Saturday, 2 April 2011

Provi roam with a hint of nubcake

Sorry about short posting last week I have got myself a 3rd job, Yess I know overkill but hey lol.
So posting has taken abit of time to get round to doing and roaming suffered alittle but its the weekend and I wanted a roam so I went out with the guys from V3 alliance on a BC gang through Provi and some of catch! We headed up to D-GTMI and various other station systems looking for fights but didnt get much =/ Managed to snag a cynabal who took the bait and got himself scrammed and fleet jumped in and messed him up good and proper his friend ran away though. We ended up on evokes station in w.e system I forgot and a navy geddon and a couple of ceptors and bombers engaged our hurricane we warped in they all ran away or docked.  Managed to pop a ceptor on a evoke station while myself and the gang was holding out one jump trying to get a tempest to agress all in all was a nice roam no loss's and only a couple of kills but better then nothing!

However we did almost lose one ship. Tuantilis one of my guys great chap good pilot made a proper lol mistake he'd gone AFK after jumping into Dital we'd all warped off to our homes in the systems next door as the roam was over.. He not realising that we'd left came back from AFK and thought we'd gone back into KBP- so he jumps in and starts getting whored upoun by half of evoke but he managed to get out with 62% structure! Learnt his lesson now I think ;)

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