Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Small fight in D-GTMI

So today while sitting in station wondering what to do. I had one of my corp bro's hit me up about a gang camping D-GTMI, We had a small fleet so I was like meh why not I can kill something and die in a blaze of glory!

So I JB'ed over a couple systems and sat aligned. Call came in to say they had aggressed so I warp down to the gate and jump through to see some small stuff irrelevant. And 2 Sleipnirs.

De-cloaking at basically 0m on the first Sleip I drop scram and web and my crap nuet and start pounding on him. He's taking ton's of dps then just collapses. Scoop the loot and run after wiping the rest of them out.. Losing 2 Caracals and 1 Myrmidon in the process.

Report here!

Was a fun fight :)

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