Monday, 24 January 2011

Highsec Holes and Ridiculous Loss's.

A bit later then usual but something happened last night that musta pulled me away.. Oh yes!

Shoppping in Nullsec! After the previous hole collapsed ( 24hr timer is VERY variable ) The new one thank the gods led to a well supplied NPC space in 0.0 where we were able to unload most of the ore and refine it. Buy ships, fittings, supply of quafe and various versions of Caldari porn. I was quite pleased with the trip and it was fun and very unventful. A couple frigs popped in to say hi! But soon ran off when i decloaked.
That took up most of my evening hauling ore in a badger sucks. Orca was to precious to pull through and would kill the hole way to quick for our needs. I now have my t2 fury missiles again.. Using standard scourge is a big let down, as if the drake didnt lack on dps as it is!
Apart from that escapade sunday was fairly standard. Today however is a different story, So I log on after I wake up it's about i dunno 10am i'd say and i run a scan and get same sigs as normal bookmarking them all i log off for downtime. DT finish's im back on and rescanning each site using the bookmarks ( loads faster ) Then a new sig! Old wormholes still at critical but still there, And this is another wormhole... So i warp to it. DAMN! Class 3 into ours.. Meh I figured id pop in and have a look around first sig i get a wormhole. C5 wormhole.. ffs..
But the 2nd sig i scan inside this new C3 is a highsec exit! FTW! I hop the orca pilot online grab everything loot wise and as much excess as possible and GTFO the wormhole easy ride nice and uneventful. Dock up unload sell off the tags. Tidy 500m isk just from them. The guys will be happy to get there investment back today!

I'm running around grabbing ammo and various mods and such for my guys and then log off to go to work. But during work i get a text from Tali.. Her alt just got buttfucked by my POS, which should be impossible as she was in a hauler.. ( no guns ) and the pos is set not to shoot alliance blues.. But low and behold it shot her anyway so petition away and hopefully we can salvage the loss.
Next up he gets killed again! This time in a proper manner and by a stealth bomber at the highsec entrance. Opps!
He also informs me that even after I specifically said NO ONE GOTO AMARR/JITA or any trade hub for that matter due to the wardec.. Someone thinks they can get away with it. And low and behold. WT catchs and kills them.. Tut tut but lesson learned I think ;) Luckily now we have pretty much everything we need inside the WH system. Extra fuel. Extra stront more ships more logi ships <3  Now its onto collapsing the C3 as the nullsec is due to die in the next couple hours anyway and the biggest thing anyone can get through is one lonely BC.

Till tomorrow!

Rand o/

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