Friday, 14 October 2011

The man with the bigger stick

Its common knowledge that the man with the largest stick will win. Unless the man with a smaller stick is a Ninja in which case it doesnt apply.

Nothing beats chasing Goonswarm round the Park (Delve) with a big stick which shoots missiles and flys in space. I hopped into EVE tonight hoping for some instant PVP and low and behold the gods of New Eden laid down there blessings and I was shortly shipped up aligned and in fleet with a bunch of guys from Brick and Morsus + Other factions. We started chasing goons through a few systems out from 1DH till our awesome tackle caught up with them and they decided to stand and fight in Querious about 5 jumps from 1DH. Battle report is here! Report is fully constructed yet as some mails arnt posted and not all of the goon fleet got on. They were to busy burning away from us.. cant think why!

All in all was a good fight so thanks Goonies for standing tall and going in guns blazing <3 There was a scuff with Nulli shortly after but during the goon engagement my ISP had "issues" and I was out for 10 minutes. Not cool! Either was a great night and good to finally get some more kills under my belt.

Props to the Logi for keeping me alive while I was dc'ed! And during the fights was nice to log back in to find my drake still intact. And props to the FC's and whoever grabbed the reigns and pulled us in some more kills. Awesome teamwork from all! Starting to think moving into Brick was a damn good choice ;)

Fly it like you stole it!

Randy 0/

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