Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunshine and a Cynabal

Hey kids! It's been a pretty busy week for me, With the podcast pilot episode recorded and put live I spent a good day editing it although to my dismay my microphone no matter how awesome wasn't up to the task. It doesn’t have a foamy bit on the end so it picked up a lot of the exhaling from laughs or anything else which required effort in the vocal department so it's down to PC World next week for a new microphone! And due to TS3 being annoying on occasion when me and Cyan both spoke it would nerf Cy's voice but for a pilot episode I think it went well and it was a lot of fun doing it defiantly a change from solo radio broadcasting which is what I’m used too.

The podcast can be found here!  Just click the play icon and off you go! Link to the RSS feed is also on the left side bar for downloading via iTunes!

It's been very hot and with hardly any work to do this weekend I found myself whoring the sunshine and being the lucky SOAB I am I don’t burn I just go red then tan the next day so I’m now all topped up for the rest of the year! All hail the sunshine!

Next up my PI Planets is finally setup. I have one making Oxygen which is bringing excess of 225 units a hour at present after deducting POS fuel usage same applies pretty much to Mechanical Parts and Enriched Uranium so I’m pretty chuffed I got that sorted at last! I'll get some pictures of my colonies up at some point over the week for you’ll to criticise and help me make more isk ;)

Also T2 invention is finally moving off the start line more on that once my next batch comes off the productions lines and I'll look into how success rates vary between different ship types.

I lost my trusty drake today... Please a minute of silence, however prior to his death he made a heroic move in an attempt to put a cynabal pilot in his place. I had jumped into KBP- in the Providence region to see a clear gate with the gang awaiting its orders on the opposite side I slinked bank to the gate the solar systems sun glaring off my Drakes hull. After about 10 minutes of nothing happening a Cynabal landed 18km off me. Being a regional gate he was at 0m on the gate but quite a distance off me. After a bit of motoring around he decided to try and bump me off gate mistake number one. In response to seeing what he was doing I out manoeuvred him and as his ship auto approached me after shooting past I opened up with my web scram and drones and missiles and anything else I could shoot at him. At one point I believe I saw one of my shoes’s flying through space after it was ejected out the missile tube... I guess I know where I had lost it to now!

As he reached 50% shields my gang came to lend a hand and the cynabal went from 50% shield to 0% then to dead in about 10 seconds. HUZZAH! However we did get screwed on loot drops as nearly everything was destroyed as you can see here! However it was a very funny moment. His second mistake was engaging me. Drake named "Bait Drake" sat on the gate to high sec all on my lonesome! Yea... I think not! Remember boys and girls. Obvious bait is obvious!

Rand out o/

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