Thursday, 20 January 2011

Fun Fights and Fail Fits.

So first blog of my eve career something i've been meaning todo for quite some time but in all honesty nothing that note worthy really happened untill the last couple of weeks. I recently returned from a extended AFK from the game real life stuff came up that required my attention and as such my game time suffered, but im back  now and having more fun then ever. When i returned i joined up with an old corp friend in his new corp ( I like sticking with close friends were I can ) Since joining we've had some fun fights, some fights that should have gone alittle better, and some that just made me laugh.

Last night I was out with Talihana a great pilot and a good friend, we decided we would go around and violence some people in wormholes, we scanned down about 15 systems in total and found 2/3 wormholes worth poking into the first one we were bored and decided to incap someones pos mods. Medium Caldari Control Tower with 2 Cruise missile batterys and 1 webifier. All offline, I'm not sure what the owners were thinking when they fitted this up but hey.. each to there own i suppose. Eitherway we sent them a firm message that badly fitted pos's get shot at by bored pilots like us.

Next up was a wormhole close to home. We'd been in a couple of times hoping to catch the owners unaware but it seems they were all offline and there tower atleast presented some threat to our  hurricane and stealth bomber. This time however upon jumping in a merlin was sat at the WH seemingly AFK. So we quickly sent him and his pod on there merry way.

I sat cloaked at the WH on the W-space side in my proteus while Tali made an attempt at locating any more subjects to test my guns upoun. We spotted a rifter and a dominix in a pos and waited to see if they would come and engage, while waiting the poor fella we sent packing jumped back through in a ibis blatantly ignoring the fact he would get quickly popped as soon as had done so.. But due to a nub mistake i forgot to decloak and couldnt work out why i wasnt able to target =[

However! 2 minutes later just when we were about to give up in he warps in a hurricane, being smart i jump out as 2 more hurricanes show up on scan and i didnt fancy being a T3 Kebab to a small BC gang, So in the spirit of sharing i dropped the call in corp to see if anyone wanted in. 2 lads known for there tendencys to violence anything that comes along dropped into fleet and i logged in my alt in her hurricane ( Gotta make it fair? Right? ) I decided that id have the fleet wait for me to hit the WH before hitting warp then id jump in and bait them off the hole alittle bit, The proteus was buffer fit with some nice modules on it to maximise its effective-ness so i figured i could hold my own till backup arrived. Tali was watching the WH in her bomber cloaked and notified me when one of the cane pilots jumped out. I sat at the WH debating what todo and decided i'd stick with the original plan. I called fleet to warp to me and jumped. On the other side 1 hurricane pilot was waiting i decloaked and he immediatly engaged me I pulsed the after burner to close range and opened up with my nuetrons, My alt and tish in his drake jumped in to help dispatch the poor soul. Unfortunatly tish missed out on that KM. Before i had time to curl up on the floor with laughter the other cane pilot's landed and round 2 commenced, A dominix landed aswell but immediatly jumped out after seeing the overwhelming force of awesome that was the Proteus, Drake, Hurricane, Manticore. Within seconds the other 2 hurricane pilots had succumbed to our violent tendencys and looking at there fits im not surprised. I had to laugh. Hurricane number one had a fetish for overdrive injectors, and hurricane number 2 well.. The fit says it all really. I managed to pod one of them for disgracing the hurricane in such a way. After i had fleet jump out and sit on the wormhole the dominix was on the otherside in highsec afk.
After a couple of minutes he accepted my convo and I managed to squeeze 30m out of him for me to warp the fleet away and let him go back home. All in all a fun fight and i gave props to the 3 hurricane pilots for engaging us, took some balls.

Being the first time taking out the proteus the damage ( even against the crap tanks ) was OP and the tank well... it never got tested.. 3 hurricanes shooting me didnt even make it through my shields. So my T3 got it's first blood, I also managed to get my first ransom which i split between the lads on the killmails and everyone had fun!

Hopefully there will be more Wormhole Violence to ensue!

Rand o/

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