Sunday, 30 January 2011

Fiction - Harsh Worlds Pt2

There was a flash like the kind you get when you use the jump gates connecting all of New Eden’s systems and suddenly they were once again surrounded by strange stars and planets. Rand looked at the ship’s sensors punching in data that to the average person looked a lot like... well random rubbish, but Rand knew what he was doing and soon the Holoscreen flickered into life above the main command console glittering for a second like stardust it took the form of the system they were in. Through the haze that was the holo-map he saw the probes zip past serenity’s bridge off into the darkness. “Imagi deploy us 100km off the fourth planet and get that cloak activated, I don’t fancy being a expensive sitting duck in here” Bellowed Rand into the comm system. The whir of the warp coils filled his ears and he watched the speared tip of serenity start to phase out and soon the entire ship was covered in a spatial distortion field or some such. Dusty had gone over it with him before he left the CBD station in Olfeim but he was never interested in the technical jargon. 

The ship dropped out of warp after a short while landing in a orbit around the forth planet, Imagi came to the command deck and looked out the side view port, Out the port was a Oceanic Planet it’s surface glistened with an unreal look to it as the sun’s rays bounced across it’s mirrored surface.  You could see large white clouds covering portions of the surface and a few small masses of land littered the planet. Completely untouched.... Unexplored. “Beautiful aint it cap’n, Reminds me of home” Imagi smiled as he remembered his home planet. Destroyed by the sansha several weeks ago, the news had yet to reach Imagi... Rand wanted to keep it that way. He needed his Nav Officer focused.  “So do we have the results from the probes...” Rand started before being interrupted by the shrill beeping of the console to his left. “I guess that answers my question” He said while flicking a few switches on the scanner console. A red light went off and switched to a light haze of green. “System clear it seems Sir, No one else is home. Not even a base of operations... Nothing!” Imagi had a tone of excitement in his voice Rand hadn’t heard in awhile.

Rand picked up the comm speaker. “Serenity to Steel Operations Fleet the hole is clear. Jump in and warp to 10km of us, Bring in the equipment. Combat ships on yellow alert we don’t want anyone sneaking up on us in here.”

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Missed oppurtunity's and Ninja Ransom

So last night was  really good fun. Well most of it lemme explains.

We do get the occasional visitor into our system but we are pretty quick to kill or put critical any wormholes that crop up. So usually it's a lone frigate or in last nights case a hauler. An Itty 5 had decided to poke into our hole and peak about it seem's so i fired up the proteus and dropped probes about 20 seconds later I hit and warped to 100km to see where he was and he was AFK at the nullsec WH we had open currently.
I fly back grab the arazu ( incase its bait arazu cost's less ) And warp to 40km ( point range ) to check and yea he's still there I tell fleet to align because everyone wants to whore the mail like the dirty hookers they are and then we lose one member to DC. No biggie its an itty not a carrier. However he had hit warp instead of align.. And landed on my ass and decloaked me, I hit the mwd after getting back on track but the itty jumped and was gone. Fail.
For those that are in fleets now and in the future. Never ever ever ever do anything unless the FC tells you to. If he says align.. Align! Never warp unless told to. You lose kills and create loss's that way. The chap accepted the mistake and said sorry once is fine mistakes are made i let it go =]

After that we went for a stint gas mining and killed 3/4 ladar sites I can't remember exactly how many I was camping another WH on a alt for lulz. While mining the gas though I got a mail from someone, It was the ceo of one of the pos towers we incapped while being bored in the first post! Me and Tali had previously killed 2 cruise batterys and a web that was offline and then drained the shields alittle before getting bored and leaving the system. But not without anchoring a can with a message on reading "We be back for the tower or isk later" Just for lols. Ofc we werent going to come back we were off fighting other nastys in another WH somewhere across the galaxy.
He mailed me basically saying he had only 2m isk left and he was thinking about leaving eve and was packing the tower up before we came in. Ofc me not being in system wasnt much I could do but me and Tal thought it'd be funny to see if he'd pay us that 2m isk anyway. After some talking I convinced him we were in system cloaked and that we had so much fun popping the 2 hurricanes the other day if he paid 2m to replace our ammo we'd let him go. We didnt expect him to pay seeing as we couldnt prove that we were there. But my wallet flashed and 1.98m isk was deposited into my wallet! Hahaha best ransom ever, Being able to get isk off someone when your not even there is just.. Well sweeter then if they are!

All in all it was a epically fun day with lots of harvesting of tasty isk making treats and alot of lol's along the way!

Rand o/

Monday, 24 January 2011

Highsec Holes and Ridiculous Loss's.

A bit later then usual but something happened last night that musta pulled me away.. Oh yes!

Shoppping in Nullsec! After the previous hole collapsed ( 24hr timer is VERY variable ) The new one thank the gods led to a well supplied NPC space in 0.0 where we were able to unload most of the ore and refine it. Buy ships, fittings, supply of quafe and various versions of Caldari porn. I was quite pleased with the trip and it was fun and very unventful. A couple frigs popped in to say hi! But soon ran off when i decloaked.
That took up most of my evening hauling ore in a badger sucks. Orca was to precious to pull through and would kill the hole way to quick for our needs. I now have my t2 fury missiles again.. Using standard scourge is a big let down, as if the drake didnt lack on dps as it is!
Apart from that escapade sunday was fairly standard. Today however is a different story, So I log on after I wake up it's about i dunno 10am i'd say and i run a scan and get same sigs as normal bookmarking them all i log off for downtime. DT finish's im back on and rescanning each site using the bookmarks ( loads faster ) Then a new sig! Old wormholes still at critical but still there, And this is another wormhole... So i warp to it. DAMN! Class 3 into ours.. Meh I figured id pop in and have a look around first sig i get a wormhole. C5 wormhole.. ffs..
But the 2nd sig i scan inside this new C3 is a highsec exit! FTW! I hop the orca pilot online grab everything loot wise and as much excess as possible and GTFO the wormhole easy ride nice and uneventful. Dock up unload sell off the tags. Tidy 500m isk just from them. The guys will be happy to get there investment back today!

I'm running around grabbing ammo and various mods and such for my guys and then log off to go to work. But during work i get a text from Tali.. Her alt just got buttfucked by my POS, which should be impossible as she was in a hauler.. ( no guns ) and the pos is set not to shoot alliance blues.. But low and behold it shot her anyway so petition away and hopefully we can salvage the loss.
Next up he gets killed again! This time in a proper manner and by a stealth bomber at the highsec entrance. Opps!
He also informs me that even after I specifically said NO ONE GOTO AMARR/JITA or any trade hub for that matter due to the wardec.. Someone thinks they can get away with it. And low and behold. WT catchs and kills them.. Tut tut but lesson learned I think ;) Luckily now we have pretty much everything we need inside the WH system. Extra fuel. Extra stront more ships more logi ships <3  Now its onto collapsing the C3 as the nullsec is due to die in the next couple hours anyway and the biggest thing anyone can get through is one lonely BC.

Till tomorrow!

Rand o/

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Prepare to be Unprepared!

So a day or so into our little expedition and the isk is starting to slowly flow in. The amount of sleeper tags we have is ridiculous! Not to mention the gas we have to mine! Anyway due to the mad rush to get the main stuff in we forgot a few bits like i mentioned in my previous post, however we also forgot a couple of very important skills ( or rigs ) ... The salvage tackle rigs or salvaging to 4. Everyone had 3 so we couldnt salvage sleeper BS wrecks *sad face*.

Klin and fran and myself went out for abit of a mining expo and grabbed the few arkonor rocks we could see along with some bistot to top it off. Running the sites was'nt too bad considering the new NOS and Neut changes in the recent patch - Patch notes here.  4 frigs and a BS neuting capped my drake out after awhile although management with my hardners kept it going longer then it should have. Fran had major issues in his mealstrom being active tanked he ate through his cap boosters fairly sharpish and had to make a few evasive manouvers.

Its been pretty quiet too. We had a nullsec exit pop up but we killed it within 5 minutes and left the other one alone for the time being. Everyones keeping up on scanning and we're doing well compiling all the sigs in around 30 minutes with a new probe drop every 45mins just to make sure nothing comes up.
Tomorrow my alt finish's salvaging 4 so we can continue with our isk grinding and hopefully get a exit to low or high at some point next week to unload our precious cargo.

Apart from that not much has happened although I did spend the majority of today doing real life stuff like taking stuff to the dump and clearing out the yard! So productive on both fronts tis how I like it!

Till tomorrow or maybe monday!

Rand o/

Friday, 21 January 2011

Fiction - Harsh Worlds

“Beep Beep Beep!"
The scanners sounded off the warning bell to notify the captain that a cosmic anomaly had been scanned down; He’d been searching for this kind of anomaly for a few days’ now.  A class 3 wormhole one of the slightly less dangerous class’s of wormhole he’d encountered in the past. A shiver rippled up his spine as he recalled the last time he had ventured into a wormhole, J100409 a class 6 wormhole. The horrors in there were beyond anything he had imagined.

Shaking the thought off he stared at the blips on the screen which represented the probes’ the Sisters of Eve had sold him. Better scan strength then your standard capsuleer scanner probe they had been more helpful than he expected and so they should be for the price he paid.  He stared out of the viewing window of his new ship, recently purchased from an eccentric old fellow a scientist referred to only as Dusty kind of adequate considering he always looked like he was covered in the stuff. The ship’s hull gleamed as the systems rays bounced off its sleek shape the gallentian’s really knew how to create a masterpiece when it came to strategic cruisers. The neutron blaster’s littered the ship’s hull like miniature masts. Every few feet a light blipped on and off followed by the activation of the ship’s hardeners each time they fired up a golden glow flowed over the metallic green hull lighting it up like a small beacon in the dark depths of space. The ship felt peaceful he was at home, and as such he’d named her Serenity.  Out of the corner of his eye he caught his name badge in the viewing ports reflection it read “Captain Randunip”; He looked away and sighed as the comm’s crackled to life. It was Imagi the ships engineer and navigation expert

“Rand, Engines are prepped and the covert cloak is operational shall we take her in?”

With one last look at the known space he called home, He punched in a few commands to the ships console and hit the comm’s button.

“Take her in Imagi”

K-Space, W-Space, Oh bugger we forgot the ammo-Space

Ohhh and say hello to the new me! I think i came out pretty well on the new character creator! That things great fun.

So last night was fun, Not!
Just got home from work and had some tea and logged into eve, I pottered about on the markets on my jita alt making a tidy profit on some good's i decided to risk a small investment in and it turns out it paid off fairly well, I've always hated the markets but now not so much the .01 isk wars dont bother me as much as they used to i just redo every 30 minutes and let it sit. It sells eventually or i buy it eventually so i dont care wether i made 1 isk less or paid 1 isk more in the end profit is still around 15% so cant argue with that!

Anyway a couple hours later Imag our pro scanner, (This lad can scan like no one ive seen. It took 2 days for him to track an entire corp down and find there W-Space in order to get one of my toons out that was stuck in the WH with them after it collapsed.) Mentioned to me that we had a C3 open up in our home system and it was dead. Completely and utterly empty no POS, No ships. Nothing.

The call went out and we grabbed our gear and got inside first up was the orca ladened with POS parts and fuel and about 50 million ewar modules and guns. I've been shooting pos's for the last couple of weeks.. I know what to fit and how much and it generally sits around the "Shit Loads" mark. The WH was a small-ish one and the orca destabilized it on entry luckily enough the main bulk was inside. Everyone poured in as many ships as they could and we set about putting up the POS. Once shields were up people pulled in more stuff untill the scary happened the WH went critical, A ban was placed on jumping till i could do one more trip in the badger to collect some modules and ammo for the corp use. I got back in then we managed 2 BC's and a Badger full of PI stuff before it collapsed.

Now i bought enough ammo for POS guns, myself and some spare for others when they ran out. Unfortunatly 80% of our crew had no ammo in there guns.. or cargo holds. Oopps!
Luckily someone had cottened onto the idea that there cargo holds should be filled to the brim with whatever they could bring and we have enough ammo to last us till the next exit and some after! We were'nt able to get in everything we wanted 2 med guns and some other modules and a couple of ships. But we'll be bringing in spares when we can. Sleeper sites are already providing a tidy sum of isk and we'll make back what we spent within the week! If we dont get destroyed that is ;)

Tali joined our corp and has come to live in the wormhole with us for the time being as "Highsec is boring". And I'd like to thank everyone involved for the hardwork put into setting up everything and making us our first payload! Props goto Cyan for repping the POS shields up after deployment! And our 2 POS gunners are itching to open up our main batterys on unsuspecting wanderers through our space.

Thanks All! Lets make it a fun trip! ;)

Rand o/

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Fun Fights and Fail Fits.

So first blog of my eve career something i've been meaning todo for quite some time but in all honesty nothing that note worthy really happened untill the last couple of weeks. I recently returned from a extended AFK from the game real life stuff came up that required my attention and as such my game time suffered, but im back  now and having more fun then ever. When i returned i joined up with an old corp friend in his new corp ( I like sticking with close friends were I can ) Since joining we've had some fun fights, some fights that should have gone alittle better, and some that just made me laugh.

Last night I was out with Talihana a great pilot and a good friend, we decided we would go around and violence some people in wormholes, we scanned down about 15 systems in total and found 2/3 wormholes worth poking into the first one we were bored and decided to incap someones pos mods. Medium Caldari Control Tower with 2 Cruise missile batterys and 1 webifier. All offline, I'm not sure what the owners were thinking when they fitted this up but hey.. each to there own i suppose. Eitherway we sent them a firm message that badly fitted pos's get shot at by bored pilots like us.

Next up was a wormhole close to home. We'd been in a couple of times hoping to catch the owners unaware but it seems they were all offline and there tower atleast presented some threat to our  hurricane and stealth bomber. This time however upon jumping in a merlin was sat at the WH seemingly AFK. So we quickly sent him and his pod on there merry way.

I sat cloaked at the WH on the W-space side in my proteus while Tali made an attempt at locating any more subjects to test my guns upoun. We spotted a rifter and a dominix in a pos and waited to see if they would come and engage, while waiting the poor fella we sent packing jumped back through in a ibis blatantly ignoring the fact he would get quickly popped as soon as had done so.. But due to a nub mistake i forgot to decloak and couldnt work out why i wasnt able to target =[

However! 2 minutes later just when we were about to give up in he warps in a hurricane, being smart i jump out as 2 more hurricanes show up on scan and i didnt fancy being a T3 Kebab to a small BC gang, So in the spirit of sharing i dropped the call in corp to see if anyone wanted in. 2 lads known for there tendencys to violence anything that comes along dropped into fleet and i logged in my alt in her hurricane ( Gotta make it fair? Right? ) I decided that id have the fleet wait for me to hit the WH before hitting warp then id jump in and bait them off the hole alittle bit, The proteus was buffer fit with some nice modules on it to maximise its effective-ness so i figured i could hold my own till backup arrived. Tali was watching the WH in her bomber cloaked and notified me when one of the cane pilots jumped out. I sat at the WH debating what todo and decided i'd stick with the original plan. I called fleet to warp to me and jumped. On the other side 1 hurricane pilot was waiting i decloaked and he immediatly engaged me I pulsed the after burner to close range and opened up with my nuetrons, My alt and tish in his drake jumped in to help dispatch the poor soul. Unfortunatly tish missed out on that KM. Before i had time to curl up on the floor with laughter the other cane pilot's landed and round 2 commenced, A dominix landed aswell but immediatly jumped out after seeing the overwhelming force of awesome that was the Proteus, Drake, Hurricane, Manticore. Within seconds the other 2 hurricane pilots had succumbed to our violent tendencys and looking at there fits im not surprised. I had to laugh. Hurricane number one had a fetish for overdrive injectors, and hurricane number 2 well.. The fit says it all really. I managed to pod one of them for disgracing the hurricane in such a way. After i had fleet jump out and sit on the wormhole the dominix was on the otherside in highsec afk.
After a couple of minutes he accepted my convo and I managed to squeeze 30m out of him for me to warp the fleet away and let him go back home. All in all a fun fight and i gave props to the 3 hurricane pilots for engaging us, took some balls.

Being the first time taking out the proteus the damage ( even against the crap tanks ) was OP and the tank well... it never got tested.. 3 hurricanes shooting me didnt even make it through my shields. So my T3 got it's first blood, I also managed to get my first ransom which i split between the lads on the killmails and everyone had fun!

Hopefully there will be more Wormhole Violence to ensue!

Rand o/