Monday, 11 April 2011

Fiction - Beginning of an end.

"Ye fucking haw, Thought you could use some help there randy!" Counters voice echoed through the speaker like some sort of weird dream... Had I died? Before I could consider that possibility the computer started screaming like a small child who had just seen the shiniest toy in the station and wanted it now.

"Cynosural field detected multiple sub space anomalies appearing from the beacon, Systems operational capacitor levels at maximum, Shield systems at maximum, Armor systems at maximum, Weapons systems operational"

I stared at the remaining monitor as hundreds of red lights suddenly started flicking to green across the console wall, I could see weapons systems coming online all around me as sirens turned off and lights flickered back on, There was a sudden shock and the ship lurched throwing me against the wall. Scrabbling to my feet I regained my focus letting the voice from the Com's unit fill my ears, "Randy! I bought some friends with this time! What do you say to returning the favour and making this bunch of rag tags feel there hull being stripped from under there feet?" Counter sounded happy... I wonder he has up his sleeve I thought as I flicked a few switches on the panel near where the holo screen used to be. "Sure lemme try and reroute the monitor to accept the holo-feed... And bingo got it!" I stared at the monitor a blank look spread across my face I then felt my mouth twitch into a grin as I counted the several Nyx class super capitals escorted by at least 100 battleships and sub class's ranging from interceptors right up to my favourite the rapier who was still sat there nursing his cyno. "Holy crap counter what did you do?" I chuckled down the microphone as I watched several Ares interceptors screech past the hull camera's and start disrupting the enemy gangs warp drives. " Well you know me.. If your gonna save someones ass then you might as well do it in style" Style Indeed I thought!

"So which one do you want to primary first? Take your pick we can sit here all day I don't mind." chirped counter "Well... I say we let the guys have some fun.. Call a free fire shoot everything but leave that Raven to me! I have a little surprise for him" I said. Counter was in for a surprise.

I flicked a switch on the Com's unit "Dusty, Did you make it?" I said quietly, "Yup got here in one piece! She's all powered up ready when you are"
"Good now lock onto the Cyno beacon and bring her in.. Lets show this raven pilot what happens when you shoot at my god damn ship!"
"Roger that! Incoming!" Dusty's voice disconnected.

There was an almighty explosion but not the bad kind.. They'd been happening for the last 30 seconds as the fighter's and bombers and all sorts of other nastys were tearing apart the enemy fleets hulls. Not far off the rapier a blinding light appeared and grew and then vanished the monitor showed Dusty's Erebus Titan Class vessel in it's place.
"Bring the rain dusty!" I shouted, "Copy. Cycling" Dusty said with a slight hint of malice in his voice. The raven still standing had been trying to run away but thanks to counter he was currently webbed and disrupted so he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon... There was a black ball appearing at the nose of the Erebus getting larger and larger the whirring of the energy from the Doomsday was filtering through the ships hull you could hear it churning away, I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end like this chap was about to be.

A voice unknown to me came through the speakers and the only words that got through were "They are coming...." Before the Doomsday exploded out the front of the Titan the black beam with static sparking and jumping around it's circumference slammed into the Raven incinerating it within a few milliseconds.

"Holy shit Rand! You always have to try and out do me! And Dusty where the hell did you get a Titan?" Laughed counter. The fight was over we'd won, I'd escaped with my life.. Barely. Many people were lost in that battle, As the fleet started salvaging and looting whatever wasn't burnt out or destroyed I kept replaying what the voice had said over the speaker, What did he mean...?

They are coming.

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