Saturday, 28 May 2011

You just got solo'ed

Hey guys im back! I took alittle break from EvE for my bday and some various RL catching upto do! But im back and sexier then ever! Last couple days Ive just been pottering about doing level 4 missions for some isk. Anyway today Im cashing in a mission and my bud calls out that a drake is robbing his wrecks while he's mining in his hulk and he cant warp as he keeps bumping him. So im like ok cool I'll come to your rescue *flexs*.

I land at the belt 5km from the drake lock him up and hit orbit at 18km just incase he has a scram and web ect. I start ripping him a new one when a gaurdian warps in I immediatly switch targets lock up the gaurdian and burn right for him drop a point on him and off the drake because lets face it raping there nuetral repper is just funny. He stands no chance my cynabal having every skill at level 5 now! Ripping through him within a couple of seconds and he explode's into a expensive ball of dust. I switch point back onto the drake he makes an attempt at running away but you cannot escape a cynabal! And even he crumbles to my awesome guns after a short while. I offer a GF in local but there trap failed they lost all there ships and to top it off they were solo'ed by what they thought was a carebear so they remain mute and docked up for the next hour or so.

I think my responsiveness gets 10 out of 10 for that fight I assessed hopped in a ship I knew could handle the job and went in with malicous intent. I didnt expect the gaurdian to warp in let alone land 30km from me, either way I was quick to change what needed doing in order to get the most out of the situation! Im learning slowly ;)

Thanks again for the kills guys! Next time get the abaddon to aggress too :P

<3 Rand

Monday, 16 May 2011

Agent changes being put into effect!

Hey guys as you may remember I did a post about possible agent changes that I'd been playing with on SISI well guess what yours truly brought you the first look at them and well CCP kicked up a gear and must have read my post ;)

Because they are being implemented! Heres the devblog feel free to take a look and remember Harsh Worlds top blog for upcoming news mwhahahah!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Woop Blogger works again!

Hey guys! Sorry it's been a couple days been a hectic week! Blogger was also down for me for some reason with some people able to post but everytime I tryed I got the whole unavailble message pop up. Episode 3 of Harsh Worlds Podcast will be released tonight!

And I've been dicking about with RIFT. After reading a fellow bloggers post about it I decided to give it a spin while I was round the parents and I have to say I'm impressed it definatly rivals WoW in every department. Graphically it's stunning on maxed graphics it's such an amazing scene. The combat is fluid and well just plain fun and the class system is extremely impressive! I'd suggest going over and trying out the 7 day trial. If your into fantasy MMO's then this one will definatly tickle the Elf inside us all.

On EvE related news due to RL this week for me's been quiet with enough time between work and car ect to continue with the invention stream. So far profits are good on average of 10 bombers being built every 2 days all the isk has been recovered and now the profits are starting to roll in which means I can start filtering ISK back into the main corp wallet! And keep people happy with ship replacements hopefully in the next 2 weeks. I do have to remind myself to flip some funds into the fuel division for next months fuel! But with the fuel bill being paid on the next 10 bombers and having 20 more togo on build I think it's safe to say so far it's been a massive success!

Anyway time for me togo fuel up with some petrol grab some breakfast and get under the car bonnet again so see you all soon!

Rand 0/

Monday, 9 May 2011

SISI - Agent Changes?

So doing my little bit of snooping last night on SISI otherwise known as Singularity the test server for EVE Online, I came across some intriguing and very sought after changes! They have finally decided to look into revamping the agents! *Cheers* However whether or not these SISI side changes bear any fruit in the real world on TQ is another matter. The following changes have been noted and tested to some extent.

Visually the capacitor is more readable now with darker orange blocks and less of them representing what capacitor you have available so instead of say 100 blocks in total on a Battleship it's now 50 but there a lot more predominant then they used to be. Personally I think it's a nice small change and it does look a lot tidier.

Next up are the agents! They have finally gotten round to changing agent divisions to something a little more simplified. So there are now 5 divisions as far as I know. Security, Mining, Manufacturing, R&D and Courier. All involve one task and are pretty easy to identify by their names. No more courier missions in Security! No more mining missions popping up after running Angels Extravaganza! This is a welcome change and I will personally drag CCP out of the closet and into the fire if they do not see them through. You heard me guys... I'd hide if I were you!

Also with the agent changes comes the removal of their effective quality now it's simply Level 1-4 no more -20 or +20 agents they are all the same which again is a damned welcome change it will spread out pilots across more systems rather than hunting for those "Prime" agents with the best quality and such Pay outs remain roughly the same with some missions I managed to get pulling in more than they did before. This also means that skills relating to agent quality have been removed and skill points reimbursed. Someone has mentioned that Level 5 agents dropped on some pay outs from around 90,000 Loyalty Points to 60,000/75,000 Loyalty Points. Personally so what 60k is still a boat load so HTFU and stop your bitching.

These changes while miniscule in the grand scheme of things will defiantly make life a lot easier for people who run missions (Myself on occasion) and will also cause the populace to spread out as opposed to favouring the big mission hubs. A lot of space is being left unused and wasted and CCP's remedy is to put something in the space worth going for and what better than a level 4 agent where high sec is concerned. No more lagging in Ichoriya no more station bumps and can spam in Motsu! GO FORTH AND BE FREE MY MINIONS!

Rand o/

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Tech 2 is actually kind of fun..

So as you all know I've been toying around with the T2 invention sideline. I have to say it's actually quite fun once it starts rolling probably due to the lack of actually barely needing to do anything. Every 12hrs I add more inventions and every 24hrs I build X amount of ships. Profits coming in are ranging from around 180-200m ISK a day so far. I have at the moment around 600m ISK in ship stocks left to sell so thats always good but im finding Im back logging blueprints however that is not a bad thing this time round as it means Im having a constant stream of build jobs and nothing ever stops! I am now spending the time getting research manager upto level 4 on both toons to allow me to double the inventions im running at the moment atleast this way I can put a second set on the same line to start after the first lot finish allowing me to reduce the flapping about and also means inventions are constantly running none stop. Same with build jobs currently I run 6 jobs of parts and 6 of ships simaltaniously over the two toons. This however is proving to be ineffecient so Im now training Mass Production 5 then onto Advanced Mass Production 4 on both toons. This will allow me to double the build output one toon can focus on the continuous supply of parts and the other can focus on the continous supply of ships allowing for a constantly flowing chain of ISK! Atleast thats the plan. So far starting capital of 500m ISK for POS+Labs+Fuel and also the BPO's for 2 cruisers and 2 frigates and around 100 datacore of two types, two of the ship data interface and the goo to build the components I have the 500m ISK returned along with 145m on the market and a further 290m ISK in ships currently on build with all the rest on top. So profitable so far? Yes extremely but things can change so im keeping close eyes on the market and making sure that the price I pay for certain items never rise's above a specific margain. So soon it will stand as this in way of a "Production Line" 20 Invention jobs running alongside 20 manufacturing jobs. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Average estimated turn over of 200m ISK a day. Actual daily income at present 90m ISK upon start up. Profit Margain varying at 82%-101%. Invention success rate currently stands at 49% 30m ISK in datacores has returned 20 copys so far at around 10m profit per copy equating to 200m ISK worth of profit in end production. Once the lines been fully setup with the relevant skills this will be the estimated outcome of a daily run although I will be allowing for drops in invention success among market fluctuations but as it stands the investment was a solid one! I will keep you all updated on how it comes along.

Any Q&A regarding T2 Invention dont hesitate to drop me a message on Randunip and I shall guide you as best I can.

Rand out o/

Friday, 6 May 2011

The little Dramiel that could

Recently I bought myself a dramiel, purely because I could. I've got to say I've never had so much fun flying a ship there fast manoeuvrable and do a lot of damage and the best part there cheap! 50m for a dramiel is a damn site better than it used to be that’s for sure! All hail CCP for putting faction stuff on the market tab now all we need is the modules! Hint Hint guys! The other reason I chose the Dramiel is because when I fc I like to stay in the fight while also having the ability to stay alive and nothing quite frankly comes close the dramiel for small engagements while being able to pin targets for the fleet with relative ease.

So last night I took my new toy out with a small gang to review its performance and this is what happened.

I formed the guys up in Mendori after KBP was buzzing like a wasp's nest. We took the rear entrance into Providence low sec was relatively quiet as we went through Rahadalon and down towards Assah there was a gang of 2 Hurricanes a Rook and a Rifter floating about but they didn’t want to come anywhere near us for fear of being pummelled into the floor. We hit G-5 and jumped in to be greeted by an empty local. But upon arriving at the next gate a Maller and a Caracal jumped through they managed to warp as we were just landing I noticed them burn to the sun and went there myself with the fleet not far behind. Call was made to drop bubble upon landing and we snagged the Caracal. Maller was smart enough to align out on landing and warped again as we hit the sun leaving his friend to die a bloody death. After a bit of local banter the Maller pilot wanted a 1v1 which Zamoxli happily obliged to everyone else warped in and whored the kill mail with scrams etc. The Maller pilot was really cool about it all and shortly afterwards I got convo'ed we pulled him into the public channel we have and 30 minutes later he joined us in Serenity Rising.

After this we moved along to the out gate and waited for counter to arrive in his interceptor from KBP route as he was late arriving. He managed to bait a Dramiel and a Enyo to engage him fleet jumped in and started pounding away the Dramiel for some reason wasn’t moving so I snagged him as he tried to run away and blew him up into teeny tiny pieces I managed to get a couple of shots on the Enyo before he popped too. They didn’t seem too happy in local after refusing to offer a GF which in fact it was.

We moved off towards 9UY4-H which is Chribba's system and plan was to dock up for a quick bio and then move off again. However upon landing at the 9UY gate our scout reported a couple hostiles on the other side counter legged it to the gate and jumped back to us only to be followed by a Dram, Stiletto and a Sabre. Counter went after the Stiletto after I called the Sabre primary and while we were popping the Sabre Counter lost his crusader. The dram ran away as fast as he could and they refused to play anymore or make any stupid moves so we jumped into 9UY and docked up for a bio. En Garde brought a 10 man gang into system and then left while we were having our smokes and ham sandwiches! The rest of the night was uneventful with Ruby losing his crusader to a cloaky hurricane off the Kari gate because he was 1) Drunk, 2) It was like 6am for him and he hadn’t slept and 3) He was flying directly at him! I jumped into Kari and logged for the night as I had work early all in all a fun productive and awesome roam! And the dram has already proved its worth.

On another note Harsh Worlds Podcast is going to be moved to every 2 weeks which gives me plenty of time to edit and plenty of time to do all my other stuff! Next episode due out Saturday next week on iTunes and you can follow our feed at

Till next time!

Rand out o/

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Millenium corp hand out more tears

So after the Pirate Tears post some of my fellow do gooder's baited a drake to engage them in lowsec.. as you can guess the drake got turned to dust! However afterwards he done some crying.. then raging and entertained the fleet.

Heres the log as requested by Zamolxi:

[ 2011.05.03 23:52:18 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Ibash Local Channel
[ 2011.05.03 23:52:30 ] Zamolxi > top of the day matey
[ 2011.05.03 23:53:51 ] malia katain > privet
[ 2011.05.03 23:54:56 ] Zamolxi > hm?
[ 2011.05.03 23:55:00 ] Zamolxi > russians?
[ 2011.05.03 23:55:06 ] malia katain > thats russian for hello
[ 2011.05.03 23:55:17 ] Jethro Yarr > whatever
[ 2011.05.03 23:55:59 ] Zamolxi > ye im aware =)
[ 2011.05.03 23:56:30 ] Jethro Yarr > blobed by rookie wht a disgarce
[ 2011.05.03 23:56:40 ] CounterlogicMan > you should be
[ 2011.05.03 23:56:46 ] Zamolxi > oww
[ 2011.05.03 23:56:55 ] Zamolxi > looking at your fit
[ 2011.05.03 23:56:56 ] Jethro Yarr > almost got away was in warp by lag pulled back for the kill
[ 2011.05.03 23:56:59 ] Zamolxi > you are pretty rookie as well
[ 2011.05.03 23:57:04 ] Zamolxi > yes lag as always =/
[ 2011.05.03 23:57:21 ] Zamolxi > blasted lag
[ 2011.05.03 23:57:27 ] Jethro Yarr > FUCJK you stupid noobs
[ 2011.05.03 23:57:46 ] Zero Conscience > ./tiphat good sir
[ 2011.05.03 23:58:03 ] Zamolxi > mm
[ 2011.05.03 23:58:06 ] Zamolxi > delicious tears
[ 2011.05.03 23:58:08 ] Jethro Yarr > couldn't kill a frig solo types thinking ther big for blobing me
[ 2011.05.03 23:58:15 ] Zamolxi > awww
[ 2011.05.03 23:58:19 ] Zamolxi > delicious
[ 2011.05.03 23:58:32 ] CounterlogicMan > i got killed by a frig the other day =/
[ 2011.05.03 23:58:34 ] Jethro Yarr > in a ship i don't give a fuck about
[ 2011.05.03 23:58:40 ] CounterlogicMan > taranis vs dram i got wasted
[ 2011.05.03 23:58:44 ] Jethro Yarr > i'm sure you did
[ 2011.05.03 23:58:46 ] Zamolxi > then why you crying now if you dont give a fuck
[ 2011.05.03 23:58:52 ] Zamolxi > be a man and go fit another one and die again
[ 2011.05.03 23:59:01 ] CounterlogicMan > bring friends
[ 2011.05.03 23:59:07 ] Zamolxi > yes bring friends
[ 2011.05.03 23:59:09 ] Zero Conscience > i was 1v1ing you. they just whored :D
[ 2011.05.04 00:00:19 ] Jethro Yarr > yeah like one of you loser could 1 v 1 someone like me
[ 2011.05.04 00:00:38 ] Zamolxi > 1v1 me?
[ 2011.05.04 00:00:40 ] Zamolxi > ow?
[ 2011.05.04 00:00:41 ] Zamolxi > Now?
[ 2011.05.04 00:01:07 ] Jethro Yarr > lets see? do i trust crappy to have honor?
[ 2011.05.04 00:01:19 ] Zamolxi > then shut your gutter and go carebear to buy another drake
[ 2011.05.04 00:01:26 ] CounterlogicMan > honor = overrated
[ 2011.05.04 00:01:29 ] Zamolxi > and die miserably to an obvious drake bait
[ 2011.05.04 00:01:30 ] Zamolxi > again
[ 2011.05.04 00:01:44 ] Jethro Yarr > to be a man you must honor and a penis and i think all of don't either of these requirements
[ 2011.05.04 00:02:02 ] Zamolxi > honor and eve don't go well togehter
[ 2011.05.04 00:02:09 ] CounterlogicMan > ^^that
[ 2011.05.04 00:02:30 ] Jethro Yarr > for noobs honor means nothing
[ 2011.05.04 00:02:50 ] Zamolxi > look either bring some friends to fight us or continue crying, im enjoying it ^_^
[ 2011.05.04 00:02:57 ] Jethro Yarr > cause if you had any you'd never get those 8 vs kills
[ 2011.05.04 00:03:17 ] Zamolxi > butthurt? did you have your daily wank?
[ 2011.05.04 00:03:21 ] Jethro Yarr > whos crying
[ 2011.05.04 00:03:24 ] Jethro Yarr > ?
[ 2011.05.04 00:03:28 ] Zamolxi > u mad brah?
[ 2011.05.04 00:03:31 ] Zamolxi > =)
[ 2011.05.04 00:03:39 ] CounterlogicMan > well earlier we did a 2v12 and we killed 3 coming out way ontop with isk so saying we only blob is way wrong most of the time we get blobbed
[ 2011.05.04 00:03:41 ] Jethro Yarr > you seem to be the ones desperate to defend your honor
[ 2011.05.04 00:03:46 ] CounterlogicMan > umadbro?
[ 2011.05.04 00:04:03 ] Ispon > i have no honor
[ 2011.05.04 00:04:04 ] CounterlogicMan > boomhonorshot
[ 2011.05.04 00:04:07 ] Zamolxi > we have nothing to defend
[ 2011.05.04 00:04:10 ] Zamolxi > =)
[ 2011.05.04 00:04:13 ] Ispon > but its better then being dead i guess and e-raging
[ 2011.05.04 00:04:28 ] Zamolxi > better alive with no honor then dead with honor
[ 2011.05.04 00:04:38 ] Jethro Yarr > then why are talking local trying defnend
[ 2011.05.04 00:04:39 ] Zamolxi > free pro tip
[ 2011.05.04 00:04:50 ] Zamolxi > cuz your tears are delicious
[ 2011.05.04 00:04:53 ] CounterlogicMan > because we love your tears
[ 2011.05.04 00:04:54 ] Zamolxi > and im waiting for gcc
[ 2011.05.04 00:04:59 ] Jethro Yarr > no tears hear
[ 2011.05.04 00:05:14 ] CounterlogicMan > you wer pretty mad we killed you
[ 2011.05.04 00:05:19 ] CounterlogicMan > when you were alone in a belt in low sec
[ 2011.05.04 00:05:44 ] Jethro Yarr > just a cheap drake had it for over a year killed lots people with it though first drake i ever had don't i'll get another though
[ 2011.05.04 00:05:54 ] CounterlogicMan > id be mad if i died to like a kestrel
[ 2011.05.04 00:05:59 ] CounterlogicMan > btw theres a kestrel on your km
[ 2011.05.04 00:06:28 ] Jethro Yarr > i died to blob not a kestel
[ 2011.05.04 00:06:30 ] irish84 > so what you are saying is we killed your first drake you ever had
[ 2011.05.04 00:06:42 ] CounterlogicMan > i think the kestrel was a integral part in your death
[ 2011.05.04 00:06:52 ] irish84 > must have had some sentimental value to it
[ 2011.05.04 00:06:55 ] CounterlogicMan > he brought us together as a fleet
[ 2011.05.04 00:07:17 ] Jethro Yarr > if i died to a kesterel an my men didn't expel me from my own corp i'd think less of all of them
[ 2011.05.04 00:07:34 ] CounterlogicMan > shit i should prolly leave my corp
[ 2011.05.04 00:07:38 ] CounterlogicMan > lol
[ 2011.05.04 00:08:00 ] Zamolxi >
[ 2011.05.04 00:08:02 ] Zamolxi > speaking of honor
[ 2011.05.04 00:08:08 ] Zamolxi > ^_^
[ 2011.05.04 00:08:11 ] Zamolxi > delicious
[ 2011.05.04 00:08:16 ] Jethro Yarr > you noob s are funny espesially since you think these are tears
[ 2011.05.04 00:08:28 ] CounterlogicMan > i think youve kinda calmed down since then
[ 2011.05.04 00:08:35 ] CounterlogicMan > but they were indeed tears at first
[ 2011.05.04 00:08:48 ] Jethro Yarr > kill a bs with a frig solo then you'll see tears until then fuck you stupid noobs
[ 2011.05.04 00:09:03 ] Zamolxi > ragee
[ 2011.05.04 00:09:10 ] Zamolxi > now its rage not tears counter
[ 2011.05.04 00:09:15 ] Jethro Yarr > all the tears are you imaginenation only
[ 2011.05.04 00:09:20 ] Zamolxi > there is a diff :P
[ 2011.05.04 00:09:47 ] Jethro Yarr > well at least i can agree with the rape comment
[ 2011.05.04 00:10:26 ] Jethro Yarr > at least one of you has a penis
[ 2011.05.04 00:11:55 ] Zamolxi > right mate o/ thanks for the fun
[ 2011.05.04 00:12:03 ] Zamolxi > made my gcc cd more entertaining
[ 2011.05.04 00:13:11 ] Zamolxi > and do please bring your friends next time
[ 2011.05.04 00:13:34 ] Jethro Yarr > no need
[ 2011.05.04 00:14:13 ] Jethro Yarr > blobs like yours will move on quick
[ 2011.05.04 00:14:23 ] Jethro Yarr > no need to fight
[ 2011.05.04 00:14:29 ] Jethro Yarr > nothing to gain
[ 2011.05.04 00:14:49 ] Zamolxi > well next time, so that actually your stupidity doesnt kill you
[ 2011.05.04 00:14:53 ] Zamolxi > engaging a bait drake
[ 2011.05.04 00:14:56 ] Zamolxi > pro
[ 2011.05.04 00:15:29 ] Jethro Yarr > yeah well after 6 beers i didn't see it as bait
[ 2011.05.04 00:15:41 ] Jethro Yarr > made an ANIMAL 01 style mistake
[ 2011.05.04 00:16:11 ] Jethro Yarr > i deservere what i got for the mistake
[ 2011.05.04 00:16:34 ] Jethro Yarr > but even your blob couldn't take me sober
[ 2011.05.04 00:16:36 ] Zamolxi > its cool
[ 2011.05.04 00:16:39 ] Zamolxi > gf
[ 2011.05.04 00:16:47 ] Zamolxi > you should have just said gf not tear and rage
[ 2011.05.04 00:16:48 ] Jethro Yarr > what fight?
[ 2011.05.04 00:17:03 ] Zamolxi > you having 200+ kills should know that blobs happen

These guys really dont like being killed much do they.

Monday, 2 May 2011

lilfleebs bday suicide roam.. Without the suicide


We went out roaming in celebration of fleebs 100th birthday... Lol actually I'm not sure how old he was but hey never mind! We formed up in Keberz only to find upon jumping into HED-GP everyone wanted to be a pansy and run away so we dicked about for a bit and one of our guys got bombed and died which cause hilarity on comms for about 5 minutes. We continued on towards KBP- to find every system empty and not wanting of our fleet’s attention... At this point I had to log off for 10 minutes and within that time the bastards snagged a cloaky hurricane!

We continued onwards after I arrived to no applause from our ewoke and evoke friends regardless of the fact we bought with us gifts of isotopes and party poppers. After some mooching around in TU- we moved back into KBP to try and entice them with pancakes cooking skills... the smells wafted through the station and within minutes a drake came outside to play escorted by two scimitar companions. We engaged the drake spread points and when they started cycling reppers on the drake we poured all the dps we had onto one scimitar only to have him explode in a glorious fireball. The other 2 docked up obviously a little hurt about their failed attempt at... Actually I’m not entirely sure what they were attempting to do to be honest.

Anyway literally just after the tears from  TeamSpeak had died down the orca that had warped to station previously undocked and we proceeded to bump it a little for lolls and started draining his shields down he hit armour and expecting him to dock upon reaching structure he merely floated there and died. To our surprise and glee we ended up with a nice drop granted most of it was in a courier contract package totalling 70,000m3 you can see from this kill mail here, that he lost a fair amount and to top it off a cut from a conversation with our dear orca friend is below!

[ 2011.05.02 11:46:16 ] Wurzellocher > o/ 
[ 2011.05.02 11:46:27 ] lilfleeb > I am sorry for your loss. May i ask what happened? [ 2011.05.02 11:46:45 ] Wurzellocher > yeah, had a bug .. warp drive didnt cease operation, so i wasnt able to dock again
 [ 2011.05.02 11:46:51 ] lilfleeb > oh damn
 [ 2011.05.02 11:47:02 ] lilfleeb > i am really sorry 
[ 2011.05.02 11:47:07 ] lilfleeb > i though you would just dock
[ 2011.05.02 11:47:15 ] Wurzellocher > well, i lost around 1.5 - 2 bil, including colaterals fopr contracts. . will see, if i get it reimbursed .. otherwise shit happens ...
[ 2011.05.02 11:47:17 ] lilfleeb > i feel quite bad actually
 [ 2011.05.02 11:47:31 ] Wurzellocher > np. you ot a nice addition to your kill stats ;)
 [ 2011.05.02 11:48:06 ] Wurzellocher > fly safe and good hunting

Lesson here kids... Never try and warp off during downtime when hostiles are camping your station. 
It was also beyond us as to how he couldn’t deactivate his warp drive as he had been pointed around 10 times!

Oh well joy's come to those who wait and our ships unfortunately lived to fight another day!


P.s Harsh Worlds Episode Two will be released tonight due to editing software dyeing on me!

Rand o/