Friday, 29 April 2011

Screen Shots - The Conga Line

As promised sorta a bit late I know I'm sorry... I will now go into a corner and think about what I've done!

The screenshots I managed to scoop during the roam!

We do our part in the war effort!

Can we haz your TCU?

All your gates belonging to us!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Busy Busy Busy and Rands QOTW!

Hey Ladies and Gents!

It's your friendly blogger Randunip! Today I'd like to ask everyone who reads my blog a question!
This will be part of an on-going project of mine each to come up with an interesting and somewhat broad question that involves Eve Online and see what kind of a response people have, This will be Rands QOTW!

Why Eve Online?

Very simple question to start off with, personally for me Eve is somewhat of an escape from the hardships of real life... Ok who am I kidding real life's a cake walk as far as my life goes! But it’s still an escape for me it's nice to freely roam a world which is filled with likeminded individuals the social side is great although not as fulfilling as watching your friend jump off pub tables after a few to many tequila’s! (Unless you go to fan fest in which case I’m sure CCP Zymurgist will happily fill in for the "friend" role). Eve has a draw for me that no other MMO can even begin to compete with and that is the community, The bloggers and the Podcaster's the amazing people over at EN24 who provide me with the hilarious antics of Red Overlords RMT fun the Dev's for being there in the thick of it and actually having a random chat with players in their own player made channels most notably from my view the Eve Bloggers in game channel! The corporation and alliance aspect also fuels my desire to play Eve for it develops a close bond with other players and if you’re lucky enough to join a crew with the same mind set then life in Eve gets a whole lot more fun! I love logging in and getting stuck in winding up corpys or just hopping onto Team Speak to have a chat with people I'd like to consider friends in a broad sense and some I can consider close friends like dusty and tali.

I think to conclude this question would be that without the community I don’t think I’d have played eve for as long as I have or If I had I wouldn’t have the fun I do now. So thank you to everyone who has, in some way imparted wisdom, bullets, missiles or smack in my Eve career you've made a "game" so much more.

So I finally got round to doing that post! I have been meaning to for a good while now to be honest just could never think of a good starting point and to be honest I don’t think I could have found a better one! It’s been again a busy few days with Eve time taking a back burner once again to the real life nerf bat however things are picking up and the time I have in Eve is being used efficiently whether it's to lead roams, or work on my PI and Invention or plan my next excursion to WH space! So far invention wise 15 jobs in and 6 out successful! So not bad over all still sticking between the 35% and 40% mark which coincides with what my invention calculator is telling me so at least I know it’s somewhat accurate. My alt has her skills catching up and in 2 days will be able to manufacture all the BPO's for the parts! So success is on its way albeit in small chunks but chunks none the less!

The PI is going well considering my production plant is up and running so it's slowly churning out mechanical parts I just have to get into the habit of actually resetting my damn extractors and stop being a lazy nub cake and forgetting!

PvP was lacking the other day even after having maelstrom putting other battleships into structure on stations in evoke space they wouldn’t engage... Well apart from one guy in a hurricane who wanted a 1v1 with our maelstrom and not agreeing to anything we all dog piled him for lolls. He was a bit upset about it but hey... That’s what you get for engaging people in maelstroms with friends next door... It never ends well! Unless of course you have more friends which is sometimes the case as after I'd left for work about 20 minutes later a fight was on and the guys netted a Armageddon kill and a tempest for the loss of a rapier I think rapier loss should have not been there but his fit was slightly wrong with no MWD for running away he was nabbed by the battle cruisers that landed on field with logi support all told about 20 arrived to flex there might in the end we came out on top and that’s all that matters!

Anyway time for me to say goodnight as my coffee injection is wearing off and bed looks rather comfy right now!

Screens from the ANZAC roam will be up tomorrow morning and hopefully Indy will get off his ass and send me the ones from his guys!

Night o/

Monday, 25 April 2011

ANZAC Roam - Epic Fun

So today I got hauled into a roam with some guys from ANZAC Alliance and a varying amount of other Aussies and likeminded chaps with one mission in this fleet... To blow the shit out of anyone and anything! So we shipped up into awesome destroyer class vessels and a few support ships for tackle such as a flycatcher <3

We formed up in Keberz before downtime and went onto making a conga line as downtime arrived we hit around 16+ in fleet of thrashers and various other destroyer class vessels. Shortly after downtime I logged in to see local growing in numbers more and more people came through and it wasn’t long till we had 70+ in our little conga line and we grew to a very big conga party! We had various corps/alliances in this fleet we had for the duration of this roam put all our differences aside and left Keberz as an awesome fleet of doom! Props to Roo for leading and our scouts! We headed into HED-GP and made best speed toward some system I forget the name! Anyway while warping to our outage in HED- we landed in a bubble and got bombed we lost a few good men who reshipped and ran back but our losses were not in vain as the bomber was quickly turned to dust!

Shortly after a lot of faffing about someone called point on a Rokh and we burned to 2J-WJY and set to work on the blasphemes battleship for engaging our fleet of awesome our massive drunken fleet of doom landed and shredded him intotiny pieces! We continued on with a lot of singing and some music from the resident DJ till we reached VOL-MI where a bestower ended up in our sights and went boom! We moved quickly and drunkenly to Atioth where a drake had laid siege to one of our valiant members so for his transgression we reduced him to a smoking heap of drakey goodness. Shortly after a crow thought he could make it back to gate before dying but unluckily for him our members even though drunk were quick enough to alpha him into a ball.. I watched through tears of laughter as his wreck appeared about 3000m from where it actually landed loll!  Next up a Ishtar was tackled on the other side of the gate in K-IYNW and his face was melted into a million chunks we moved onwards in a drunken haze towards BWF-ZZ we ended up encountering some show stoppers along the way a moa jumped into us unknowingly and was pointed and promptly dispatched. Upon reaching 6RQ9-A We managed to snag a Vagabond the lads had pushed through for us and we bubbled him up and laughed as he tried to return to gate under fire webbed and scrammed by our courageous pilots of drunken justice! 

Moving into OEY-OR a Muninn was taking a stab at one of our pilots when our fleet landed and made love to his boat with artillery’s, auto cannons, blasters, rail guns and shoes and empty bottles! His only reprieve was when he exploded in a shiny climax of broken hull sections.  We continued on and finally reached BWF-ZZ were the gate was being camped and after that I’m not sure what happened but all hell broke loose and I died to a bomb lol but only after dropping hero tackle on a hurricane and watching him assplode along with his buddy who tried to kill me! ( Funnily enough this chap had jumped out when we shot him.. then jumped back in only to get raped ) I ended up in 1% armour after that fight when a tackle on a tempest was called in from our awesome scout Splinter07 we rushed in and made him cry all the way home well at least 10km till he died! Then the unspeakable happened! My amazing cormorant who survived several bombing attempts got hit by a bomb and exploded... After that we hit low sec and wandered into high sec about 8 jumps from jita. All pilots in pods reshipped and we went out for a 30 minute Banzai! 2 Kills where nabbed, a dramiel in UBX-CC and another brick squad hurricane in BWF-ZZ! ( Brick Squad love losing hurricanes! )

All in all it was a good damn roam! Where political agendas were put aside. Drinks were put on the table and everyone had an amazing time! Props go to every single pilot for participating and making that roam one of the funniest roams in a long time!

P.s - There was a couple other kills there I couldnt link due to them dieing to fast or not being near the fleet =/
So if im missing any I'll update but so much happened it's hard remembering everything!

Fly safe people!

Rand o/

Good Morning EVE!

Early morning post as I’m feeling in the mood! It's been an epically nice start to the day the sunshine is out and it's only 9am, the world seems to be a happy place for the time being and I’m feeling very awake! How long that'll last will depend on how long my supply of coffee lasts I think!

Today the oven went ding and out of the 5 purifiers I put on to cook for invention I had 2 come out successful so that leaves me with a current success rate of 40%! Hopefully it'll improve over the coming weeks =]
3 days remain on the ME research of the T2 Component BPO's which is enough time to boost my skills some more to actually build the parts while also increasing my invention chances so it's a double win in my book!

My other corpy who's lending a helping hand is also training up skills focusing on amarrian ship construction and invention at the present time which allows me to utilise all the lab slots for ME, Copying and Invention.
Anyway enough Industrial stuff, time to go find some pew pew!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunshine and a Cynabal

Hey kids! It's been a pretty busy week for me, With the podcast pilot episode recorded and put live I spent a good day editing it although to my dismay my microphone no matter how awesome wasn't up to the task. It doesn’t have a foamy bit on the end so it picked up a lot of the exhaling from laughs or anything else which required effort in the vocal department so it's down to PC World next week for a new microphone! And due to TS3 being annoying on occasion when me and Cyan both spoke it would nerf Cy's voice but for a pilot episode I think it went well and it was a lot of fun doing it defiantly a change from solo radio broadcasting which is what I’m used too.

The podcast can be found here!  Just click the play icon and off you go! Link to the RSS feed is also on the left side bar for downloading via iTunes!

It's been very hot and with hardly any work to do this weekend I found myself whoring the sunshine and being the lucky SOAB I am I don’t burn I just go red then tan the next day so I’m now all topped up for the rest of the year! All hail the sunshine!

Next up my PI Planets is finally setup. I have one making Oxygen which is bringing excess of 225 units a hour at present after deducting POS fuel usage same applies pretty much to Mechanical Parts and Enriched Uranium so I’m pretty chuffed I got that sorted at last! I'll get some pictures of my colonies up at some point over the week for you’ll to criticise and help me make more isk ;)

Also T2 invention is finally moving off the start line more on that once my next batch comes off the productions lines and I'll look into how success rates vary between different ship types.

I lost my trusty drake today... Please a minute of silence, however prior to his death he made a heroic move in an attempt to put a cynabal pilot in his place. I had jumped into KBP- in the Providence region to see a clear gate with the gang awaiting its orders on the opposite side I slinked bank to the gate the solar systems sun glaring off my Drakes hull. After about 10 minutes of nothing happening a Cynabal landed 18km off me. Being a regional gate he was at 0m on the gate but quite a distance off me. After a bit of motoring around he decided to try and bump me off gate mistake number one. In response to seeing what he was doing I out manoeuvred him and as his ship auto approached me after shooting past I opened up with my web scram and drones and missiles and anything else I could shoot at him. At one point I believe I saw one of my shoes’s flying through space after it was ejected out the missile tube... I guess I know where I had lost it to now!

As he reached 50% shields my gang came to lend a hand and the cynabal went from 50% shield to 0% then to dead in about 10 seconds. HUZZAH! However we did get screwed on loot drops as nearly everything was destroyed as you can see here! However it was a very funny moment. His second mistake was engaging me. Drake named "Bait Drake" sat on the gate to high sec all on my lonesome! Yea... I think not! Remember boys and girls. Obvious bait is obvious!

Rand out o/

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Harsh Worlds Podcast Due Soon!

Yes it's finally here sort of.. Myself and CyanAngel recorded episode one of Harsh Worlds Podcast last night and made a complete epic fail of it so we re-recorded it this morning the improvements were vast and we could both tell immediatly we'd nailed it down alot better then last time. One of our main issues was my microphone boost which at intervals decided to revert to its 100% setting and I boomed like some omni-potent god over poor old Cyan! But with the microphone problems fixed we rallied ourselve's out of our breakfast bowls for take 2! Im currently editing it and putting the bits in I want and removing some of the hiccups. Bloopers will be at the end which will house our multiple screwups this morning most of which were my fault!

So keep your ears to the floor as Harsh Worlds will soon be knocking at your door!

Rand o/

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Pirate Tears om nom nom

Now there's nothing I love more then tears but as we all know the best tears are from the people trying to get tears in the first place! This pirate chap was very very very upset after we pulled the victory rug from under his feet wrapped him up in it and threw him off the bridge. Let me explain!

With KBP- being a little to hot for our small fleet we decided to take a trek to lowsec to play games as we were slightly bored with ship spinning fleet went up and we managed to muster a few BC's a prober and a recon and off we went to Ibash, Systems were pretty clear along the route and we didn't find much to shot at :sadpanda:!

However next door a drake was spotted playing undock games in Ibash fleet held outside 1 jump and we pushed a harby through to play with him. Animal 01 is known for emo raging allot apparently so we thought it'd be hilarious if we could get some tears, After about ten minutes harby landed next to his drake at the fifth planet and engaged. Fleet jumped in and made warp to our friends aid just as the drake popped the harby went boom too as our harby pilot made the mistake of getting to close and got himself webbed. However the tears that ensued meant it was well worth the loss here's a little insert from the convo:

[ 2011.04.17 09:07:50 ] Sara Woods > lol its a pancake parade
[ 2011.04.17 09:08:36 ] Maltec > yarr
[ 2011.04.17 09:08:49 ] ANIMAL 01 > die fag
[ 2011.04.17 09:09:14 ] SuicidalPancake > lol
[ 2011.04.17 09:09:16 ] SuicidalPancake > gf
[ 2011.04.17 09:09:18 ] Sara Woods > yep pusy cant take gate guns lol
[ 2011.04.17 09:09:37 ] ANIMAL 01 > gf bra like i didnt know ur fag blob was comming
[ 2011.04.17 09:10:17 ] Maltec > Itsa mee mario!
[ 2011.04.17 09:10:29 ] ANIMAL 01 > heymario ?
[ 2011.04.17 09:10:33 ] Sara Woods > you at p5
[ 2011.04.17 09:10:38 ] ANIMAL 01 > fuck u fag
[ 2011.04.17 09:10:41 ] ANIMAL 01 > lol
[ 2011.04.17 09:10:45 ] ANIMAL 01 > u suck
[ 2011.04.17 09:10:49 ] Maltec > lul tears
[ 2011.04.17 09:10:52 ] Maltec > om nom nom
[ 2011.04.17 09:11:01 ] ANIMAL 01 > jam dees nuts in yo mouth

Love it.

Shortly after we were douche bagging around in Ussad to see a hauler and a blackbird hit gate we jumped with them and the hauler got away ( stabbed ) the blackbird however made a very futile attempt at attacking our hurricane so we turned him into dust. Then just as we're about to pack up a Harbinger appears in Ibash and jumps into Ussad our hurricane pilot is on gate still and misses tackle the harby pilot oblivious to the ensueing chase lands in a belt and proceeds to rat his little heart out.. Being the nice people we are we land on top of him and molest his ship untill it dies. Which happens very very fast! And well you can see why >> Lulz

All in all a very fun outing!

Rand o/

Sunday, 17 April 2011

How to be a good podcast guest!

I found this earlier while listening to the eve commune's 22nd podcast episode! Anyway here is the link from a new blog Ive happened across! It's very good and anyone considering to be a guest on any podcast should definatly read up on it some fantastic tips really good write up! Linky here!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Create a starship winner announced! ( Finally )

Yes its here! It's done and it's god damn beautiful! Infact it makes me want to fly amarr even  more regardless of there shitty poor choice of AMMO TYPES ARHHH!

The winner can be found here! And here's a nice little picture for you all to drool over cause lets face it.. It's damned sexy! And kinda resembles spocks ship from the recent star trek film! x]

Also loving one of the runners up with this stunning industrial carrier.. Makes me wanna become a carebear again * cough cough * So here we have the Myriad too!

Serenity Rising be recruiting! And Noise makes an epic fail

So it comes that time again when our recruitment drive is starting to gain momentum like the big fat rhino that we are slowly gaining enough speed to launch itself off a cliff and pretend it's a elegant bird for once. Our requirements can be easily found on our corp info! (Forgot the ftp pw so cant upload stuff to the site atm! ) by clicking on the recruitment poster that will appear just below the main menu bar! We're happy to have most people aslong as they meet the requirements and dont bore me to death like the house of commons on a monday morning where all they debate is what type of socks to shove up there arse.

Ive grown very addicted to twitter recently due to the damn #tweetfleet <3 You guys really! And it's been somewhat entertaining to chat to fellow eve players without the need to play who's cocks bigger or shinier and the result is always MINE DAMN YOU! ;)ou

Also while on twitter the other day A major fail happened and I was in a good spirit to be present at the time to mock the poor poor soul who made the mistake of adding one to many zero's onto  his buy order and did what any self respecting male would do and blamed the girlfriend for making him lose focus on the important internet spaceships! So instead of poor old Noise spending 70m.. He ended up spending 700m and someone somewhere was having a field day by selling T2 invention decrypters at a ridiculous price to the unsuspecting Noise. You can find his full account of what happened here at Phoenix Diarys! However another resident from the tweetfleet Garheade had now lost out on the 100m isk that was being donated by Noise but cause of Noise's fail he didnt have any money left lol! So due to leaving me in stitchs for the best part of 5 minutes I donated 100m isk of my own on Noise's behalf! WHY??? You may ask, Well simply because it was funny and the donation was going to a project called Project Halibut! ( Pro Name) It helps new players aquire ships, modules, skill books and occasionally isk to help them break through the learning barrier that EVE is so famous for! More info can be found here and I emplore people to donate what they can to the cause!

Rand Out!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

AAR - From Zero!

Due to my absence last night Zero took over doing the AAR on there small frig roam which tbh is hilarious! I shall link kill mails too! This comes from a frigate roam into lowsec around midnight eve time according to the mail stamp!


Fairly late we decided to all grab a cheap ship and hit the lowsec dancefloors as recent trips to 0,0 was too full of fat chicks. Four Pilots, Four Frigates, No mercy. After a clean entrance to lowsec off choonka we ran into afew Captains that wouldnt play ball, after eyeballing a Cane he jumped off and hit another Cane - we poured our little dps on his ass and soon with multi webs,scrams and rockets etc he soon went down! I ninja the loots. we mill about feeling good, neut moans in local that we whored the KM *total win* . This spurred us on to go deeper on a totally unplanned route by me picking gates that sounded cool and an occasional glance at dotlan we ended up in saikamon where a couple of badmen in Harbys camped the gate with an Onyx. Suddenly 2 Maels appeared and proceeded with analy-interface with the BCs we of course whored our little hearts out and "helped" the Maels eat the Harbys. I also helped clear the loot :D WTF? faction armour mod? Thankee muchly. We decided to flee in all directions when they shot us to half armour. All this success? i hear you ask. Now comes the fail. We plot a course home and head off... 1 stop out we spot a Drake. Being the Heroes of Space n all we felt it our duty to WTFPWN him. "lock him and fire" screams Zero "theres another Drake and a blackbird" screams Ispon - "ok theyre fuckin next" replies Zero.

yeah well after something else appears to help them it seems best to bug out .... except i have 2 scrams on me so does our Iskar. We dont make it. Neither does the 25 Million ISK of loot i apprehended. But fucking hell it was fun.


Excellent report made me laugh when I saw it, Hopefully I'll be able to participate this weekend!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

EVE Online TweetFleet!

So I finally took the plunge and involved myself a little more in the eve community by joining up with the Tweet fleet setup by 00sage00, First impression's are good I even got a hello from a Dev and the people Ive chatted to so far are very cool and very welcoming and I've also managed to catch up with an old friend too! Pinky Stavo a old ally who was known for dying in stupid ways as only Pinky does ;D Also a few weeks ago I joined up with and so far the extra traffic from there has been great! It's nice to see some extra readers float my way.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Time for what? Work!

Gah that time already? Sorry for the fiction being a little bit on the late side.. I still need to spell check it however I wanted it up roughly within the timescale I had set, However work in 10 minutes so cant do it now! Care bearing is boring.. That's a fact! Although watching macherials eat missions is fun and I swear to god if I end up with a mining alt feel free to pod me repeatedly!
Tonight will be the deployment of my new colonies for one of my alts after I colletc the resources that have stockpiled up on my old ones. Then it's time to sort out some more training queue stuff! Fighters 5 for one as I wanna get a bit more prepped for my Nyx.

Also sorting out some new photo shops to finish up the little bits on the website that have been negletced due to time/women/eve/food etc. All 4 are great excuses ;)

Also! I will be setting up a lottery for a faction frigate in the future possibly next week. If there is ample interest please leave a comment and let me know if you'll be participating so I can get a general feel for the numbers!

Rand o/

Fiction - Beginning of an end.

"Ye fucking haw, Thought you could use some help there randy!" Counters voice echoed through the speaker like some sort of weird dream... Had I died? Before I could consider that possibility the computer started screaming like a small child who had just seen the shiniest toy in the station and wanted it now.

"Cynosural field detected multiple sub space anomalies appearing from the beacon, Systems operational capacitor levels at maximum, Shield systems at maximum, Armor systems at maximum, Weapons systems operational"

I stared at the remaining monitor as hundreds of red lights suddenly started flicking to green across the console wall, I could see weapons systems coming online all around me as sirens turned off and lights flickered back on, There was a sudden shock and the ship lurched throwing me against the wall. Scrabbling to my feet I regained my focus letting the voice from the Com's unit fill my ears, "Randy! I bought some friends with this time! What do you say to returning the favour and making this bunch of rag tags feel there hull being stripped from under there feet?" Counter sounded happy... I wonder he has up his sleeve I thought as I flicked a few switches on the panel near where the holo screen used to be. "Sure lemme try and reroute the monitor to accept the holo-feed... And bingo got it!" I stared at the monitor a blank look spread across my face I then felt my mouth twitch into a grin as I counted the several Nyx class super capitals escorted by at least 100 battleships and sub class's ranging from interceptors right up to my favourite the rapier who was still sat there nursing his cyno. "Holy crap counter what did you do?" I chuckled down the microphone as I watched several Ares interceptors screech past the hull camera's and start disrupting the enemy gangs warp drives. " Well you know me.. If your gonna save someones ass then you might as well do it in style" Style Indeed I thought!

"So which one do you want to primary first? Take your pick we can sit here all day I don't mind." chirped counter "Well... I say we let the guys have some fun.. Call a free fire shoot everything but leave that Raven to me! I have a little surprise for him" I said. Counter was in for a surprise.

I flicked a switch on the Com's unit "Dusty, Did you make it?" I said quietly, "Yup got here in one piece! She's all powered up ready when you are"
"Good now lock onto the Cyno beacon and bring her in.. Lets show this raven pilot what happens when you shoot at my god damn ship!"
"Roger that! Incoming!" Dusty's voice disconnected.

There was an almighty explosion but not the bad kind.. They'd been happening for the last 30 seconds as the fighter's and bombers and all sorts of other nastys were tearing apart the enemy fleets hulls. Not far off the rapier a blinding light appeared and grew and then vanished the monitor showed Dusty's Erebus Titan Class vessel in it's place.
"Bring the rain dusty!" I shouted, "Copy. Cycling" Dusty said with a slight hint of malice in his voice. The raven still standing had been trying to run away but thanks to counter he was currently webbed and disrupted so he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon... There was a black ball appearing at the nose of the Erebus getting larger and larger the whirring of the energy from the Doomsday was filtering through the ships hull you could hear it churning away, I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end like this chap was about to be.

A voice unknown to me came through the speakers and the only words that got through were "They are coming...." Before the Doomsday exploded out the front of the Titan the black beam with static sparking and jumping around it's circumference slammed into the Raven incinerating it within a few milliseconds.

"Holy shit Rand! You always have to try and out do me! And Dusty where the hell did you get a Titan?" Laughed counter. The fight was over we'd won, I'd escaped with my life.. Barely. Many people were lost in that battle, As the fleet started salvaging and looting whatever wasn't burnt out or destroyed I kept replaying what the voice had said over the speaker, What did he mean...?

They are coming.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sunshine and Funtimes.

Evening Gents!
Been a busy and a very fun day for me and the alliance guys, Started off with this morning's roam took out a few BC's with me in a Falcon and a rapier, sabre and a bomber I believe, We rolled around the streets of provi.
We had our faithful and lazy scout poking about for stuff to kill as the start had been somewhat uneventful! He hits 9-F0B2 and see's a couple hulks on scan.. *sad face* Cause they be in a hidden belt! BUT No wait.. Whats this on scan at a asteriod belt!? Surely they know better then that! Scout lands "I has point on the hulk go go" Fleet jumps in warps to him the other hulks have warped off.. Fail for not sending a sabre =/ Atleast we got to massacre this poor fella who ejected just before he went pop why.. I have no idea!

We buzz around the system abit and end up in a small dog fight with 8 Domis a Loki and a Gaurdian however super Rand ( I was piloting Maltec at the time ) In my trusty Falcon kept the gaurdian jammed along with half the domi's x] Resulting in them deaggressing and jumping out and running away after they lost there Rapier to a good spooning from our gang. Silly Evoke. One domi was just starting to dip into structure before he legged it.. Sad face we decided not to engage them on the other side as I'd be insta popped on entry. They left and we went in another direction towards TU-O0T as one of our alt scouts in a arazu happened to be poking about and was sitting 10km off a tengu. So we started burning towards him only stopping to pop this pilgrim who buy all rights should have lived because he jumped then cloaked as we landed. Then decloaked everyone got lock on him and he burnt faster then a bail of hay covered in petrol! At this point we'd headed back towards KBP- as it was closing in on DT and we wanted to log off in highsec for the duration as some of us had work. Maltec was shifted into KBP- where on gate was the Evoke domi gang who fail bubbled and didnt even bother to try and decloak my falcon.. If the loki had orbited at 20km with all the domi's drones following him I woulda died but hey I lived so its all good. Gang decided to stay next door to wait the DT timer to hit the 1 minute mark. Evoke gang left and docked our gang warped to gate and ran away like awesome ninja's in the dead of space! We did lose a Scimmy and a Hurricane and a Drake at some point although I never realised when or how. The drake died as the domi's had a friend in a arazu scram him  so our bait idea didnt work and he went poof and we all silently lol'ed.

However at this point I logged off and with it being about 28 degree's outside I did some minor work on my car tidying her up inside and out and repainting the calipers and such gave her a good wash and now she's as clean as a whistle! Although I'll be selling her in 2 months to buy a BMW 320i ;)
However washing my car and enjoying the sunshine did cost me a tengu kill.. You see previously we'd tried to nab that tengu in TU- but with DT coming up and people wanting to log off we didnt bother till after DT it seems that the arazu pilot we had logged in to find the tengu back to plexing so a Blops was setup by the looks of it! In dropped a panther couple of rapiers and teh arazu! And Bang went Mr Zish Ore's Tengu. Gotta love Blops drops! I shall get the more detailed report from Warder who was lucky enough to be logged in at that time to go whore the mail for the team!

Fiction post almost finished so tomorrow night will be the revealing of the final part of chapter one! Yay!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Hiatus! And carebearing to the extreme

Sorry about the small hiatus finally starting to adjust to the new time schedule! Works going nicely loving the 3rd job :) Staff are freindly and several of them are veryvery cute to say the least ;)

Eve  took a small dive due to this but im slowly getting back into it with the time I have! So lately I've been browsing the blogs that contain this years fanfest accounts and I gotta say I wish I'd been there, The things I would have liked to join in with woulda been the fansite roundtable just to see and meet a few of the people who kinda gave me the inspiration to start blogging especially Kirith big fan of his blog and always love reading his guides or arguments he's got a solid head on him and has the knowledge to back his remarks alot of the time. And the alliance heads too that woulda been something to go see! I was hoping someone put dirtnap squads video up but I couldnt find it *sad face*. I felt that this year goons and test were'nt as funny as they used to be. Test's first time as a participant wasnt too bad but The Mittani really let goons down I think.. He wasnt too entertaining and I felt that the childish-ness of the goons wasnt quite put forward like when Darius did the presentation back along. Also the pictures we'rent as amusing tbh despite the good setup I'd have preferred the stupid hand drawn cartoons. But thats just my view.

On a more recent note I moved back 3 of my toons to a mission system as I really need to start pooling ALL my available resources to grind some isk for the wyvern.. Yes im getting a wyvern ^_^ Im about 8b isk short atm so long way off but plenty of time to finish caldari carrier 5 and fighter bombers 5 ect ect!
Going to be revisiting kiriths guide on PI Management and setting up shop with 2/3 characters running PI for various materals and 1 will just focus on production using a highsec planet or 4!

Also I came to the conclusion once again I have to many accounts. Seriously as we speak I have 4 active accounts all around 18m sp to 30m sp looking to sell one on in the future and put it towards the wyvern and then I have 1 toon being moved to a account once he has skills that I want finished on him and then I can just alternate between the two.

Next fiction post will be ready over the weekend and should be up saturday or sunday night I know dusty will be happy about this as he was quite excited after reading the previous post.. Probably to find out if he died or not!

Till next time

Rand o/

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Provi roam with a hint of nubcake

Sorry about short posting last week I have got myself a 3rd job, Yess I know overkill but hey lol.
So posting has taken abit of time to get round to doing and roaming suffered alittle but its the weekend and I wanted a roam so I went out with the guys from V3 alliance on a BC gang through Provi and some of catch! We headed up to D-GTMI and various other station systems looking for fights but didnt get much =/ Managed to snag a cynabal who took the bait and got himself scrammed and fleet jumped in and messed him up good and proper his friend ran away though. We ended up on evokes station in w.e system I forgot and a navy geddon and a couple of ceptors and bombers engaged our hurricane we warped in they all ran away or docked.  Managed to pop a ceptor on a evoke station while myself and the gang was holding out one jump trying to get a tempest to agress all in all was a nice roam no loss's and only a couple of kills but better then nothing!

However we did almost lose one ship. Tuantilis one of my guys great chap good pilot made a proper lol mistake he'd gone AFK after jumping into Dital we'd all warped off to our homes in the systems next door as the roam was over.. He not realising that we'd left came back from AFK and thought we'd gone back into KBP- so he jumps in and starts getting whored upoun by half of evoke but he managed to get out with 62% structure! Learnt his lesson now I think ;)