Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Reboot Sequence Initiated....

So yes I got fed up with logging in, Sitting in station and doing sweet F A! And no not the alliance...

So I rebooted my PVP head and grabbed Dusty to come play in a cruiser in low sec figured 30m spent would be worth it in order to go and have some fun which I haven't for a while hence the lack of posting. So being pro-active we went out for a fight and to save my domi. About 12 months ago I got stuck in a wormhole and my guys found me a exit and got me into low sec at the time the place was to hot and I left it in the station and forgot about it. It happened to be on our route so I hopped into it and flew it out without such as a look from anyone in systems we passed through. On the way back down our little pipe we ended up going through Abath and Schmael, And ended up in Amafi where we chased around a Arbitrator, I was also flying this hull type it's a great little ship that packs a tank and a punch all in one with alot of utility for someone just wanting some cheap fun teamed up with Dusty in his Stabber we made a good combo with DPS, Speed, Tank and Pure awesome fun-ness. We spent the best part of 10 minutes looking for this guy and I worked out he was around 5 Degree of a planet within 100,000,000km so I decided to warp and book mark to try and get closer before I had a chance to warp he landed at the sun with us at 0m!

Dusty kept cool and dropped a scram on him and started shooting, Me on the other hand not having PVP'ed in a long long time went into melt down and just started screaming with joy down comms as I fumbled around for the buttons and at one point turned half my stuff off after turning it on! Finally I got drones out and started eating him up. 30s and he was dead. The fit wasn't bad and would have fared well against Dustys stabber but with my full rack of nuets he had no cap left to power his tank or modules and died fairly sharpish.

Happy with our conquest we headed home keeping our ships intact for yet another night of glorious explosions regardless of whether its our own or someone else ship exploding we look forward to our next outing.


Out o/

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