Saturday, 22 January 2011

Prepare to be Unprepared!

So a day or so into our little expedition and the isk is starting to slowly flow in. The amount of sleeper tags we have is ridiculous! Not to mention the gas we have to mine! Anyway due to the mad rush to get the main stuff in we forgot a few bits like i mentioned in my previous post, however we also forgot a couple of very important skills ( or rigs ) ... The salvage tackle rigs or salvaging to 4. Everyone had 3 so we couldnt salvage sleeper BS wrecks *sad face*.

Klin and fran and myself went out for abit of a mining expo and grabbed the few arkonor rocks we could see along with some bistot to top it off. Running the sites was'nt too bad considering the new NOS and Neut changes in the recent patch - Patch notes here.  4 frigs and a BS neuting capped my drake out after awhile although management with my hardners kept it going longer then it should have. Fran had major issues in his mealstrom being active tanked he ate through his cap boosters fairly sharpish and had to make a few evasive manouvers.

Its been pretty quiet too. We had a nullsec exit pop up but we killed it within 5 minutes and left the other one alone for the time being. Everyones keeping up on scanning and we're doing well compiling all the sigs in around 30 minutes with a new probe drop every 45mins just to make sure nothing comes up.
Tomorrow my alt finish's salvaging 4 so we can continue with our isk grinding and hopefully get a exit to low or high at some point next week to unload our precious cargo.

Apart from that not much has happened although I did spend the majority of today doing real life stuff like taking stuff to the dump and clearing out the yard! So productive on both fronts tis how I like it!

Till tomorrow or maybe monday!

Rand o/

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