Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Archon off the port bow!

Hey guys!

I'm still around don't fret! I've just been on a PVP rampage the last couple of days with some really sweet kills.

Started the other night I had two days off work straight so I made use of them by getting some sick PVP in! First up a paladin was popping cynos in V7D so I tried baiting him with a hurricane instead he undocks a vargur and engages me so I start killing him ye fleet standing by on the Titan ready for a bridge, he goes into armor and bleeds structure and out comes a archon to rep him typical! But wait he goes red on me with hobgoblin II's oh mother fucker it is on! I switch point to the carrier and drop the cyno hurricanes in half armor about now, I undock my alts and bring in my own carrier fleet and get with the repping love. We melt the vargur in short order the fleet having bridged in starts raping the Archon which is still aggressed as he hit armor in comes the Titan! And BOOM! Carrier down :)

Props to the pilots but seriously that Archon fit was so terrible! It made me cry :(

PVP update 2 will be later tonight as I'm working at the moment!

Carrier killmail is on my alt in the hurricane as I had Rand chilling in the Archon!

Love Randy

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