Tuesday, 27 March 2012

50M Sp. And still going

Lifes been pretty good! Few weeks off mostly spent down in Newquay hence why blogging been once again quiet. I have just finished training up Propulsion Jamming 5 so very happy with that! Can now fly my sabres!

Im now getting to the point where Im lost as to what route to take with my skills. Do I train JDC5? Do I train Carrier 5? All these crazy ass long skills but so much choice still even after pulling in 50m SP. However word is CCP is taking away tiered systems with ship skills. No more BC5 and Cruiser 5, Soo.. Do I take my chance now and "panic" train caldari cruiser 5 to finish off my cruiser 5s. Do I train that and all the frigate and last 2 BS skills before they fuck everything up? What happens if I train these up and then they change it and I have to train more shit to fly ships I could already fly.

Decisions, Decisions...

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Inspirational Media. The Way Forward

Last week or so I've been rolling through Kil2's PVP videos. I have to say I'm impressed not by his skill which is amazing. But by his commentary on the videos to spend time analysing what you did and what you were thinking at the time to show how split second decisions and good prep work pay off is brilliant. I think a lot of people are to scared to pvp but watching those videos may just sway them to try and keep trying. Kil2 didn't become good by mining he became good by dieing a lot and learning. Now he's returning the favour to the eve community by showing them how it's done. And they don't even lose a ship while learning how nice of him ^_^!

I you haven't seen these videos check them out on YouTube! I'm brushing off the rust once again and kil2 and Garmon are my inspiration.

Search garmonation or kil2 in YouTube you'll find what im talking about easy enough!
Expect to see many losses from me an hopefully a couple kills ;)

Rand o/

P.s anyone fancy a casual roam drop me a mail

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Few Mistakes and a fun choice

So today I decided to go out with my armor harbinger aptly named Sgt. Angua for being bloody ferocious and hard as nails 2 jumps into my trip down to Schmael I land on gate with a yellow drake who jumps through. Ok I figure why not fights a fight jump after him and decloak approach gate and wait, Doesn't take long before he locks me up and starts firing hitting for minimal damage, At this point I should have realised he was bait as he very quickly started going down around 10% shields a Domi warps in. My problems start drake is now in half armor as I overheated weapons and start getting nueted by the Domi. A second Domi warps in and starts getting reps on the drake at this point I realise that Im in trouble. I slow boat to the gate under web being clever I stuck around 10km just incase this happened. What I did'nt plan for was my inevitable fuck up which led to my death. I left my cap boosters behind and promptly lost my reps. Damage was light and I was hoping to hop the gate, But with 10s remaining I flamed out and exploded.

Things I could have done better or at all.

Packing cap boosters would have helped me soak up more damage and I probably woulda made the jump. Checking deep scan more often woulda let me see the two domi's on scan once Domi number one arrived I should have de-aggroed or at the least pointed away from the gate and started burning keeping the drake on overheat web would allowed me to get away. Mistakes that will not happen again. I do beleieve I see a pile of rust on the floor and my ships look that little bit shinier.

Additional "fight" happened out of boredom I took my dram round the highsec belts to can flip. Yes im not adverse to such douchebaggery but hey I wouldnt be a complete ass hole if I didnt! First belt first miner. First can. Locks me up.. He's just messing. Go to warp off.. WHATS THIS! DRONZ! Mwd enagaged closing the 24km gap in seconds. Scram on guns on 10 seconds later. Retreiver goes pop :)

Happy days!

The chap was even cool about it being his first time dieing.

Re: Re: ouch
From: Urithair Sariou
Sent: 2012.03.14 19:56
To: Randunip, 

first hit i was like DAYYMN omg RUN shit mommy

Re: ouch
From: Randunip
Sent: 2012.03.14 19:55
To: Urithair Sariou, 

Hehe everyone has there first lesson :)

From: Urithair Sariou
Sent: 2012.03.14 19:55
To: Randunip, 

my first time, it hurt lol

It's nice to know not every's Epeen explodes along with there ship and not everyone rage quits. All you people out there who have a big midlife crisis when you die. Take notes from this guy. Could learn alot.

Lowsec And Us.

So far three roams with Dusty have been done out along the pipe from perbhe to the aridia region and so far 1-0 kills. I admit for the most part we spend our time dodging 10+ man gangs of T3 BC or trying to track down lone pilots who safe spot as soon as we're in system. So we probably aren't making the best of our time out on the pipe and being in cruisers is lack listed when everyone is in a BS or BC and has 10 friends next door. More fights like the first one would be nice!

I think it's time we both looked at joining a Lowsec orientated corp. so we could go against the 10 man gangs and has good fights! I'm not much for going solo, roaming for me has a big social aspect which is what drives me to go more often then not. I think Disty will agree on that point. How ever our little swims through the murky water full of dangerous fish with flashy lasers has so far turned up nothing but a few groups of sharks and a dolphin who strayed to far from the safety of his school only to be eaten by two smaller sharks. One thing is for sure I'm feeling the Eve Vibe returning there's a big pile of wood who wants to the light the match?

Randy o/

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Reboot Sequence Initiated....

So yes I got fed up with logging in, Sitting in station and doing sweet F A! And no not the alliance...

So I rebooted my PVP head and grabbed Dusty to come play in a cruiser in low sec figured 30m spent would be worth it in order to go and have some fun which I haven't for a while hence the lack of posting. So being pro-active we went out for a fight and to save my domi. About 12 months ago I got stuck in a wormhole and my guys found me a exit and got me into low sec at the time the place was to hot and I left it in the station and forgot about it. It happened to be on our route so I hopped into it and flew it out without such as a look from anyone in systems we passed through. On the way back down our little pipe we ended up going through Abath and Schmael, And ended up in Amafi where we chased around a Arbitrator, I was also flying this hull type it's a great little ship that packs a tank and a punch all in one with alot of utility for someone just wanting some cheap fun teamed up with Dusty in his Stabber we made a good combo with DPS, Speed, Tank and Pure awesome fun-ness. We spent the best part of 10 minutes looking for this guy and I worked out he was around 5 Degree of a planet within 100,000,000km so I decided to warp and book mark to try and get closer before I had a chance to warp he landed at the sun with us at 0m!

Dusty kept cool and dropped a scram on him and started shooting, Me on the other hand not having PVP'ed in a long long time went into melt down and just started screaming with joy down comms as I fumbled around for the buttons and at one point turned half my stuff off after turning it on! Finally I got drones out and started eating him up. 30s and he was dead. The fit wasn't bad and would have fared well against Dustys stabber but with my full rack of nuets he had no cap left to power his tank or modules and died fairly sharpish.

Happy with our conquest we headed home keeping our ships intact for yet another night of glorious explosions regardless of whether its our own or someone else ship exploding we look forward to our next outing.


Out o/