Sunday, 23 December 2012

OMG Lowsex

I have in the last 24hrs never had so many hilarious happenings go on when I'm online.

So I have been running around lowsec on my Alt Silent Sarrow last 2 day's due to curse being a massive cluster fuck ( Queue sad face ) with -A- losing all their space and so on.

Anyway I decided to JC up to highsec and go join camper running around lowsec in Caldari space, we had a few little engagements nothing note worthy until I met and hung out with a couple Eebil Piwates! The guy's were solid and good fun to fly with no sooner had I started lounging in their station a chimera landed 5km off from his Cyno and in true Randunip fashion I did what I do best.. I leeroy tackled it with a Caracal while it was being bumped off by a Machariel soon enough a couple other guys came to help and a Niddy undocked and repped me <3

Soon enough the Chimera pilot died in a blaze of dignity going up in flames 1-0 to caracal!

Another little engagement I had was a drake, I was chilling on a gate in my Hurricane trying to bump off this Drake that had landed on me locked each other up and despite me thinking he wasn't going to engage me on the gate he did. And he died with one of the pirates whoring with a bomber ;D

Suffice to say I made a nice 220m off that Drake due to the faction launchers lol!

Somethings tell's me I found my new holiday home!

Randy o/

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