Thursday, 7 July 2011

Playing EVE Passivly

Sooo it's the summer and EVE is on my play with passivly list. Which mostly revolves around setting up 20 12.5hr invention jobs a day + Anything that needs building and AFK'ing a freighter to and from jita. Now the beauty of this passive play is that I can build up ISK stocks while Im out for the summer and get it all blown up in the winter. Now so far passivly I can pull in around 500-600m isk a week depending on invention success's. A couple of bad batchs even when followed by a couple ok ones still breaks the production line alittle and also it doesnt help if the stations slots are full for 24hrs as that adds unneccesary time onto the queue! However seeing as Im not relying on it for anything I dont actually care that much :D

I'll be wrighting up another fiction post soon and will be posting intermittently!

Love you guys!


Quiet month!

Im not dead! Honest..

I've been enjoying the intermittent sunshine down my end rather then playing eve. I always end up taking time off during the summer to recharge my batterys :)

So far its been an amazing week. I recently picked up my new car a Black BMW 323i SE <3 She's beautiful and I have named her Evey. Haha.

Also Im still keeping up with invention during the day as a passive job! I will update on my invention success's tomorrow when I dont have work.

Much love

Rand o/