Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Harsh Worlds Podcast Due Soon!

Yes it's finally here sort of.. Myself and CyanAngel recorded episode one of Harsh Worlds Podcast last night and made a complete epic fail of it so we re-recorded it this morning the improvements were vast and we could both tell immediatly we'd nailed it down alot better then last time. One of our main issues was my microphone boost which at intervals decided to revert to its 100% setting and I boomed like some omni-potent god over poor old Cyan! But with the microphone problems fixed we rallied ourselve's out of our breakfast bowls for take 2! Im currently editing it and putting the bits in I want and removing some of the hiccups. Bloopers will be at the end which will house our multiple screwups this morning most of which were my fault!

So keep your ears to the floor as Harsh Worlds will soon be knocking at your door!

Rand o/

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