Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sunshine and Funtimes.

Evening Gents!
Been a busy and a very fun day for me and the alliance guys, Started off with this morning's roam took out a few BC's with me in a Falcon and a rapier, sabre and a bomber I believe, We rolled around the streets of provi.
We had our faithful and lazy scout poking about for stuff to kill as the start had been somewhat uneventful! He hits 9-F0B2 and see's a couple hulks on scan.. *sad face* Cause they be in a hidden belt! BUT No wait.. Whats this on scan at a asteriod belt!? Surely they know better then that! Scout lands "I has point on the hulk go go" Fleet jumps in warps to him the other hulks have warped off.. Fail for not sending a sabre =/ Atleast we got to massacre this poor fella who ejected just before he went pop why.. I have no idea!

We buzz around the system abit and end up in a small dog fight with 8 Domis a Loki and a Gaurdian however super Rand ( I was piloting Maltec at the time ) In my trusty Falcon kept the gaurdian jammed along with half the domi's x] Resulting in them deaggressing and jumping out and running away after they lost there Rapier to a good spooning from our gang. Silly Evoke. One domi was just starting to dip into structure before he legged it.. Sad face we decided not to engage them on the other side as I'd be insta popped on entry. They left and we went in another direction towards TU-O0T as one of our alt scouts in a arazu happened to be poking about and was sitting 10km off a tengu. So we started burning towards him only stopping to pop this pilgrim who buy all rights should have lived because he jumped then cloaked as we landed. Then decloaked everyone got lock on him and he burnt faster then a bail of hay covered in petrol! At this point we'd headed back towards KBP- as it was closing in on DT and we wanted to log off in highsec for the duration as some of us had work. Maltec was shifted into KBP- where on gate was the Evoke domi gang who fail bubbled and didnt even bother to try and decloak my falcon.. If the loki had orbited at 20km with all the domi's drones following him I woulda died but hey I lived so its all good. Gang decided to stay next door to wait the DT timer to hit the 1 minute mark. Evoke gang left and docked our gang warped to gate and ran away like awesome ninja's in the dead of space! We did lose a Scimmy and a Hurricane and a Drake at some point although I never realised when or how. The drake died as the domi's had a friend in a arazu scram him  so our bait idea didnt work and he went poof and we all silently lol'ed.

However at this point I logged off and with it being about 28 degree's outside I did some minor work on my car tidying her up inside and out and repainting the calipers and such gave her a good wash and now she's as clean as a whistle! Although I'll be selling her in 2 months to buy a BMW 320i ;)
However washing my car and enjoying the sunshine did cost me a tengu kill.. You see previously we'd tried to nab that tengu in TU- but with DT coming up and people wanting to log off we didnt bother till after DT it seems that the arazu pilot we had logged in to find the tengu back to plexing so a Blops was setup by the looks of it! In dropped a panther couple of rapiers and teh arazu! And Bang went Mr Zish Ore's Tengu. Gotta love Blops drops! I shall get the more detailed report from Warder who was lucky enough to be logged in at that time to go whore the mail for the team!

Fiction post almost finished so tomorrow night will be the revealing of the final part of chapter one! Yay!

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