Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Archon off the port bow!

Hey guys!

I'm still around don't fret! I've just been on a PVP rampage the last couple of days with some really sweet kills.

Started the other night I had two days off work straight so I made use of them by getting some sick PVP in! First up a paladin was popping cynos in V7D so I tried baiting him with a hurricane instead he undocks a vargur and engages me so I start killing him ye fleet standing by on the Titan ready for a bridge, he goes into armor and bleeds structure and out comes a archon to rep him typical! But wait he goes red on me with hobgoblin II's oh mother fucker it is on! I switch point to the carrier and drop the cyno hurricanes in half armor about now, I undock my alts and bring in my own carrier fleet and get with the repping love. We melt the vargur in short order the fleet having bridged in starts raping the Archon which is still aggressed as he hit armor in comes the Titan! And BOOM! Carrier down :)

Props to the pilots but seriously that Archon fit was so terrible! It made me cry :(

PVP update 2 will be later tonight as I'm working at the moment!

Carrier killmail is on my alt in the hurricane as I had Rand chilling in the Archon!

Love Randy

Monday, 20 August 2012

Dram it!

Tonight something hilarious happened.. Previously I wished that I would get my wish to try out my frig killer! Tonight that happened I had been trying to goad Gorgon Empire's frigate gang to come shoot me but 3 times they ran away finally after taking a hour out to drive to get my brother I get home and there back in local and engaged on gate against a friendly cane. I warp right there lock up the closet dram and get to work doesn't take long before he goes BOOM! It still hasn't  clicked that they are all royally fucked so I manage to snag another and nuet out a second the snagged one melts so quickly it's hilarious as our hurricane friend dies so does there condor. The third dram actually made a effort to run but didn't get far before he exploded like his comrades!

The fourth Dram makes the smart choices and runs with his tail between his legs as he watchs his fleet mates get decimated.

Lesson of the day here kids! Everything is not always as it seems.


Randy o/

Ignore the battle report the CVA gang was apparently when I was out, the way it keeps linking unrelated fights is pretty retarded =/

Saturday, 18 August 2012

King's Landing Is Born! And Pop goes your POS

This morning my gorgeous golden hull of a Archon came out the oven! And since I have recently been whoring my way through the Game of Thrones collection I have named it King's Landing to go with my Tengu "Winter is coming" they seemed fitting considering the tengu is a Icy blue to go with winter and the archon is as Golden as the walls and halls of King's Landing.


Also last night a POS was coming out of reinforced however the main FC's were all getting drunk in Texas, So it was apparently upto me to grind up support and go and finish it. While beating the drum of war wearily as I was tired, I got word of 4 Drakes and a Hurricane in 5E- So I put out the word and basically said Im going in a Abaddon get me some tackle and Logi in the next couple of minutes otherwise Im going down fighting POS timer be damned! Luckily a few perked up at that notion and people started joining fleet as I was in warp to the KB gate as by then they had moved back to the KB gate in 5E. I jumped in and warped to the gate as they jumped in to KB landing my hefty Abaddon right on top of them I waited for yellow box's and then opened up with a Overheated round of conflags into the hurricane who started dropping rapidly while they tickled away my shields. I called the gang in as they went red and called for extra points we managed to tackle the hurricane only as our fast tackle suck ( Wallshadow couldnt tackle a AFK Titan with 1000 dictors lol ).The Hurricane succumbed and exploded in a glorious fireball. While waiting a second drake jumped into us and died promptly due to lack of MWD or any propulsion mod other then his shear will power. And he died a nice firey death too.  It would seem that these Drakes were endorsed by ICUwarrior and his No Prop mod drakes of awesomeness.. Lulwhut?

We headed back to the D87 gate and chilled while our scout probed them down we managed to snag another drake and called it a day and went to kill the POS.

We finished up at about 2am my time with a healthy fleet taking some stupid losses from people who got caught out by a small roaming gang but managed to snag a few kills aswell. My Talos proved that you don't need interceptors while I burned down and caught their torndao and let the fleet do it's job and rape it.

Other then waking up feeling haggered and sleepy 4 hours later for work, It was a great night with a good turn out and some very funny moments.

Grim's stealth bomber is invincible - FACT

Link to the drake fights - Here
Link to the POS kill - Here

Some mails arnt posted due to crossed boards ect ect blah blah

Randy o/

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Payback ftw

Hey guys! In still here just been playing rather then blogging at the moment for that I apologise!
Anyway quick update.

I have been PVPing quite abit and had some nice kills as of late including a very expensive tengu the other night! Last night however I set up a little camp with my Tornado and was soon joined by Chevy a new alliance bus who used to be in PIXIE with me, Kyle, grim and a few others we had word that the Germans were in OSHT an heading our way so aligning out they all jumped in. Most ran however one unlucky stealth bomber didn't make it. This son of a bitch spends all day cloaked in our system so it was nice to finally get the drop on him for a change. After that grim had to take. Break as the wife was harassing him or something or other so we move I KB gate where Luffy is scouting and he sees a ferox, oracle and heretic on the VOL gate engaged we decide after some pondering that well go engage them. Landing sees the gang warping to the gate so I call for shadow to jump with then and get tackle on anything he can knowing full well I may die in the process as I'm first on field and have no tank! I load screen to see the oracle already 80km away and immediately lock him up and burn for him he over heats and starts gaining range even though he's tackled by shadow ( get a scram you nub ) heretics still on field so I drop him to half structure and he legs it. I overheat everything and gain range on the oracle Chevy not far behind me and even more back up is arriving from NI4NI but there to late to the party as me and Chev and shadow finish him off Luffy takes a unlucky hit and does in his hero tackle Rifter! We scoop loot and head back home giving us a nice boost to the upcoming replacement program, all in all a fun little camp and without Kyle's egging on I would never have gone for it ( originally they had more but they ran as soon as I entered VOL ) and shadows tackling too, ironically if I hadn't took a shot at that heretic shadow would have died as apparently he was at 5% shields and being webbed so lucky call there shame he didn't pop though. In the end we ended up 180km off KB gate, he'll of a chase and well worth it.

Hopefully some more fun tonight! People are getting used to flying with me especially the new guys and I'm also getting to see how everyone flys and what their capable of, can't wait to get my Alpha Omega team setup for black ops drops should be a interesting trial, I will get a blops post done tonight.

Randy o/

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Interesting Times

Sorry it's been short on posts works kept me busy and I was enjoying what little sunshine I could.

The other day I was watching some PVP videos on you tube mainly vindicator ones, and I came across one from back near 2004 I think it was. The old weapons UI where there were no timers to be had. The simple graphics even the stars shared what looked like a colour pallet from photoshop and I sat thinking to myself how far Eve and technology in general has come in the last ten years. Now we have breath taking nebula with a depth that is realistic to the real thing, graphics so beautiful that at first sight take away your breath. The overlay very much different to what it used to be and updated again this patch with that wonderful tooltip for modules. It's amazing what can be done in ten years and I very much hope I get to reflect back on this post in ten more years while I watch my kids pod CCP Soundwave :)

I have been flying the PVP flag and had some fun fights some good kills and a giggle while I was at it I'll write more later when I'm not gulping down coffee this early in the morning while at work.

Expect to see abit more of me as I press forward, on another note I recently got made a director to my surprise! Very pleased and happy to take on the roll. Interesting times indeed

Randy o/