Thursday, 14 April 2011

Serenity Rising be recruiting! And Noise makes an epic fail

So it comes that time again when our recruitment drive is starting to gain momentum like the big fat rhino that we are slowly gaining enough speed to launch itself off a cliff and pretend it's a elegant bird for once. Our requirements can be easily found on our corp info! (Forgot the ftp pw so cant upload stuff to the site atm! ) by clicking on the recruitment poster that will appear just below the main menu bar! We're happy to have most people aslong as they meet the requirements and dont bore me to death like the house of commons on a monday morning where all they debate is what type of socks to shove up there arse.

Ive grown very addicted to twitter recently due to the damn #tweetfleet <3 You guys really! And it's been somewhat entertaining to chat to fellow eve players without the need to play who's cocks bigger or shinier and the result is always MINE DAMN YOU! ;)ou

Also while on twitter the other day A major fail happened and I was in a good spirit to be present at the time to mock the poor poor soul who made the mistake of adding one to many zero's onto  his buy order and did what any self respecting male would do and blamed the girlfriend for making him lose focus on the important internet spaceships! So instead of poor old Noise spending 70m.. He ended up spending 700m and someone somewhere was having a field day by selling T2 invention decrypters at a ridiculous price to the unsuspecting Noise. You can find his full account of what happened here at Phoenix Diarys! However another resident from the tweetfleet Garheade had now lost out on the 100m isk that was being donated by Noise but cause of Noise's fail he didnt have any money left lol! So due to leaving me in stitchs for the best part of 5 minutes I donated 100m isk of my own on Noise's behalf! WHY??? You may ask, Well simply because it was funny and the donation was going to a project called Project Halibut! ( Pro Name) It helps new players aquire ships, modules, skill books and occasionally isk to help them break through the learning barrier that EVE is so famous for! More info can be found here and I emplore people to donate what they can to the cause!

Rand Out!