Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Its all Occator for you.

YES! Terrible title I know. But.. Whatever.

So again I threw down my toys and decided to rally a fleet, I was bored, It was sunny, I wanted to explode things. I called out to my glorious brethren and in waves they came to do battle.. Who am I kidding it took like 30 minutes and finally I was happy with numbers. Off we trotted with a small fleet of cormorant's and tackle and talwars to do war with anything in our way. Well after I had my bio. HOWEVER!

On returning I found my fleet had been undocked and warping to a gate courtesy of one our more savvy members who took control to gain the fleet a good kill.  A vagabond had been tackled and after landing on gate and taking back command we flew against this vagrant and exploded him.

Running back to N-8 So some guy's could reship and join the fleet we had word that a cloaky Stratios was being a nuisance in N-8 so one of our guys jumped in a alt, Popped on a web and scram onto his Occator  and warped to gate. On landing in the red's bubble he decloaked and tackled our guy. On went the point and web and in jumped the fleet. Burning towards the bubble we exploded him just as he managed to kill our bubble ship and almost killed the Occator. However his death was worth it and the loot more then paid for the loss of the bubble ship!

With that we roamed into south catch to find some fight's but everyone ran away. Made me sad..

And with that and no more pew we went home to cuddle our bears.

All in a all a great little fleet.


Rand o/

A Carrier Roaming??? Whut O_O

So it was a normal afternoon, The sun was shining through the windows and I was playing Eve, Cause Eve's awesome. Fuck sunshine.

So we setup our Bomber fleet sorted out the bridge boat and sat outside a citadel waiting for a target. Now I love Blops. They are probably the most fun ships to fly/use. And we have been out in them a few times now within the corp to the point where it's like an addiction. At least for me. 

Anyway continuing on.

Sitting by the citadel we awaited our first call, Scout was out hunting while I was chilling in the "Sir Bridge Alot" Redeemer, Intel piped up about a carrier roaming solo couple jumps from Provi so we redirected our scout that way. Orders where given not to light anything until we had certainty he was either aggressed or it wasn't a TRAPPP! Our cyno is waiting on the go ahead while I gather more intel on what's going on after a couple blue ceptors and a sabre bubble and tackle the carrier. Comms go green and word of a friendly cyno being popped is up and not to be one to have a meal taken away our cyno also gets dropped and in come our little bomber fleet. As soon as that happens the carrier jumps luckily enough I called people to hold aggro and we MWD into the gate and jumped in. On the otherside a Megathron was being attacked by the carrier along with a Chimera on grid. Needless to say we uncloaked and lit up the Thanatos. Shortly there after he exploded.

Shortly after time restraints kicked in and I had to leave. Which was a bad idea because then this happened.... God Damn It Delta.

And thus our adventure continues as I press these wonderfully awesome miners into some explosive action and death!