Saturday, 28 May 2011

You just got solo'ed

Hey guys im back! I took alittle break from EvE for my bday and some various RL catching upto do! But im back and sexier then ever! Last couple days Ive just been pottering about doing level 4 missions for some isk. Anyway today Im cashing in a mission and my bud calls out that a drake is robbing his wrecks while he's mining in his hulk and he cant warp as he keeps bumping him. So im like ok cool I'll come to your rescue *flexs*.

I land at the belt 5km from the drake lock him up and hit orbit at 18km just incase he has a scram and web ect. I start ripping him a new one when a gaurdian warps in I immediatly switch targets lock up the gaurdian and burn right for him drop a point on him and off the drake because lets face it raping there nuetral repper is just funny. He stands no chance my cynabal having every skill at level 5 now! Ripping through him within a couple of seconds and he explode's into a expensive ball of dust. I switch point back onto the drake he makes an attempt at running away but you cannot escape a cynabal! And even he crumbles to my awesome guns after a short while. I offer a GF in local but there trap failed they lost all there ships and to top it off they were solo'ed by what they thought was a carebear so they remain mute and docked up for the next hour or so.

I think my responsiveness gets 10 out of 10 for that fight I assessed hopped in a ship I knew could handle the job and went in with malicous intent. I didnt expect the gaurdian to warp in let alone land 30km from me, either way I was quick to change what needed doing in order to get the most out of the situation! Im learning slowly ;)

Thanks again for the kills guys! Next time get the abaddon to aggress too :P

<3 Rand


  1. Haha thanks man :D Was buzzing like a hooker on crack afterwards x] I was like fuck am I losing my Cyna to a drake! CHARGE