Monday, 11 April 2011

Time for what? Work!

Gah that time already? Sorry for the fiction being a little bit on the late side.. I still need to spell check it however I wanted it up roughly within the timescale I had set, However work in 10 minutes so cant do it now! Care bearing is boring.. That's a fact! Although watching macherials eat missions is fun and I swear to god if I end up with a mining alt feel free to pod me repeatedly!
Tonight will be the deployment of my new colonies for one of my alts after I colletc the resources that have stockpiled up on my old ones. Then it's time to sort out some more training queue stuff! Fighters 5 for one as I wanna get a bit more prepped for my Nyx.

Also sorting out some new photo shops to finish up the little bits on the website that have been negletced due to time/women/eve/food etc. All 4 are great excuses ;)

Also! I will be setting up a lottery for a faction frigate in the future possibly next week. If there is ample interest please leave a comment and let me know if you'll be participating so I can get a general feel for the numbers!

Rand o/

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