Saturday, 25 June 2011

Arrogance and Ignorance - Is this the end?

You stand at a crossroads CCP. What you do now will decide the future of EVE. Or maybe it wont?
All I know is in the several years of playing MMO's never before has this kind of rioting been seen. Public flogging of any Dev/GM on the forums who was brave enough to come and try and tackle the bush fire with a water pistol. After several "incidents" which I should not have to repeat again the EVE Online community lashed out with a vicous attack on all fronts at there beloved CCP. Riots have perked up all over new eden with Jita, Amarr, Rens and Dodixie feeling the full force of the player base as they try and make themselves heard. Monuments are being shot at, channels are being spammed with "NO TO MT!" And forums are being blown apart from the shear awesomeness that is the playerbase. <3 You guys.

Only one devblog was posted since this started and it was a blatant "Fuck you" from CCP to us. The paying customer. I have to be honest and say it was the biggest pile of horseshit I have ever had the misfortune of reading. Since then it has been silent on the dev front with no communication what so ever. I am very very annoyed along with thousands of other players at the way this is being handled by CCP. I fully endorse a mass walkout by the CSM. I am with everyone when we say "ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTIONS" And I am also probably not the only one hoping CCP come up with something better then that sorry fucking excuse for a devblog. Whoever masterminded that needs to be made to go to the forums and talk with the masses or kicked the fuck out of the office for that shoddy arrogant and damn right fucking ignorant response to the crys from the players for confirmation. CCP if you cannot figure out what we want. You should just shut down the server now.

Now I know why the blog roll suddenly went alot quieter... Shame on you CCP. Shame on you!




Rand o/

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Rolling Trend.

I've noticed with many but not all of the blog's I held dear and near to me due to there awesomeness have for one reason or another quit eve, or just stopped blogging. This is a sad day as they are blogs I have read for over a year and really enjoy reading! I take my inspiration from them in some ways. Perseus over at Aggressive Tendencys was part of the reason I started PVP write ups luckily he is back to blogging again and providing entertainment galour even if its not as often as I'd like! Kirith Kodatchi over at Inner Sanctum of Ninveah was the reason I started my fiction I enjoyed his write ups and they were always entertaining to read during work. Along with many others they have shaped and influenced in some way how I present my blogs and how I come up with new idea's or topics. Everyone on that list has in some way made me want to check in everyday to see if anything new is up but alas some are dieing out and more seem to heading that way! Is this the be all end all of some of the most famous and infamous bloggers of the Eve Online community? Will there be people there to fill there shoes?

If anyone has any blogs they think are "worth the read" please drop in a comment! I'll always read a couple of posts before deciding wether to add you to my watch list! New/Old doesnt matter!

Rand o/

AT9 Write up of the Final Round!

I will trying to do this WHILE the AT9 Finale is running. So the data is upto date accurate so hopefully this goes well! Good luck to Hydra and Outbreak! COME ON HYDRA!

So the Outbreak team fielded 3 Sleipnirs, 1 Claymore, 1 Scimitar, 1 Huggin, 3 Sabres and a Thrasher and for Hydra they have 3 Vindicators, 1 Onerios, 3 Sabres and 3 Keres!

This is going to be a interesting match especially if those sleipnirs are autocannon fit a nice close range balls to wall fight is about to go down. Less then a minute till go time! 

Here we go! The first blood is drawn with the first Vindicator going into deep armor along with a sabre and another sabre. The sabre is down and so is the second sabre, one vinidicator is down now too! Damage being spread across the outbreak team but nothing substational. Hydra just lost a Keres along with there final sabre. The second vindi is about to hit structure and soon to be nothing but dust! Outbreak sleipnir is very close to armor! 2nd Vindi is down! With the Hydra Onerios hitting low shields. The sleipnir from Outbreak hit half armour before being saved by the scimmy. Hydra's final Keres is dippinginto armor being repped at the moment by the onerios, So far most of the DPS from Outbreak is being tanked by the onerios Outbreak switched targets to the Onerios which has now dipped into armor with the other Vindi at low shields and the final Keres is still hanging on with full stats all round. Outbreak sleipnir just hit structure! He got to close to the Vindi! And Outbreak lose a Sleipnir! Not a flawless victory for outbreak it seems. Outbreak has just lost a Sabre aswell and yet another one. It looks like Outbreak may have given them a little chance to shoot more stuff. Outbreaks 3rd sabre is down. Looks like Laedy is now ontop of the Huggin which is slowly going down. Deep structure and BOOM! Huggin down for Outbreaks team. It doesnt look like Outbreak is applying any damage to the Hydra team. The Outbreak Scimitar is now hitting armor and is in structure and boom! Scimitar down for Outbreak. 3 vs 4. 2 Sleipnirs 1 claymore and a thrasher remain for Outbreak with a Vindi, Onerios and a Keres for Hydra. The second sliepnir is downed by Laedy! With the 3rd following close behind! Claymore is going down too now with it reaching armour. The onerios is at half armor as the Claymore explodes. The final Keres died awhile back but I didnt see! The lone thrasher from Outbreak finish's off the Onerios as Laedy pummels the thrasher into the floor! A good match but not a fan of fixs.

Amazing AT! Especially the PL upset was funny. I still think Shadoo should keep that promise to go after goons! Good work guys all of you! Been a awesome time! <3

Rand o/ I had to quick type so some spelling may be off! Apologys <3 xxxxxx

CCP hire more of her!

CCP Sunset is like the EVE Princess.


Friday, 17 June 2011

Special thank you to Horizon's Edge.

I'd also like to put out a special thank you to a friend of mine.

His name is Suicidalpancake and yes.. He is pretty suicidal! He runs a blog over at Horizon's Edge. And I have only just realised that I've been getting a fair amount of traffic from his end! So please go have a read he has some great stuff on there regarding corp management and POS Security for all you newbies and such!

Ta Pancake! <3 :D

Busy couple of weeks for CCP!

So off work for 10 days! WOOOO! Yea time to get with the blogging.

So unless you hide under a Veldspar rock you would have been keeping up to date with recent events with CCP. First up would be that CCP have announced a License that you can now aquire to claim "Money" for third party apps and such. While this is amazing for people like capsuleer it is not so amazing for people like Rixx Javix over at Eveoganda or Dotlan or Eve-Files ect ect. Why you ask? Simple reason.. There is a claus in the license agreement which basically states that any and all people receiving "monetary" donations or payments ect HAVE to purchase this license which is $99 from what I saw.  So guess what? If your EvE related site has a donation button on it you have to cough up $99 a year to CCP to be aloud to accept donations. Not doing so without the license will probably eventually mean you get sued. Fun eh? Theres a threadnaught well underway and well I cant find the link right now so go look yourself <3

Next up Lulzsec a "group" known for it's DDOS'ing of sites and hacking aswell targetted EVE Online the last couple of days. Bringing EVE to a stand still for several hours due to CCP taking the entire server network offline just incase anything was or had been breached. Hence the random server cut offs late evenings the last few days!

Also the Aurum. It's to late for a rant about that and the effect it will have ect. So I shall leave that for tomorrows post! Yes 2 posts in 2 days.. Unbelievable!?

And INCARNA IS COMING!!! Yes folks tuesday the 21st CCP will destroy *cough* I mean deploy the Incarna patch. Downtime is considerably extended running from 05:00 UTC right through to 19:00 UTC. Which probably means at some point the next day knowing CCP and there patch deployment schedule. Personally I cant wait in some respects. I do wanna see the new turret animations and such and the space upgrade as im calling it now with the new nebulas. But Apart from that not interested. I dont want to buy vanity items. I dont wanna paint my spaceship and I sure as hell do not want to disembark from my god damned ship every fricking time I dock in station. I play eve to fly ships. Blow shit up and occasionally carebear when im bored! If I wanted funny hats and wallpaper I'd go install the sims. But I dont.. So please CCP for those of us who just have the wish to be malcontent little bastards and love shitting in someones back yard just to hear them cry in the morning give the option to turn it OFF! Not just for a month.. Not just till you decide you cba to listen anymore but for good? For aslong as WE like. I know there will be a few people who agree with me on this point. Nothing more frustrating then having to make using the station UI more fecking complicated.

I just cant wait for Jita to turn into the next Goldshire. ( Only Ex WoW players will get that ) and you end up having the 14yr old station trading virgins cybering with whoever has the tiniest bra and the biggest tits for ISK.

That is all.

Fly Reckless!

Rand o/

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Fiction - The Return

I stumbled out of the medical bay gleefully aware of the morphine still present in my system.  The amarrian station glittered like I was inside a star; I was having a hard time focusing… The noise of the place slowly filling my ears, It was hard to distinguish the sounds at first and in fairness the whole landscape surrounding me was like looking into a glitter filled Christmas globe all snowy with golden flakes with the occasional movement.
I reached for what I thought was a chair which turned out to be a disposal robot however he did not seem fazed by the fact a large Gallantian had suddenly dropped into his world as he lost his footing over the bottle of Quafe on the floor and fallen smack bang on top of him. I groaned unhappily aware of the pain starting to manifest itself on my forehead as I place my hand on it. I pull myself up things looking a little more into focus now. I’m standing on the promenade that stretches the length of the station. Morphite Reinforced Glass separates everyone here from the vacuum of space.  I finally find the bench and park myself on it. Got to hand it to the Amarrians even there benches were high quality refined tritanium plastered with a thin layer of golden flak the cushions where soft and you sank into them as you sat down. They were more like regal couches then benches for weary station dwellers.
Looking ahead I could see an Abaddon floating idly outside the station windows, As if keeping watch something didn’t seem right. It was quiet... There were no people wandering the promenade no staff no security at the doors. Funnily enough I don’t remember seeing any nurse’s or doctors or any other viable human life form.  I started to wonder how long I’d been out... Where I was… When I heard footsteps running towards me and a voice shouted down the staircase just to the right of me that led to the ship hangars.
“Oh For crying out loud Rand! What in blazes are you doing here! We’re on red alert! You should be in the Med Bay!” Screamed Counter obviously out of breath from running the length of the hangars. “What the fuck is going on Counter? One minute I’m grinning like a five year old watching that Raven getting DD’ed then I wake up to find myself groggy and at an Amarrian station, Ya mind filling me in how long I’ve been out? And where the hell everyone else is?”  I grumble still acutely aware of the pain throbbing away in my head.
“Rand you were out for 3 Days, You just collapsed doctors said Exhaustion. We got you back here for medicals we know how stingy you are with your cloning. Then a distress call came about 78AU out near the barren planet that houses most of the systems inhabitants just a basic planet terraformed for real estate. A wormhole had appeared apparently just outside the planet’s atmosphere, Reports of thousands of ships appearing and people being slaughtered that’s all we got before the transmission cut out. Since then each planet along our route has gone silent. I sent out a scout to get eyes on the situation and before he died... We got this” Counter’s voice trailed off he clicked a button on a small remote and on the Gigantic Holo-Screen above the main archway to the centre of the station appeared a flickering image of massive devastation.. Ship carcasses littered the sky... Laser beams were burning across the image and in the background you could just make out hundreds if not thousands of Battleships...  They were tall and bulbous there three hull sections covered in massive spikes. I turned and ran towards the hangar; I needed to get to my ship!  This couldn’t be real I thought! I had dreamed this! Imag’s planet... Completely destroyed by the… Oh god… Could it be a vision of the future…?  I considered the possibility while I and counter ran towards the Megathron and Hurricane still floating in the gravity clamps.  There was no time to greet the new crew we had work to do and fast...

Suddenly the station jerked violently... They had arrived... Thousands of Sansha littered the sky’s... Like Angels from hell they descended on the station there lasers scorching the shielding, Red lights started flashing and sirens sounded. Like hell was I going to go through this again! “Counter fire up and let’s get the fuck outta here!” I screamed... terror and anger both Vying for control of my vocal chords.  “Way ahead of ya Randy” Counters voice grunted through the comms. I looked across to the viewport to see his Hurricane tear out of the clamps and micro warp drive out the main exit and into space. “Main entrance is clear Rand, Looks like they came in from a different Vector.” I don’t reply. I have too much to do. I have the crew manoeuvre the ship out of the station and set warp to high security space. Messaging counter to go and do the same. If my dream was a vision we have 4 days till Imag’s planet is destroyed. I will not let that happen.

“This is the Captain speaking. Buckle your seatbelts boys and girls. We’re about to go to Hell!”

All across the ship echo the words “Ooh Rah!”

This was gonna be one hell of a bumpy ride.