Friday, 8 April 2016

Readers Rejoice! Rand is BACK!

No I'm not leaving Eve.

No you can't have my stuff.

I'm a firm believer that Eve is one of those games you can never truly put away, It's like the monopoly set that sits in your closet but you never throw it out because well.. maybe one day.. You'll have friends.

Logging into Eve yesterday for me was like being hit by a warm breeze of change, from the seat of my infinity pumped up PC Eve booted up with the settings to the max and as space loaded on my screen I remembered why I enjoyed this game the most.

Eve is something of a true beauty in video games. Visually stunning with attention to details from the developers everywhere you look. Eve Online truly is a beautiful place to fly.

While being logged in to check skills a friend of mine popped on also one of my Avid readers and a fan of my short stories as sparse and literally inept as they are. We chatted for a while and as we spoke I realised I missed playing Eve more then I thought and slowly I started booting up accounts that had dust on from Eon's ago to see what stuff I had floating about. Apparently I am a hoarder.

And thus the big space Exodus of Rand and his minions and loot began. As we speak myself and many minion alt's are rallying across Eve picking up my collections of "Crap" throughout the Universe and tallying up what is owed. Turns out I am now space rich. Huzzah

Enough with the stupid posh talk.

I'm back. I'm bad ( At Eve ) And I'm here to explode in glorious rendered flames.

Plans? I will be doing some what of a continuation on my short story's as a thanks to my bud for sticking with me in Eve through the AFK's and such. 7 Years in a couple of months and we would have been playing Eve that long together :O

I will be liquidating literally everything I own. Then starting from fresh. New home, New start.

Expect more over the coming months!

P.s While my work committments still exist I have decided to dedicate some time to Eve Online again.

Also Skill extractors are like gold <3 Thanks CCP

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