Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lowsec And Us.

So far three roams with Dusty have been done out along the pipe from perbhe to the aridia region and so far 1-0 kills. I admit for the most part we spend our time dodging 10+ man gangs of T3 BC or trying to track down lone pilots who safe spot as soon as we're in system. So we probably aren't making the best of our time out on the pipe and being in cruisers is lack listed when everyone is in a BS or BC and has 10 friends next door. More fights like the first one would be nice!

I think it's time we both looked at joining a Lowsec orientated corp. so we could go against the 10 man gangs and has good fights! I'm not much for going solo, roaming for me has a big social aspect which is what drives me to go more often then not. I think Disty will agree on that point. How ever our little swims through the murky water full of dangerous fish with flashy lasers has so far turned up nothing but a few groups of sharks and a dolphin who strayed to far from the safety of his school only to be eaten by two smaller sharks. One thing is for sure I'm feeling the Eve Vibe returning there's a big pile of wood who wants to the light the match?

Randy o/

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