Saturday, 26 March 2011

Yarrr and Hauling

So weeks been a busy one ingame and inreal life! Real life has seen me spend most of the week grabbing some early nights and catching some much needed shut eye and moving various bits to the tip. Our local council has decided that even after upping the price on everything there now charging by the bag to bin rubbish down the local tip. Waaay.. not. So been ramming stuff down there since friday before the charges come into play in april. Also been putting up some shelves and shit and tbh its the first bit of DIY I done where I didnt fuck something up! < Proud

Ingame - So last couple of days havent seen much ( any ) action to be honest. We've been taken into V3 alliance and while the apps in stasus we've been moving everything upto our new home and also welcoming some new members! Which is always a good thing! A friend lent me his freighter so moving everything has been a tad easier.. Ive also taken some curse's and pilgrims into my hangar as my new ship to fly with my alt finishing cruiser 5 the other day and training recon as we speak I cant wait to finally fly that damn ship! Silent is now training for T2 Invention and will be also helping my alt with PI :)

So thats it for this post! HOPEFULLY ill have finished the fiction tomorrow :)



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