Saturday, 12 November 2016

Longest roam in tristans ever...

So hello again!

I am terrible, I know posting is far between but hey I persevere!

So I pinged out for a corp roam for Friday night but alas it was probably the quietest night we have had in months and only 4 people were actually around ( It was Vets day and with a pretty heavy USTZ following could explain why, Alongside this, respects to my brother Americans who protect their country past, future and present! )

Anyway not to be deterred by shit numbers I still pushed to go out in our Tristans to die horribly killing something like a claw or whatever. Traveling through Delve we made our way to the JB to drop us at the ass end of Catch, A nice little entry point which has little to no defense during our TZ as the alliance only wake up at like 1am my time. Pushing up into VOLT space we traveled through their new sov down south. Needless to say it was dead. Literally no one around for about 10 jumps. We didn't bother scouting just bundling in and hitting Ice Belts/Mining Belts/Anoms for the most part we found F All. Turns out Catch is about as empty as my cup of what was Tea. However we found this lone defender of justice mining ice in the final destination and quickly dispatched him in what was our moment of glory for the night. ( I almost burnt out my MWD burning in for tackle ) and spent the rest of the evening asking people in local for Nanite Paste.

We then traveled up into North Catch and it was just as dead. Moving into N-8 we found. Nothing. The pocket now being a dust bowl of Nothingness. Having lived there in the past we saw system ADM's at a high massive mining operations and ratting constantly, however now it's like everything died.

Giving up we moved up into Providence passing a Ossim gang on the way who tried to bubble us and caught no one. And several other CVA gangs who caught no one.. Right up until I sacrificed one of our guys for the greater good. And ran away.

Moving into Providence we killed a Cyno on a Citadel because we are obviously big ballers and then promptly all died to a Svipul.

All in all a successful night, But 3hrs of roaming 2 regions in 4 Tristans and only dying at the tail end was a little depressing. Next time I may take dreads and probably still end up with the same scenario.


Sunday, 31 July 2016

Ruptures and a Magical Magus

So a few day's ago I took out a Rupture fleet to try and get a fight and hopefully whelp everyone.  I ended up with a really tight doctrine fleet of around 23 which was amazing everyone was in the correct ship and we had loads of Logi ( about 5 ) no caracals or shite to be found anywhere in the comp so overall brilliant, It's how it should be.

We went for a run towards HED- to see if anyone wanted to pick a fight and well we found someone who did pretty quickly.  We managed to get tackle on a command dessie and scrammed he couldn't do much so he died promptly. What we didn't see coming was the SOLARFLEET Prophecy gang with their own logi warp in I managed to draw enough aggro that the  majority of the fleet evac-ed however me and a couple others sacrificed our lives for the good of the fleet!

Report Here  - we still won the isk war so who cares!

We hung about for a bit while a Vexor gang came in as well and not wanting to tangle with the two gangs at the same time we scouted around until they had left the area. Now after going into HED-, Brotherstud passed me over a Magus, Now I haven't flown these like ever.. But honestly it was the most dickish/hilarity ensuing ship I've ever flown. We got wind of a big CTA in up Providence involving a hostile gang or some such. So I gave the guys the option of either taking them home to reship into Nightmares or we continue as is and play stealth support. Decision was unanimous and we shipped out as we were in our Ruptures with a command destroyer at the front.

We rolled up the pipes heading towards KBP7- In Providence. Not wanting the enemy or the friendlies to know about us we kept quiet, ignoring everything and positioning ourselves and hatching a plan. So we got into a system once reds had cleared out and docked at the citadel. Our fleet being not to big I don't think anyone paid attention to us. After pouring through Intel to see what was happening we started filtering scouts into the system to get our fleet in without being blapped on gate. Luckily enough our pro scouts shouted when it was time to move and we quick responded our asses out the station and into system warping immediately to a perch above the enemy fleet after our ceptor pilot Nalles did some pro pin pointing we landed behind the already engaged enemy fleet and started locking up primary's. We were attempting to hit the same targets as CVA but eventually proving to be more of a nuisance then they would have liked Shadow Cartel turned their guns on us. Our logi being super pro kept some of us alive while others who hadn't kept up traversal were slapped into bits.

We did some positioning after getting a couple of kills "Obviously with CVA assists" ;D  After seeing the enemy fleet starting to flag and losses mount for some reason I made the call to warp to a wreck and land hopefully about 50km off. However I warped the entire fleet at 0m and landed on what I can only assume was the Shadow Cartel FC having flown with him in the past. In the split second of realizing as we entered warp I had made a mistake I put the call out over comms "Hold tight guys! No one move on land!" On landing I spooled up the jump unit and all you could hear on comms was "WTF RAND! What are you doing!" Oh fuck he's jumping us" After that I nearly died laughing as we launch all of us along with several SC guys off their fleet and started attempting to tackle them. With no scrams however we failed to stop their MWD.  And my Magus got toasted. In the time it took for them to reach their fleet they were nearly all dead and not too soon afterwards they exploded too.

After reshipping into a IBIS! I launched our fleet once again back into the fray jumping into the adjoining system we lent our helping hand of DPS and Logistics to wipe out their 4 FAX Machines ( Force Auxiliaries ) Not that we made any real difference in the fight but we had amazing fun. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, even after a few of us reshipped and died and what have you. Our Logi was amazing keeping my shields on the Magus repped up while I ancillary boosted my armor trying to get into warp and surviving twice due to logi reps before dying.  All in all I think we lost a grand total of about 9 ships possibly 10. We may not have assisted in Nightmares ( we were all poor ) but we went to help anyway in our own way and honestly it was the most fun I've had in ages.

Big thanks to Shadow for providing the big fight it was awesome and their was no faggot acts to speak of just straight up no fucks given quality brawl fight.

Big thanks to the guys who came on the fleet. And special thanks to Brotherstud for providing me with a ship Ive since loved flying!

Battle Report Here.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Kronos! BE GONE! - The diary of a Dessy Love Fleet

Yea so today we went out on a alliance "CTA" Fleet. To help our BRAVE Bros out. Who it turns out didn't need our help in the end.

What ensued was a really intense roam of basically engaging and exploding everything we could find. For once I wasn't the FC which was nice!

Anyway I digress. We marched on down and parked up in Red Frogs system to chill. After all of about 2 minutes everyone decided unanimously that "fuck this lets kill something" was the order of the day. So fleet un docked and went on a wander.

So first up was this guy who apparently just sat there and took the pounding like a nice piece of steak.
He then jumped into us again a few jumps ahead and well... 

Shortly after this we camped and bubbled up a station. Nothing of note came up... THEN SUDDENLY KRONOS! Now I've seen what a Kronos can do and it's tank in bastion is mad reps bro #LeetTalk.

This guy tanked us easily didn't kill anyone and almost died when he dropped bastion to dock up. Docked in like 40% Structure. Disappointed and thinking we were being trolled we went to leave. Then he un docks again! This time our command destroyer didn't scram the Kronos and proceed to jump only himself off the station. And the Kronos landed 100km off station and tackled to hell.

True to form he repped like a beast and all the while some of his buddies came in slowly. Up first was this lonely hurricane coming in for a hug with his brother. 
Poor guy didn't know what hit him.

He missed his buddy so much he called another friend and warped in for a group hug! The dominix bless his soul tried to hug me tightly with  his webifier but apparently unscrammed I ran away and blip blapped at his hull tank along with the other bro's of this glorious huggle fleet of warmth and poof he turned into a cloud of love. 
Along with his hurricane buddy who didn't get to hug anyone. 

Shortly after no one else coming to his aid and with screams of overheating ringing in everyones ears the Kronos fell to our Dessie Love Bus.

Not content with this offering we continued our way and encountered several other little treats who through no fault of there own exploded with love for us.
And here.

Few jumps from home we swept upon some blues who were trying to catch a kiting gang of Anti Hug people! SHOCKED! We were.. FC Called the love machine in and off we went to convert these heathens! Unfortunately their speed was strong and they ran but the Pilot of the Loki embraced us all and turned to the side of love and we sent him off to change his ways.

The End.

Big thanks to Alaala the FC and all the guys who came and fought us to provide some great content.

Kronos Pilot > You have bigger balls then most. Maybe next time!

Rand o7

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Its all Occator for you.

YES! Terrible title I know. But.. Whatever.

So again I threw down my toys and decided to rally a fleet, I was bored, It was sunny, I wanted to explode things. I called out to my glorious brethren and in waves they came to do battle.. Who am I kidding it took like 30 minutes and finally I was happy with numbers. Off we trotted with a small fleet of cormorant's and tackle and talwars to do war with anything in our way. Well after I had my bio. HOWEVER!

On returning I found my fleet had been undocked and warping to a gate courtesy of one our more savvy members who took control to gain the fleet a good kill.  A vagabond had been tackled and after landing on gate and taking back command we flew against this vagrant and exploded him.

Running back to N-8 So some guy's could reship and join the fleet we had word that a cloaky Stratios was being a nuisance in N-8 so one of our guys jumped in a alt, Popped on a web and scram onto his Occator  and warped to gate. On landing in the red's bubble he decloaked and tackled our guy. On went the point and web and in jumped the fleet. Burning towards the bubble we exploded him just as he managed to kill our bubble ship and almost killed the Occator. However his death was worth it and the loot more then paid for the loss of the bubble ship!

With that we roamed into south catch to find some fight's but everyone ran away. Made me sad..

And with that and no more pew we went home to cuddle our bears.

All in a all a great little fleet.


Rand o/

A Carrier Roaming??? Whut O_O

So it was a normal afternoon, The sun was shining through the windows and I was playing Eve, Cause Eve's awesome. Fuck sunshine.

So we setup our Bomber fleet sorted out the bridge boat and sat outside a citadel waiting for a target. Now I love Blops. They are probably the most fun ships to fly/use. And we have been out in them a few times now within the corp to the point where it's like an addiction. At least for me. 

Anyway continuing on.

Sitting by the citadel we awaited our first call, Scout was out hunting while I was chilling in the "Sir Bridge Alot" Redeemer, Intel piped up about a carrier roaming solo couple jumps from Provi so we redirected our scout that way. Orders where given not to light anything until we had certainty he was either aggressed or it wasn't a TRAPPP! Our cyno is waiting on the go ahead while I gather more intel on what's going on after a couple blue ceptors and a sabre bubble and tackle the carrier. Comms go green and word of a friendly cyno being popped is up and not to be one to have a meal taken away our cyno also gets dropped and in come our little bomber fleet. As soon as that happens the carrier jumps luckily enough I called people to hold aggro and we MWD into the gate and jumped in. On the otherside a Megathron was being attacked by the carrier along with a Chimera on grid. Needless to say we uncloaked and lit up the Thanatos. Shortly there after he exploded.

Shortly after time restraints kicked in and I had to leave. Which was a bad idea because then this happened.... God Damn It Delta.

And thus our adventure continues as I press these wonderfully awesome miners into some explosive action and death!


Saturday, 28 May 2016

Macmillan Charity Stream - Results

So as you are or are not aware I did a charity stream on the 20th for 24hrs.

( I used up my saved breaks near the end for a power nap but forgot to turn off the stream hahaha ) ;D

 I managed somehow to raise £287.67p this is the equivalent at current exchange rate for USD: $420.71 and EURO: 378.58. Which is amazing! The EVE ONLINE community pitched in from Alliance members to random fleet bros raising £132 of the total! You guys rock!

Donations page is here in case you wanna add to the total amount!
Twitch Stream here -  If you go to previous broadcasts you'll find the stream in there. Also it's split down as I had tech issues part way through!

Overall I want to thank everyone who donated you made a huge difference to a great cause and you are all freaking awesome <3

Rand o/

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Schwarzenmarken Is Born!

So me and D have been trying to fix our Blops wing as it was nearly non-existent, After weeks of getting a couple ships and encouraging the guys to buy some we finally had what we needed locally so off we went at 00:00 last night for the corps first hot drop since moving anyway. Schwarzenmarken is born! ( I believe it means Black Mark in German which seemed like a apt name for this group )

We sent one of our guys out for a sniff around and didn't find much it being so late apart from a Deimos camping a gate with a bubble. Our cyno baited him and he aggressed so up went the Jump Portal.

After getting in he was repping like a boss ended up managing to burn away with half structure. Despite a fun fight he seemed extremely butt hurt in local and rather then GF's he cried and whined even though he won.. SAD!

So after a failed attempt I shifted the Widow around and bridged everyone home, I think people felt a bit disheartened but we decided to carry on and learn from our mistakes. This time we took a Rapier as well!

While moving around it got down to the point were we all agreed it was time to go bed as luck would have it our cyno found 2 Skiff's in a belt and after checking bridge was available we dropped. One was already in structure I assume from the rats and neither made any move to run away. So they exploded pretty quickly as did their MTU.

Considering it was only two skiffs. To get a kill report stating we just blapped 2.2b worth of gear we were curious. And found out one of the guy's pods had Michi's Excavator installed needless to say it was a pretty funny evening and a success in our books! Now I can justify losing 50 Bombers in the future ;D

No doubht we'll have many more fails like the deimos to come and quite probably some bait. Will be interesting to see what happens!


Battle Report

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Small fight in D-GTMI

So today while sitting in station wondering what to do. I had one of my corp bro's hit me up about a gang camping D-GTMI, We had a small fleet so I was like meh why not I can kill something and die in a blaze of glory!

So I JB'ed over a couple systems and sat aligned. Call came in to say they had aggressed so I warp down to the gate and jump through to see some small stuff irrelevant. And 2 Sleipnirs.

De-cloaking at basically 0m on the first Sleip I drop scram and web and my crap nuet and start pounding on him. He's taking ton's of dps then just collapses. Scoop the loot and run after wiping the rest of them out.. Losing 2 Caracals and 1 Myrmidon in the process.

Report here!

Was a fun fight :)

Sunday, 8 May 2016

NPC Dreads Sansha Belt Dreadnaught Scum!

So having not really kept up to date about whats been doing on and stuff and in the process of just getting myself a little bit more space rich I was "cough" ratting "cough". In a carrier cause well who cares.

Anyway low and behold in the final wave of this sanctum a dread spawn appears. Now I've been hearing how nasty these are.. how sansha ones are the worst.. And after one of our guys went to sacrifice his carrier in order to test out how bad ass it was I dropped my dread on it thinking he may end up in trouble and again. Didn't care. Siege in a asteroid belt.. It's fine.. totally safe. Anyway it popped in short order to my completely maxed out dread which honestly wasn't surprised.

But theres more!? They can't dps for shit. Never even had to turn on the 2nd repper which I had on in prep for being nearly wtfpwned by this super scary dread which in fact is super crap. Granted the tank on it is pretty good against a single carrier even with maxed out skills you can't kill it with one carrier ( Unless randomly it stops repping and just lets itself die after bumping off a asteroid and flying through space at 700m/s. )

Long story short. Fit hardeners relevant to damage type.. Drop 2 carriers. Dies in 4 minutes. Dont shit fit. Loot drop is shit ignore eve appraiser in game as it's horrifically wrong. The only thing worth anything is the BPC's or the actual built components!

But it was fun another little addition to belt ratting/mining deaths of which some are hilarious.  Like said carrier in the link above. Bounty is pretty chunky so if you multibox it down it's a nice slice of isk and pays for more cruisers for me to explode in.


Failed Action Report. And stuff

This was meant to have a lot more information but because apparently the internet is terrible the only actual kill I can find is on the corp killboard - further more the 4/5 others haven't been posted due to no API input on the the boards which is slightly annoying to say the least as it was a funny fight.

So unfortunately no fight information to really go on :(

Which is a shame because it was a fun fight. Long story short Bhaalgorns are cheap and I love them. Stuff died. TLDR version.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Hi guys!

Been a while eh? I haven't been AFK. But more over been busy moving my stuff around the shiny starry space that we live in.

So after returning my old corp doing a purge had kicked me out, No hard feelings I had been away a lot longer then expected so It was cool. However when I logged in I ended up chatting with my old buddy Dusty who features in my Fiction work. He offered me a place in the corp he was in out in Nullsec in OR. Now I hadn't played much with him for a while so I figured it would be cool to go chill for a bit with him. Anyway one thing led to another and basically I ended up getting on really well with the guys and decided I'd stay long term.

I wasn't too fussy about who they affiliated with alliance wise and at the time they were in SMA. Considering everything going on and their options they decided to leave and head south and join VOLT.

And here I am! I have a fight I had out in 4-C when in Outerring, I'm running out on a Mach fight as I type this and I am re-booting my fiction so lots going on and it'll be going up tomorrow/tonight depending on how long the fight is!

Have fun and fly stupid <3

Rand o/

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Cancer Support 24hr Gaming Event Fundraiser!

Hello Everyone!

Pirates, Role players, Goons, Not Goons, Miners, Drug makers, Builders etc etc.

On my return to Eve I though you know what this game would be a great one to play during my charity marathon due to being visually stunning and the prospect of quick action. I am calling upon the Eve community to help me in a modest goal of raising money for cancer charity Macmillan in the UK.  Link here to the donation page! 

Link to twitch page is here

In the past I have been involved in a very small part with Plex donations, Fleets for charity events and such and now It is time for me to put on my own. It will be a 24hr Live stream of various games across console and PC. One of which will of course be Eve Online. If anyone would like to join me in a roam ( You will explode.. Its pretty much Inevitable ) with my terrible FC'ing. ( Volunteers for this role accepted ) then get in touch with Randunip in game. If enough Interest is drummed up I wouldn't mind donating a carrier to the flames in a "Attack and Defense" fleet style similar to some events from the past! I'm aiming to raise money for charity while contributing to some form of "content" for anyone who wishes to come join in the fun. If it turns into a all out war then so be it!

Provided interest is high I will most likely do a prize give away of several items. Plex, Ships etc.

Even if you don't want to join in and no ones interested I will still be flying around lowsec/null dieing as much as possible so please come shoot at me!  Please share the donation page, or make a donation yourself :)



Friday, 8 April 2016

Readers Rejoice! Rand is BACK!

No I'm not leaving Eve.

No you can't have my stuff.

I'm a firm believer that Eve is one of those games you can never truly put away, It's like the monopoly set that sits in your closet but you never throw it out because well.. maybe one day.. You'll have friends.

Logging into Eve yesterday for me was like being hit by a warm breeze of change, from the seat of my infinity pumped up PC Eve booted up with the settings to the max and as space loaded on my screen I remembered why I enjoyed this game the most.

Eve is something of a true beauty in video games. Visually stunning with attention to details from the developers everywhere you look. Eve Online truly is a beautiful place to fly.

While being logged in to check skills a friend of mine popped on also one of my Avid readers and a fan of my short stories as sparse and literally inept as they are. We chatted for a while and as we spoke I realised I missed playing Eve more then I thought and slowly I started booting up accounts that had dust on from Eon's ago to see what stuff I had floating about. Apparently I am a hoarder.

And thus the big space Exodus of Rand and his minions and loot began. As we speak myself and many minion alt's are rallying across Eve picking up my collections of "Crap" throughout the Universe and tallying up what is owed. Turns out I am now space rich. Huzzah

Enough with the stupid posh talk.

I'm back. I'm bad ( At Eve ) And I'm here to explode in glorious rendered flames.

Plans? I will be doing some what of a continuation on my short story's as a thanks to my bud for sticking with me in Eve through the AFK's and such. 7 Years in a couple of months and we would have been playing Eve that long together :O

I will be liquidating literally everything I own. Then starting from fresh. New home, New start.

Expect more over the coming months!

P.s While my work committments still exist I have decided to dedicate some time to Eve Online again.

Also Skill extractors are like gold <3 Thanks CCP