Saturday, 12 November 2016

Longest roam in tristans ever...

So hello again!

I am terrible, I know posting is far between but hey I persevere!

So I pinged out for a corp roam for Friday night but alas it was probably the quietest night we have had in months and only 4 people were actually around ( It was Vets day and with a pretty heavy USTZ following could explain why, Alongside this, respects to my brother Americans who protect their country past, future and present! )

Anyway not to be deterred by shit numbers I still pushed to go out in our Tristans to die horribly killing something like a claw or whatever. Traveling through Delve we made our way to the JB to drop us at the ass end of Catch, A nice little entry point which has little to no defense during our TZ as the alliance only wake up at like 1am my time. Pushing up into VOLT space we traveled through their new sov down south. Needless to say it was dead. Literally no one around for about 10 jumps. We didn't bother scouting just bundling in and hitting Ice Belts/Mining Belts/Anoms for the most part we found F All. Turns out Catch is about as empty as my cup of what was Tea. However we found this lone defender of justice mining ice in the final destination and quickly dispatched him in what was our moment of glory for the night. ( I almost burnt out my MWD burning in for tackle ) and spent the rest of the evening asking people in local for Nanite Paste.

We then traveled up into North Catch and it was just as dead. Moving into N-8 we found. Nothing. The pocket now being a dust bowl of Nothingness. Having lived there in the past we saw system ADM's at a high massive mining operations and ratting constantly, however now it's like everything died.

Giving up we moved up into Providence passing a Ossim gang on the way who tried to bubble us and caught no one. And several other CVA gangs who caught no one.. Right up until I sacrificed one of our guys for the greater good. And ran away.

Moving into Providence we killed a Cyno on a Citadel because we are obviously big ballers and then promptly all died to a Svipul.

All in all a successful night, But 3hrs of roaming 2 regions in 4 Tristans and only dying at the tail end was a little depressing. Next time I may take dreads and probably still end up with the same scenario.