Monday, 8 July 2013

A rocky start.

Hi guys after finishing up my first fiction series I decided on a new approach to the next instalment. And I realised a lot of mistakes since the last one so to all who read here's the starting point for my new not so epic saga. 

It was dark and dull and the silent thrumming that echoed down the corridor outside my bed chamber was keeping me awake again. I opened my eyes and let the dim light from my overhead reading lamp which I had left on after dozing off again.

I stated at the light for a few minutes willing It to become something more than a light to be the start of some epic journey across the stars that would pull me out if this meagre existence I had for a life, unfortunately my light stayed just as it was.... Just a light.  

I swung my legs over the rungs of the bed and landed on the cold hard floor the vibrations tickling my feet as I walked Way. Stopping long enough to grab myself a coffee I strode off down the corridor humming out tune as usual and stopped to look out of the window and saw the golden yellow of the strip miners running their cycle stream past the viewport. 

More to come guys! This was just a taster! 


Fly safe o/