Saturday, 28 May 2016

Macmillan Charity Stream - Results

So as you are or are not aware I did a charity stream on the 20th for 24hrs.

( I used up my saved breaks near the end for a power nap but forgot to turn off the stream hahaha ) ;D

 I managed somehow to raise £287.67p this is the equivalent at current exchange rate for USD: $420.71 and EURO: 378.58. Which is amazing! The EVE ONLINE community pitched in from Alliance members to random fleet bros raising £132 of the total! You guys rock!

Donations page is here in case you wanna add to the total amount!
Twitch Stream here -  If you go to previous broadcasts you'll find the stream in there. Also it's split down as I had tech issues part way through!

Overall I want to thank everyone who donated you made a huge difference to a great cause and you are all freaking awesome <3

Rand o/

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Schwarzenmarken Is Born!

So me and D have been trying to fix our Blops wing as it was nearly non-existent, After weeks of getting a couple ships and encouraging the guys to buy some we finally had what we needed locally so off we went at 00:00 last night for the corps first hot drop since moving anyway. Schwarzenmarken is born! ( I believe it means Black Mark in German which seemed like a apt name for this group )

We sent one of our guys out for a sniff around and didn't find much it being so late apart from a Deimos camping a gate with a bubble. Our cyno baited him and he aggressed so up went the Jump Portal.

After getting in he was repping like a boss ended up managing to burn away with half structure. Despite a fun fight he seemed extremely butt hurt in local and rather then GF's he cried and whined even though he won.. SAD!

So after a failed attempt I shifted the Widow around and bridged everyone home, I think people felt a bit disheartened but we decided to carry on and learn from our mistakes. This time we took a Rapier as well!

While moving around it got down to the point were we all agreed it was time to go bed as luck would have it our cyno found 2 Skiff's in a belt and after checking bridge was available we dropped. One was already in structure I assume from the rats and neither made any move to run away. So they exploded pretty quickly as did their MTU.

Considering it was only two skiffs. To get a kill report stating we just blapped 2.2b worth of gear we were curious. And found out one of the guy's pods had Michi's Excavator installed needless to say it was a pretty funny evening and a success in our books! Now I can justify losing 50 Bombers in the future ;D

No doubht we'll have many more fails like the deimos to come and quite probably some bait. Will be interesting to see what happens!


Battle Report

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Small fight in D-GTMI

So today while sitting in station wondering what to do. I had one of my corp bro's hit me up about a gang camping D-GTMI, We had a small fleet so I was like meh why not I can kill something and die in a blaze of glory!

So I JB'ed over a couple systems and sat aligned. Call came in to say they had aggressed so I warp down to the gate and jump through to see some small stuff irrelevant. And 2 Sleipnirs.

De-cloaking at basically 0m on the first Sleip I drop scram and web and my crap nuet and start pounding on him. He's taking ton's of dps then just collapses. Scoop the loot and run after wiping the rest of them out.. Losing 2 Caracals and 1 Myrmidon in the process.

Report here!

Was a fun fight :)

Sunday, 8 May 2016

NPC Dreads Sansha Belt Dreadnaught Scum!

So having not really kept up to date about whats been doing on and stuff and in the process of just getting myself a little bit more space rich I was "cough" ratting "cough". In a carrier cause well who cares.

Anyway low and behold in the final wave of this sanctum a dread spawn appears. Now I've been hearing how nasty these are.. how sansha ones are the worst.. And after one of our guys went to sacrifice his carrier in order to test out how bad ass it was I dropped my dread on it thinking he may end up in trouble and again. Didn't care. Siege in a asteroid belt.. It's fine.. totally safe. Anyway it popped in short order to my completely maxed out dread which honestly wasn't surprised.

But theres more!? They can't dps for shit. Never even had to turn on the 2nd repper which I had on in prep for being nearly wtfpwned by this super scary dread which in fact is super crap. Granted the tank on it is pretty good against a single carrier even with maxed out skills you can't kill it with one carrier ( Unless randomly it stops repping and just lets itself die after bumping off a asteroid and flying through space at 700m/s. )

Long story short. Fit hardeners relevant to damage type.. Drop 2 carriers. Dies in 4 minutes. Dont shit fit. Loot drop is shit ignore eve appraiser in game as it's horrifically wrong. The only thing worth anything is the BPC's or the actual built components!

But it was fun another little addition to belt ratting/mining deaths of which some are hilarious.  Like said carrier in the link above. Bounty is pretty chunky so if you multibox it down it's a nice slice of isk and pays for more cruisers for me to explode in.


Failed Action Report. And stuff

This was meant to have a lot more information but because apparently the internet is terrible the only actual kill I can find is on the corp killboard - further more the 4/5 others haven't been posted due to no API input on the the boards which is slightly annoying to say the least as it was a funny fight.

So unfortunately no fight information to really go on :(

Which is a shame because it was a fun fight. Long story short Bhaalgorns are cheap and I love them. Stuff died. TLDR version.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Hi guys!

Been a while eh? I haven't been AFK. But more over been busy moving my stuff around the shiny starry space that we live in.

So after returning my old corp doing a purge had kicked me out, No hard feelings I had been away a lot longer then expected so It was cool. However when I logged in I ended up chatting with my old buddy Dusty who features in my Fiction work. He offered me a place in the corp he was in out in Nullsec in OR. Now I hadn't played much with him for a while so I figured it would be cool to go chill for a bit with him. Anyway one thing led to another and basically I ended up getting on really well with the guys and decided I'd stay long term.

I wasn't too fussy about who they affiliated with alliance wise and at the time they were in SMA. Considering everything going on and their options they decided to leave and head south and join VOLT.

And here I am! I have a fight I had out in 4-C when in Outerring, I'm running out on a Mach fight as I type this and I am re-booting my fiction so lots going on and it'll be going up tomorrow/tonight depending on how long the fight is!

Have fun and fly stupid <3

Rand o/