Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ship Spinning RETURNS! + Roam Report

SO YAY! Ship spinning is back god damn am I happy no more staring at some fucking retarded blank door cause incarna is a pile of wank.

Any who.. Fuck updates! ROAM TIME! I went a poodling about this morning with some mah brick buddys. I was whoring myself off in a ranis. Glory was leading the roam and we literally went round about 20 jumps and found Nada.. Zip.. Zilch.. BUT with only a few minutes till DT our hero tackling malediction saved the day and managed to tackle a rapier abit of gate in a bubble in 4K- we all dived in to help out Chaos Overdrive who was by now dieing fast. Just as he hit 30% hull the Rapier took its last breath and exploded in a firey ball of homocidal glory. With the Maley saved we hit station and slept through the downtime! Next to time someone shouts For chaos or glory! Im going with chaos.. Not that anyone would shout that .. Ok well maybe me!

After downtime small roaming fleet went up to go to Y-2 to harras goons and TEST-icles. We ended up snagging a few kills on the way like this Tengu who got luckily deloaked by one of our tackle. Shortly after we hit a ROL Ihub and Tcu which both went Kaput. During which a small 3 man gang headed our way so some of us hit the gate and nabbed the Crour and Curse. We reshipped and headed back towards Y-2 playing cat and mouse with a couple frig gangs and nano cruisers who got the beat down and lost a few of there friends. Like this falcon, cheetah, scimmy, Jaguar and a couple rifters. After that we hit Y-2 didnt get any fights from goons so headed back to 1dh where we had our way bared by evoke in a large fleet with more logi. We engaged anyway for the lolz and lost a few people trying to bypass them after disengaging me included :P I lost my huggin as soon as a fly catcher that bubbled us died cause I was webbed and scrammed :(

But all was well in the end! We got most the fleet home safe and lost a couple of drakes but in retrospect it was fucking awesome fun :D

On a more recent note I just undocked from station to see a nuet cane undock behind me into the large fleet waiting outside locked him up took out a chunk from his shields with my Artys and then as he hit armour they fired again. And I stole the killmail :D WIN! No idea what he was doing... moron.

All in all so far a productive day :)


Friday, 14 October 2011

The man with the bigger stick

Its common knowledge that the man with the largest stick will win. Unless the man with a smaller stick is a Ninja in which case it doesnt apply.

Nothing beats chasing Goonswarm round the Park (Delve) with a big stick which shoots missiles and flys in space. I hopped into EVE tonight hoping for some instant PVP and low and behold the gods of New Eden laid down there blessings and I was shortly shipped up aligned and in fleet with a bunch of guys from Brick and Morsus + Other factions. We started chasing goons through a few systems out from 1DH till our awesome tackle caught up with them and they decided to stand and fight in Querious about 5 jumps from 1DH. Battle report is here! Report is fully constructed yet as some mails arnt posted and not all of the goon fleet got on. They were to busy burning away from us.. cant think why!

All in all was a good fight so thanks Goonies for standing tall and going in guns blazing <3 There was a scuff with Nulli shortly after but during the goon engagement my ISP had "issues" and I was out for 10 minutes. Not cool! Either was a great night and good to finally get some more kills under my belt.

Props to the Logi for keeping me alive while I was dc'ed! And during the fights was nice to log back in to find my drake still intact. And props to the FC's and whoever grabbed the reigns and pulled us in some more kills. Awesome teamwork from all! Starting to think moving into Brick was a damn good choice ;)

Fly it like you stole it!

Randy 0/

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Better late then never

Hai Guys!!!!

Im back, Somewhat anyway and I have a new home! Within the infamous BrickSquad. After considering a few options and believe me there were quite a few. I decided on Brick was a change of pace for me and nice to get back to 0.0 even though It wasnt on my mind till it came up.

Thanks to all who mailed, Spammed convos and replied on the forum, If I find Brick isnt to my taste I will hit some of you up for a chat! But dont hold ya breath as so far it's been a fun ride. After being sexually molested by Spacestripe I hit the apply button and got coms sorted blew myself up and landed in 1DH- in Delve. Sorted myself out with some ships and headed out to meet the fleet. We flitted about for abit before meeting up with our "Temp" Allies Evoke/Ewoks and some other people. We were off to kill a goon tower that was coming out of reinforced and were hoping for a good fight but they never showed and the tower died without incident. After someone decided to have a E-honour fight with Evokes Scimmy+Drake gang and we got owned after they warped right on top of us before we could warp onto them. We lost a fair few guys during the engagement but it was a blast so thanks Evoke and pals! <3

We reshipped into some more throw aways and headed out to intercept another TEST gang if I remember rightly! Snagging a couple of kills along the way. . They pretty much ran after we snagged a few stragglers and wouldnt stay to fight :(

Sorry there isnt any links for kill mails and battles tonight the posts abit late and I cba to find them. If anyone would care to link the killboard links in the comments I'll update them asap.

Watch out EVE! Randys Back!

Fly It like you stole it!


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

CCP Zymurgist Email

As the title suggest's I just receieved a new email from the man himself as all fansite owners will also no doubht recieve about now. Zym has taken over as Fansite Community leader it seems and has some interesting little changes coming in! I am looking forward to the Skype press conference and hopefully will get to listen in and maybe post up my own questions and ideas regarding EVE the game and Its community. Im sure there will be some great input and hopefully shed some light on the issues that have been arising and hopefully some awesome new ideas from the man himself :)

Bring it on Zym! Looking forward to it

Sorry for the Typo Zym x] All fixed now ya stalker :D


I've been wanting to come back to EVE alot more then I have been but there's nothing Inspiring about ship spinning at the moment. With nullsec on the back burner due to the recent conflicts and the fact its now basically a ISK machine for the russians I have no interest in going in to get constantly  whelped under the command of a FC who couldnt lead a piss up at a brewery or sitting for hours inside a POS only to be stood down because everyones balls fell off during the last half a hour of waiting. Highsec is a good option while I decide where to go and what to do, with Rand and Dee now capable of flying 3 out of the 4 maurader's available the Kronos, Paladin and the Vargur. Rands now also fully capable of flying the Matar and Gall capitals and has all his gunnery skills maxed out Im currently working on Medium Pulse Spec as I wish to fly the Legion in some death or glory roams in the event I find a suitable corporation that doesnt sit on there ass all day complaining about shit no one cares about.

With Fanfest coming up in several months regardless of my reduced presence in New Eden I am still going. I am hoping that it will provide the much needed moral boost and inspiration to get back on the horse and ride full steam into the nearest blob while screaming something about a guy named Leeroy Jenkins down the fleet comms. Im looking forward to meeting new people and people I know but have yet to get face time with. Amos, Dusty, Klin and a couple others should be attending so it will make for a nice little group.

For the people planning on going to fanfest sum up your reasons in one word? Mine is Inspiration, Whats yours?