Thursday, 16 August 2012

Payback ftw

Hey guys! In still here just been playing rather then blogging at the moment for that I apologise!
Anyway quick update.

I have been PVPing quite abit and had some nice kills as of late including a very expensive tengu the other night! Last night however I set up a little camp with my Tornado and was soon joined by Chevy a new alliance bus who used to be in PIXIE with me, Kyle, grim and a few others we had word that the Germans were in OSHT an heading our way so aligning out they all jumped in. Most ran however one unlucky stealth bomber didn't make it. This son of a bitch spends all day cloaked in our system so it was nice to finally get the drop on him for a change. After that grim had to take. Break as the wife was harassing him or something or other so we move I KB gate where Luffy is scouting and he sees a ferox, oracle and heretic on the VOL gate engaged we decide after some pondering that well go engage them. Landing sees the gang warping to the gate so I call for shadow to jump with then and get tackle on anything he can knowing full well I may die in the process as I'm first on field and have no tank! I load screen to see the oracle already 80km away and immediately lock him up and burn for him he over heats and starts gaining range even though he's tackled by shadow ( get a scram you nub ) heretics still on field so I drop him to half structure and he legs it. I overheat everything and gain range on the oracle Chevy not far behind me and even more back up is arriving from NI4NI but there to late to the party as me and Chev and shadow finish him off Luffy takes a unlucky hit and does in his hero tackle Rifter! We scoop loot and head back home giving us a nice boost to the upcoming replacement program, all in all a fun little camp and without Kyle's egging on I would never have gone for it ( originally they had more but they ran as soon as I entered VOL ) and shadows tackling too, ironically if I hadn't took a shot at that heretic shadow would have died as apparently he was at 5% shields and being webbed so lucky call there shame he didn't pop though. In the end we ended up 180km off KB gate, he'll of a chase and well worth it.

Hopefully some more fun tonight! People are getting used to flying with me especially the new guys and I'm also getting to see how everyone flys and what their capable of, can't wait to get my Alpha Omega team setup for black ops drops should be a interesting trial, I will get a blops post done tonight.

Randy o/

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