Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Few Mistakes and a fun choice

So today I decided to go out with my armor harbinger aptly named Sgt. Angua for being bloody ferocious and hard as nails 2 jumps into my trip down to Schmael I land on gate with a yellow drake who jumps through. Ok I figure why not fights a fight jump after him and decloak approach gate and wait, Doesn't take long before he locks me up and starts firing hitting for minimal damage, At this point I should have realised he was bait as he very quickly started going down around 10% shields a Domi warps in. My problems start drake is now in half armor as I overheated weapons and start getting nueted by the Domi. A second Domi warps in and starts getting reps on the drake at this point I realise that Im in trouble. I slow boat to the gate under web being clever I stuck around 10km just incase this happened. What I did'nt plan for was my inevitable fuck up which led to my death. I left my cap boosters behind and promptly lost my reps. Damage was light and I was hoping to hop the gate, But with 10s remaining I flamed out and exploded.

Things I could have done better or at all.

Packing cap boosters would have helped me soak up more damage and I probably woulda made the jump. Checking deep scan more often woulda let me see the two domi's on scan once Domi number one arrived I should have de-aggroed or at the least pointed away from the gate and started burning keeping the drake on overheat web would allowed me to get away. Mistakes that will not happen again. I do beleieve I see a pile of rust on the floor and my ships look that little bit shinier.

Additional "fight" happened out of boredom I took my dram round the highsec belts to can flip. Yes im not adverse to such douchebaggery but hey I wouldnt be a complete ass hole if I didnt! First belt first miner. First can. Locks me up.. He's just messing. Go to warp off.. WHATS THIS! DRONZ! Mwd enagaged closing the 24km gap in seconds. Scram on guns on 10 seconds later. Retreiver goes pop :)

Happy days!

The chap was even cool about it being his first time dieing.

Re: Re: ouch
From: Urithair Sariou
Sent: 2012.03.14 19:56
To: Randunip, 

first hit i was like DAYYMN omg RUN shit mommy

Re: ouch
From: Randunip
Sent: 2012.03.14 19:55
To: Urithair Sariou, 

Hehe everyone has there first lesson :)

From: Urithair Sariou
Sent: 2012.03.14 19:55
To: Randunip, 

my first time, it hurt lol

It's nice to know not every's Epeen explodes along with there ship and not everyone rage quits. All you people out there who have a big midlife crisis when you die. Take notes from this guy. Could learn alot.

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