Sunday, 31 March 2013

Corpse's not supplied

So as per yesterday's post I did have a nice stint of kills today only a few but enough to satisfy my hunger for the time being.

Had a griffin engage me on station after taking a pot shot at him so he died in short order. . . No idea why he thought he could take me?

After that a Drake was scanned out in Erila he was 40km off me when I landed in my Cyclone so overheated the MWD and made a burn for him as I was scram fit he stuck around long enough to pull in his drones by then was too late! So I went and shot that one he died too fairly good fit for PVE but no match for the mighty pew.

The icing on the cake was a Golem that we got scanned down doing the first room of Angel Extravaganza mission he was finishing up the final wave when we landed points he exploded in shiny glory however his fit was a little "different".

Thats all for me as Im sleepy :D

Night all

Randy out


Saturday, 30 March 2013

Catching up on old news

Hi people.

Been awhile hasn't it?

Real life is keeping me tied down a fair bit at the moment mostly personal stuff so EVE my beloved second job has taken a downer again which is a shame as I had planned to put in some more time!

I have however been busy in EVE although not so much with the blowing up of stuff but with invention and building ect to keep the wallet topped up on my extended absence. It's nice being able to do something! constructive even though I may only have 5/10 minutes of time on my hands or not a big appetite to play. The first jump freighter will be coming out the oven in 30 days! :D

That will put my industry build list to everything but supers which is good for me. It's a goal Ive been working on for awhile to keep moving up the chain bit by bit and Ill be looking at about 2b profit form the venture - 30 days fuel so around 1.7b which for a one man army is fairly nice. I have acquired 2 Providence BPO's Both which are on copy/ME rotation for invention and progression. So far the first copy provided me with a nice -1me Ark BPC.

Ive been watching some old and new eve video's mostly PVP ones and it's been making me itch to get back on alittle more so we'll see! Hopefully Ill have someones corpse to show off after a couple days.

Fly reckless

Randy o/