Wednesday, 13 April 2011

AAR - From Zero!

Due to my absence last night Zero took over doing the AAR on there small frig roam which tbh is hilarious! I shall link kill mails too! This comes from a frigate roam into lowsec around midnight eve time according to the mail stamp!


Fairly late we decided to all grab a cheap ship and hit the lowsec dancefloors as recent trips to 0,0 was too full of fat chicks. Four Pilots, Four Frigates, No mercy. After a clean entrance to lowsec off choonka we ran into afew Captains that wouldnt play ball, after eyeballing a Cane he jumped off and hit another Cane - we poured our little dps on his ass and soon with multi webs,scrams and rockets etc he soon went down! I ninja the loots. we mill about feeling good, neut moans in local that we whored the KM *total win* . This spurred us on to go deeper on a totally unplanned route by me picking gates that sounded cool and an occasional glance at dotlan we ended up in saikamon where a couple of badmen in Harbys camped the gate with an Onyx. Suddenly 2 Maels appeared and proceeded with analy-interface with the BCs we of course whored our little hearts out and "helped" the Maels eat the Harbys. I also helped clear the loot :D WTF? faction armour mod? Thankee muchly. We decided to flee in all directions when they shot us to half armour. All this success? i hear you ask. Now comes the fail. We plot a course home and head off... 1 stop out we spot a Drake. Being the Heroes of Space n all we felt it our duty to WTFPWN him. "lock him and fire" screams Zero "theres another Drake and a blackbird" screams Ispon - "ok theyre fuckin next" replies Zero.

yeah well after something else appears to help them it seems best to bug out .... except i have 2 scrams on me so does our Iskar. We dont make it. Neither does the 25 Million ISK of loot i apprehended. But fucking hell it was fun.


Excellent report made me laugh when I saw it, Hopefully I'll be able to participate this weekend!

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