Monday, 7 March 2011

To Join an Alliance or Not...

So recently our escapades have gotten us.. Noticed somewhat. We've had several offers from null and lowsec alliances alike to join up with them and go do what we do best. Even though we're small. We're effective we're very close together group and in most circumstances we operate extremely well together. Im more of a small gang pvp'er then a blob or solo pvp'er although I try my hand at solo pvp on occasion. So what can a alliance offer a bunch of guys who love the small gang aspect?  Bearing in mind what we're looking for is small gang pew, No sov grinding at the moment and just general happytimes!

Our current aim is to grow some more hone our skills as a core group and then maybe just maybe head back into the sov/nullsec thing although we would love to be based in a NPC nullsec to begin with..

So who to join? Where to join? And when to join? All answers will come shortly I think =]

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