Friday, 21 January 2011

Fiction - Harsh Worlds

“Beep Beep Beep!"
The scanners sounded off the warning bell to notify the captain that a cosmic anomaly had been scanned down; He’d been searching for this kind of anomaly for a few days’ now.  A class 3 wormhole one of the slightly less dangerous class’s of wormhole he’d encountered in the past. A shiver rippled up his spine as he recalled the last time he had ventured into a wormhole, J100409 a class 6 wormhole. The horrors in there were beyond anything he had imagined.

Shaking the thought off he stared at the blips on the screen which represented the probes’ the Sisters of Eve had sold him. Better scan strength then your standard capsuleer scanner probe they had been more helpful than he expected and so they should be for the price he paid.  He stared out of the viewing window of his new ship, recently purchased from an eccentric old fellow a scientist referred to only as Dusty kind of adequate considering he always looked like he was covered in the stuff. The ship’s hull gleamed as the systems rays bounced off its sleek shape the gallentian’s really knew how to create a masterpiece when it came to strategic cruisers. The neutron blaster’s littered the ship’s hull like miniature masts. Every few feet a light blipped on and off followed by the activation of the ship’s hardeners each time they fired up a golden glow flowed over the metallic green hull lighting it up like a small beacon in the dark depths of space. The ship felt peaceful he was at home, and as such he’d named her Serenity.  Out of the corner of his eye he caught his name badge in the viewing ports reflection it read “Captain Randunip”; He looked away and sighed as the comm’s crackled to life. It was Imagi the ships engineer and navigation expert

“Rand, Engines are prepped and the covert cloak is operational shall we take her in?”

With one last look at the known space he called home, He punched in a few commands to the ships console and hit the comm’s button.

“Take her in Imagi”

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