Saturday, 26 March 2011

Yarrr and Hauling

So weeks been a busy one ingame and inreal life! Real life has seen me spend most of the week grabbing some early nights and catching some much needed shut eye and moving various bits to the tip. Our local council has decided that even after upping the price on everything there now charging by the bag to bin rubbish down the local tip. Waaay.. not. So been ramming stuff down there since friday before the charges come into play in april. Also been putting up some shelves and shit and tbh its the first bit of DIY I done where I didnt fuck something up! < Proud

Ingame - So last couple of days havent seen much ( any ) action to be honest. We've been taken into V3 alliance and while the apps in stasus we've been moving everything upto our new home and also welcoming some new members! Which is always a good thing! A friend lent me his freighter so moving everything has been a tad easier.. Ive also taken some curse's and pilgrims into my hangar as my new ship to fly with my alt finishing cruiser 5 the other day and training recon as we speak I cant wait to finally fly that damn ship! Silent is now training for T2 Invention and will be also helping my alt with PI :)

So thats it for this post! HOPEFULLY ill have finished the fiction tomorrow :)



Monday, 21 March 2011

The campaign! And a failed spai

So last few days have been interesting to say the least we've had some great fights which were only over shadowed by a simple mistake. And a trust issue arose in which we decided to see if it was true or if we were in a land of make believe fairys.

After some false intel was released a hand was played way to soon in my eyes but we managed to root out a bad seed with no damage to the campaign the contractor as such remains anon and now he just looks stupid. Funny thing is if he hadnt kept spamming about how he had stolen aload of stuff we probably wouldnt have even batted an eyelid.

Anyway we ended up in a couple of fights down in WI space lost 2 pilgrims due to counter being a nab and forgetting tali was next door so we gimped our advantage alittle! However we made up for it on the way home when a 3 man gang of a drake, phobos and exeq navy issue were camping our outgate so we all jumped in and face humped them the phobos ran away like a little baby and the exeq and the drake got smashed into oblivion. Funnily enough our "spai" arrived in a falcon and was promptly jammed as we had a hunch at the time he wasnt playing for us. So we netted 2 nice kills and left them to it.

We returned back to highsec to go play in jita and buy some new shinys! However the next day Zam was out doing his usual bombing runs in WI. Space. When he comes across a POS with well.. No pos lol. All the mods are unanchored theres ships floating in space and no shields or tower so he does the kind thing.. And blows them all up lol! we were going to steal them but no one had a cloaky hauler so we just decided to blow them up instead.

Links for the mails will be posted up soon! Im still ramming my face into the website at the moment :P

Rand o/

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Battle Report from last night and a quick lol.

So last night we scrounged up all our pilots online at the time togo look for a fight and man. Did we find one! After hooking up with some friends we'd made in local we rounded up our rag tag bunch and made head way to 0.0. Only to never arrive lol. About 4 jumps in and some minor dicking about we finally got to engage a gang that had been poking around. Was a epic fight with us just scraping through considering they had twice the numbers and twice the ewar! My rapier went and exploded on me but not before whoring on there rapier kill so I dont feel so bad now! Anyway stats are here was a epic fight and props to the guys was a great amount of fun!

Oh and today I got bored and made this.. I thought it was

And I cooked up the new KB header not bad for someone who has pretty much fuck all knowledge in PS and Fireworks ^_^

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Fiction Post 3 - Harsh Worlds

Long LONG! Overdue fiction post.. Dusty has been pestering me to get it posted with so much going on it was hard to finish it and also to well.. find it again after my memory stick went walkies and a whole host of other less interesting hiccups! Anyway without further adieu here's chapter three!

I woke suddenly from my sleep as alarms pounded my ear drums with high pitched screams, Scrambling out of bed and shaking off the dream about wormholes and sansha invasions I grabbed my jacket and made a dash out the quarters. Red light's were blip-ping on and off along every passage way as crew members scrambled to there position's there was loud shouting over the Com's for combat readiness as I reached the stairwell at the end of the corridor. The staircase was juddering violently as I made my way up 2 decks to the offensive systems operations room.
As I entered there were casualties being slipped out a side exit on gravity platforms it appeared that whatever had fired had landed a direct hit on our weapons systems and several crew members were injured from the explosion, Monitors littered the walls of the room with a huge holo-screen on the far wall showing the enemy that they now faced, the ships computer despite half the crew being injured was still calculating its weak spots and pin pointing them on the main screen while each monitor showed diagnostic feeds of each of the megathrons powerful neutron blaster cannons that were hanging limply on the ships hull due to lack of power. "I need weapons systems online NOW!" The captain had bawled over the Com's trying to be heard over the alarms and explosions tearing through the ships now rapidly depleting shields, while this was a armor reliant vessel no one liked to see shields being stripped that fast on a ship as deadly as this. I grabbed the only working comm unit in the room and called the bridge, " Captain! Weapons systems offline we need to reroute the main capacitor feeds to the blasters or we're sitting ducks!" there was a crackle and another explosion there was a only silence after that. "Captain? Captain!" My heart was pounding so fast the noise filled my ears as debris started to fall in the adjacent corridor as another  hail of torpedo's hit us. "Rand? Rand are you still alive?" I grabbed the comm unit "Dusty is that you? Wheres the captain, I cant get through to the bridge?" There was a short pause and I heard him let out a sigh. " Rand.. The bridge took a direct hit, Its sealed itself off from the ship.. There all.. Dead." I almost choked.. The captain.. Everyone on the bridge evaporated in a instant, Millions of thoughts were racing through  my head only to be interrupted by the screaming of Dusty down the comm unit. "Rand! I can reroute what remaining power we have to weapons systems to get them back online we have enough for a few salvo's before life support starts being affected and the automatic shutdown of non essential systems engages" Great I thought.. Whose bloody idea was it to program a computer to think that guns weren't freaking essential! "Fine do it if we're going down we're going down guns blazing!"I screamed down the speaker. "Powers rerouted..  It was good flying with ya Ran......." The Com's unit cut out. Only the pounding off torpedo's and the sounding alarms could be heard now.. But I had better things to think about. "Computer online all blasters and disable overheating safeties target there primary shield matrix and fire everything we have NOW DAMMIT NOW!" - I was greeted by the computers response in the soft tone of a women's voice "Cannons Activated, Safety Protocols disabled, Targeting Raven class battleships shield matrix, Target Acquired....... Firing"

There was the sweet sound of the anti matter charges winding up inside the barrels of the blasters and then an all mighty explosion as the shells left the barrel and slammed into the Ravens shields "Warning! Warning! Structural Integrity At 90%"  The computer announced over the only speaker that hadn't fallen off the wall. The Holo-screen flickered as the enemies shields started failing the next round took out the majority of there armor.. Caldari ships weren't built to withstand this kind of punishment to there main structure..

"Warning! Warning! Structural Integrity at 40%, Damage control system failing"

"Weapons System's Offline, Directing all power to life support and escape pod launch tubes" The raven was at 10% armor we were so close.. I thought to myself. Then I saw it a fleet must of been 20 or 30 more of his friends arriving out of warp... Come to loot the spoils no doubt..

"Warning! Warning! Structural Integrity at 20%, Damage Control Measures OFFLINE"

3 more volleys and we'd be toast, the thought of being vaporised didn't appeal to me so I turned to head to the pod launch tubes only to see the exits blocked by fallen debris from the ships innards.. I sighed "Well it was worth a shot" I said to myself as I slouched onto the floor.

"Sub Space Anomaly Detected, Warp Signature Echo Bravo Foxtrot One Zero One." The computer pipped seemingly unaware of the ships Impending doom...

I looked up and saw a hurricane streak across the holoscreen with "Fuck Logic" emblazoned on the port side before it crashed to the floor .. "Counter!?"

Monday, 14 March 2011

Hours for Plex

The other day CCP introduced something that for me is definatly a godsend! Hours for Plex!
Basically it allows you to have your account reactivated for a 4hr period in order to put a plex on it. Many a time I have had to reactivate via paypal or card because I forgot to add the plex i'd bought the day before. Or just forgot to buy one in the first place lol. And i'm sure many pilots have felt the same way when they realised they forgot to get there plex and spend the next few days emo raging because payday isnt here yet and they KNOW they have the isk on there account to plex it! But now this new system will easily solve all those issue's! Well.. We'd hope so!

Keep up the good work CCP but still just maybe.. Fix the lag kk?

On another note Kirith over at the Inner Sanctum Of Ninveah blog logged onto SiSi to find a very nice surprise. Previously he'd suggested CCP split up the ship groups abit better on the overview as opposed to 3 sizes each one fitting several class's of ships. Ie; Titans were in the same size as BS's. Kirith had come up with a very cool and easy to distingush system to replace it. Go and check out all the info and the screen shots at Kiriths blog! Inner Sanctum Of Ninveah

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Fantastic Surprise's!

I'd like to put forward a massive thank you to CCP for accepting my blog to be on there web site listing. It truly is a great oppurunity for someone like me!

I was laying on my bed and my phone buzzed off to let me know there was a mail. I checked one of my accounts and it was some spam from some company about free tuition fee's... Yea cause I really wanna open that lol! So out of habit I checked my others and saw 2 emails from CCP Adida and when I saw that they had accepted my blog to be on the fansite listing I almost had a small heart attack lol! One of my best moments in eve <3

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Vote's Cast and our not so Anti-Pirate Roam

So after posting up about who I was voting for I went ahead logged my 3 accounts in and cast my votes Seleene was lucky enough to get all 3. Last couple of days have been good fun we've made some more friends around the area and are having a great time roaming and replenishing our wallets with various level 4 whore day's were we all band up and go annihilate as many lvl 4's as possible. The corp wallet is slowly expanding from all the lewts from roams and mission tax which will soon allow us to start replacing our ships incorp woop!
Ive also managed to finally get the SMF bridge to install and work with our forums which means that only corpys will be able to view them =] Took alittle while but it's now all peachy! Although since the TS3 validation scripts are no longer supported I cant find a replacement for API validation for TS3 =/ If anyone has a link to one so people can register on a webpage that would be awesome!

Anyway the other day I was pulled into a chat with some "Anti-Pirate" guys why? I have no idea but they seemed cool and were going out on a roam! So me and counter jumped in and I put word out in corp for the others to come along which they did after about half hour of shipping up lol. Anyway the roam started sort of ok we rolled through several highsecs till we hit Mara I was waiting in Lititura I believe as counter was trying to bait a fight 2 jumps across nothing came of it so he took his Myrm to a belt where a hurricane was fighting a falcon and something else I dont remember exactly it was like 11pm or something and I was tired. At the time we had a Hurricane/Myrm/Drake/Harby/Drake/Brutix in the gang so the other guys held on the opposite highsec as I was travelling to meet them and the idea was to head in from both sides. Counter engages the hurricane and calls the fleet in ( Unknown to us there's several tempests and scimmys floating about ) Hurricane goes Kabloom while im in warp to the gate when the tempest's gang lands and alpha's counters myrm into pieces and then one of the AntiPirate guys ( I'll refer to them as AP's its easier :P ) Everyone else is safe and we bug to the highsec counter reships and we move on to Kinakka and start moving up the pipe towards Obochi Brutix gets tackled in a belt by a jaguar from the tuskers scrams and webs him and calls us in for everyone to whore on the mail! We're waiting on the gate for zero to get in from Onnamon and my alt spots a couple more tuskers enter local in Kinakka so I warp to station and sit cloaked off it they arrive and start trying to bait a fight nothing happens so we ignore them for now. Zero Arrives we go and jump in to let him warp to us when comms gets spammed with a drake about to jump into our gang. Fights on! Drake decloaks and everyone pours points and webs and nuets on his ass and he explodes in a sexy fireball of death made it about 5km from gate before ass-ploding violently. The hurricanes warp to 30km of the gate and start trying to kite us but we're not that stupid and hold gate while waiting aggression bored with the hurricanes and knowing we'd not be able to get to them ( I was the fastest ship in the fleet and they matched my speed ) we moved on taking people all the way through caldari lowsec pipe back into highsec. We pop into Aununen and across to get to our next destination a Cynabal trys tackling on the out gate which is retarded seeing as we just jumped out :P There gang warps in ( WI. ) and we jump out.. Fail.

For the next 30 minutes we get nothing no fights from anyone or anything. We head towards highsec through several lowsecs in the hopes of a fight but meh nothing comes so just JUST before we're about to jump into the final lowsec and leave my alt spots a hurricane on the gate he jumps into us... Me after having no fights for 30 minutes starts yelling over coms "POINT THE FUCKING HURRICANE I WANT HIM EXPLODING BEFORE MY GUNS LOAD!!" to which a get a reply of dude we're anti pirates we wont shoot him... Wtf? "Fine bump his ass I dont care! Tali Zero tackle that cane" Someone asked if he had friends on the other side i wasnt sure tbh but my reply was "I dont care if he drops caps KILL HIM" by the time i'd finished that line they had already got him webbed and scrammed he had made it back to the gate but because the other guys didnt aggress Im assuming he thought they'd just follow him through lol. So he went pop after a few seconds then tali sent him home by podding him. After that we called it a night and headed to highsec to log offski.

It was a fun night not many kills to speak of but still we got some =]  Was a shame those guys we flew with were anti pirates we might have gotten a couple more fights. But hey ho was a good laugh and they were'nt butthurt by us molesting the hurricane.

Till next time!

Rand o/

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Patch day HO and CSM6 Who to choose!?

Once again we find ourselve's being logged out at inoppurtune times and twiddling our thumbs for several hours while we wait and hope that the servers wont explode during another patch day. Here is the notes for todays deploymen to Incursion 1.3.  Not many changes going in considering the length of the downtime. It looks as if there attempting to improve lag with this carbon update so when people are shooting things and all the missles and bullets and frozen hookers are flying through the air the system handles it better? I could be wrong but if im not will this really work? Will we see any actual noticable benefits from such a patch?

And I decided on my CSM6 Candidate. It's going to be Seleene after browsing the various would be CSM candidates I found Seleene's posting to focus on the stuff that really matters the improvement of the core content the communication between CCP and its player base. From what I can see he's had the experience in both fields to be able to bring a cohesive and open minded approach to the CSM6 Table. Having worked for CCP before and lead one of the large alliances of old I believe he has the background and knowledge to hopefully help the CSM push forward with CCP to achieve there goals. I believe this statement in his post says it all  "I am not interested in more stuff - I want the stuff we have now to be complete and work properly." - This for me is exactly what I have been thinking ever since the rushed deployment of patchs and the Lag monster going full throttle into the underbellys of our fleet fights. So go vote for seleene! And you can find his post here!

Monday, 7 March 2011

To Join an Alliance or Not...

So recently our escapades have gotten us.. Noticed somewhat. We've had several offers from null and lowsec alliances alike to join up with them and go do what we do best. Even though we're small. We're effective we're very close together group and in most circumstances we operate extremely well together. Im more of a small gang pvp'er then a blob or solo pvp'er although I try my hand at solo pvp on occasion. So what can a alliance offer a bunch of guys who love the small gang aspect?  Bearing in mind what we're looking for is small gang pew, No sov grinding at the moment and just general happytimes!

Our current aim is to grow some more hone our skills as a core group and then maybe just maybe head back into the sov/nullsec thing although we would love to be based in a NPC nullsec to begin with..

So who to join? Where to join? And when to join? All answers will come shortly I think =]

Bacon Survives Again!

Whats up all? Hope everyone had a good weekend. I spent alot of it helping out the parents with some bits in the yard and driving there crap to the tip :P What a good son I am! Which left no time to write up the blog =/ was not a happy bunny!

Anyway first things first the CSM! Candidate list is now available here. Im currently purousing through them to see what they have to bring to the table. Im leaning towards Seleene but more on that tomorrow!
Secondly the fiction post is almost finished I had a mishap and lost the last half.. luckily it was on my memory stick which was round my parents so Im currently adding the ending again as it wasnt backed up that far!
Also we moved the website and killboard to a new server now and the KB broke it's currently being fixed by me and Klin so will have to make do with BC links for now =/

So yesterday morning about well midnight technically we grabbed some frigs and made like the wind to find a fight. 3 cruisers and a Harby were spotted and we decided to reship. We ended up with a Ishtar,Curse,Hurricane and a Merlin and a Ishkur. ( The ishkur pilot dc'ed while we reshipped =[ )
Ishtar went in and warped back to P1 where he found them earlier.. and they were still there. Ishtar grabbed point on the rupture and called us in. Fleet warped and it was like blood went over everyones eyes! Moa was called primary and we had people spread points and webs. After a short while the moa went down. Next to fall to the blazing hail of EMP rounds and nuets was the rupture then the caracal who didnt stand a chance as my hurricane tore apart his face like a polar bear on crack. The harby didnt last long under our fire and he was dispatched quickly too. People grabbed teh lewts and safed up waiting out GCC.  I was very surprised these guys stayed in the same place after having a ishkur land ontop of them and seeing us all jump out and back in.. Im surprised they didnt warp off!

And even though I was last on the field I got primaried lol! But my faithful Bacon held out at by 60% shields they'd all popped <3 Hurricane = Best ship!

Thats all our pew for the day see ya again soon!

Rand o/

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Obligatory Update Post. And Some Minor Pewing!

Ok so as you all know I've been somewhat on Hiatus for a week or so. Several reasons. First being I had been called in to cover some stuff at work which meant little or no eve time. Secondly the corp moved from amarr space down to caldari space! And so far it's been somewhat amusing lol. But yes im back and better then ever ( I can sleep in the mornings again wooo! )

So anyway we moved down to caldari space and got us a couple of war decs aswell in the middle of moving. A week and abit later the wt's refuse to undock, engage, or even log on. Whats with that x]
Kinda dissapointing but hey shit happens! We have had quite a few good fights down in Ichoriya and a not so good fight in 0.0.

So me and counter our dicking about outside the station in Ichoriya and some guy in a Harby wants a fight so counter pops out and they start duking it out the harby drops retardly fast to his drake and soon his corpse is being looted for teh spoils! Next up I decide I'll go 1v1 a guy in his stabber vs my stabber =] I fit phased plasma into my cannons as Im guessing he's gone for em resists to patch up his hole so I use phased as a wild card hoping it pays off. Turns out he didnt use any em resists but meh. we start duking it out Im at a 1/3 shield and he's at just over half shield then mine start dropping faster as he's started over heating! But alas I still have that card to play so I overheat my rack of 425's and melt him into oblivion! For some reason he was dueling a corp mate of his about a hour earlier and hence why he shows up on the KM. And counter was just whoring after he lost his daredevil to 2 drams in 0.0 hehe. Stabber Pilot and me exchange gf's and I dock up and play with some fittings in eft. Counter engages a cyclone Im on TS and then all I get is I think im gonna die come help me shoot this dude. So I undock rand in his Hyp and start blasting away Im about 13km off so the guns arnt hitting for much =[ I start mwd'ing towards the dude and his cyclone and drake both pop at the same time I manage to scoop the cyc's loot and wallah a DG Booster =] Pop it to counter to fund his lost drake lol. The cyclone pilot seems abit hurt about us not fighting fair.. But hey. Nothings fair in eve ;)

So it was a fun night with some interesting kills and no doubht there will be much more to come! And we managed to snag a new recruit from local who should be joining us within the next day!

Till Next Time!

Rand o/

P.S - Fiction Post will be due wednesday still polishing off a few bits!