Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Obligatory Update Post. And Some Minor Pewing!

Ok so as you all know I've been somewhat on Hiatus for a week or so. Several reasons. First being I had been called in to cover some stuff at work which meant little or no eve time. Secondly the corp moved from amarr space down to caldari space! And so far it's been somewhat amusing lol. But yes im back and better then ever ( I can sleep in the mornings again wooo! )

So anyway we moved down to caldari space and got us a couple of war decs aswell in the middle of moving. A week and abit later the wt's refuse to undock, engage, or even log on. Whats with that x]
Kinda dissapointing but hey shit happens! We have had quite a few good fights down in Ichoriya and a not so good fight in 0.0.

So me and counter our dicking about outside the station in Ichoriya and some guy in a Harby wants a fight so counter pops out and they start duking it out the harby drops retardly fast to his drake and soon his corpse is being looted for teh spoils! Next up I decide I'll go 1v1 a guy in his stabber vs my stabber =] I fit phased plasma into my cannons as Im guessing he's gone for em resists to patch up his hole so I use phased as a wild card hoping it pays off. Turns out he didnt use any em resists but meh. we start duking it out Im at a 1/3 shield and he's at just over half shield then mine start dropping faster as he's started over heating! But alas I still have that card to play so I overheat my rack of 425's and melt him into oblivion! For some reason he was dueling a corp mate of his about a hour earlier and hence why he shows up on the KM. And counter was just whoring after he lost his daredevil to 2 drams in 0.0 hehe. Stabber Pilot and me exchange gf's and I dock up and play with some fittings in eft. Counter engages a cyclone Im on TS and then all I get is I think im gonna die come help me shoot this dude. So I undock rand in his Hyp and start blasting away Im about 13km off so the guns arnt hitting for much =[ I start mwd'ing towards the dude and his cyclone and drake both pop at the same time I manage to scoop the cyc's loot and wallah a DG Booster =] Pop it to counter to fund his lost drake lol. The cyclone pilot seems abit hurt about us not fighting fair.. But hey. Nothings fair in eve ;)

So it was a fun night with some interesting kills and no doubht there will be much more to come! And we managed to snag a new recruit from local who should be joining us within the next day!

Till Next Time!

Rand o/

P.S - Fiction Post will be due wednesday still polishing off a few bits!

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