Monday, 28 January 2013

I KNOW! Im late...

Hey guys! Sorry about lack of post's!

I have been playing actually quite abit and that was the main reason for no post's, I have been heavily involved with a cool little pirate corp while on my lowsec break!

It's been extremely eventful, Lots of nice kills, Plenty of isk making being done for the most part and also some just in general lols. And also of course the abundent new friends!

About 5 minute's ago I had Fay shouting at me on vent to give back up as he had managed to bump a rorqual off the station 2 minutes later I decide to drop capitals not something I normally do as they more or less suit me for logistical purposes!

Anyway with that said the rorqual met a untimely end kudos for him for getting us a rorq kill! :D

Kill Here

<3 Fay

I have a post in the works with regards to future changes/CSM Minutes.

I must say I am quite intrigued by a few of them!

See ya soon bitchs!

Btw love you CCP <3