Monday, 20 August 2012

Dram it!

Tonight something hilarious happened.. Previously I wished that I would get my wish to try out my frig killer! Tonight that happened I had been trying to goad Gorgon Empire's frigate gang to come shoot me but 3 times they ran away finally after taking a hour out to drive to get my brother I get home and there back in local and engaged on gate against a friendly cane. I warp right there lock up the closet dram and get to work doesn't take long before he goes BOOM! It still hasn't  clicked that they are all royally fucked so I manage to snag another and nuet out a second the snagged one melts so quickly it's hilarious as our hurricane friend dies so does there condor. The third dram actually made a effort to run but didn't get far before he exploded like his comrades!

The fourth Dram makes the smart choices and runs with his tail between his legs as he watchs his fleet mates get decimated.

Lesson of the day here kids! Everything is not always as it seems.


Randy o/

Ignore the battle report the CVA gang was apparently when I was out, the way it keeps linking unrelated fights is pretty retarded =/

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