phone anyone and everyone when a war started just as star fraction effectively did. The only reason I can see this being changed is because CCP is pandering to the goons or some hidden reason they have yet to disclose. So once again the war system is broken with small corps not being able to defend themselves with friends and making the whole ally system pointless. Why CCP did you change it so that massive alliances can once again continue with impunity while at war with smaller entity's? I think it has a lot to do with the 10,000 or so accounts active in GSF alone that could go dormant. That's nearly 150,000 euros a month a considerable amount if they paid cash for them it's only a thought but if by chance that threat was made then I could understand CCP stance... I guess. This is all just speculation unless anyone has any other ideas? I'd really welcome a chat with one of the involved Devs to get a better more rounded view! So if your reading this CCP I'd love to hear from ya!

Love Rand

Friday, 8 June 2012

Remote Repping POS?

I was having a debate with a friend of mine on the usefulness of POS towers and there obvious downfalls.

While they can be packed with useful things such as standard labs, drug production, moon miners, T3 production labs and reverse engineering labs among other things! They can also boast an impressive array of weaponry dealing fairly significant damage to a small opposing force and have a large amount of shield and armor hit points. But that's where the good stuff ends. They cost around 400m a month to fuel a large one. Even with hardener’s it's killable in under an hour with an average sized fleet of BS and guardians and even if a friendly fleet arrives it's hard to save the tower or even themselves if supers are on the field! In the age of super capitals POS stats mean little outside of wormhole space, there isn't much of a solution to this apart from drastically redesigning mother ships DPS ability or buffing the control towers with better base resists and HP in general. However I came up with a plausible solution and also one that is just plain stupid.

Ok so let's say we have a large POS under attack by about 50 Abaddon's and 10 guardians. The POS guns aren't breaking any tanks and your fleet of 40 BS only has 3 guardians. No way you'll out rep there DPS and you will all probably die. But here's where my solution comes in rather than buffing HP give the POS the ability to fit POS size remote reps! They'd have considerable resists and HP but not enough to stop them being killed by a good sized fleet and only allow say 4 anchored on a POS. Reps would be the equivalent to say 4 carriers with dual reps out of triage. This would provide a substantial increase in POs fleets survivability while not completely over powering them it would also allow some protection from super caps to your capitals if any and again without making it to OP!

The second idea was insane and stupid but we had a chuckle over it. Give the POS manoeuvring thruster's to allow it to move from its current anchored orbit point to another near the same moon allowing the POS to be off the warp in of the moon itself and possibly even off grid. This wouldn't be OP in itself because there easy to scan down! Second part would be to allow the POS shields to extend their power to aid another ship and only one! The POS itself would take 80% of the incoming damage while the damage it does receive would be increased 25% so its shields would go down faster than the actual DPS being applied! This would allow a little more safety to capitals jump freighters and super capitals while outside the POS shields while cyno ships would still be at risk seeing as 10 tornados hitting for 10k each would still hit for 2k damage more than your average cyno has!

I'll run numbers and better refine the ideas but I think as far as POS defence goes this would be epic without being OP!