Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Schwarzenmarken Is Born!

So me and D have been trying to fix our Blops wing as it was nearly non-existent, After weeks of getting a couple ships and encouraging the guys to buy some we finally had what we needed locally so off we went at 00:00 last night for the corps first hot drop since moving anyway. Schwarzenmarken is born! ( I believe it means Black Mark in German which seemed like a apt name for this group )

We sent one of our guys out for a sniff around and didn't find much it being so late apart from a Deimos camping a gate with a bubble. Our cyno baited him and he aggressed so up went the Jump Portal.

After getting in he was repping like a boss ended up managing to burn away with half structure. Despite a fun fight he seemed extremely butt hurt in local and rather then GF's he cried and whined even though he won.. SAD!

So after a failed attempt I shifted the Widow around and bridged everyone home, I think people felt a bit disheartened but we decided to carry on and learn from our mistakes. This time we took a Rapier as well!

While moving around it got down to the point were we all agreed it was time to go bed as luck would have it our cyno found 2 Skiff's in a belt and after checking bridge was available we dropped. One was already in structure I assume from the rats and neither made any move to run away. So they exploded pretty quickly as did their MTU.

Considering it was only two skiffs. To get a kill report stating we just blapped 2.2b worth of gear we were curious. And found out one of the guy's pods had Michi's Excavator installed needless to say it was a pretty funny evening and a success in our books! Now I can justify losing 50 Bombers in the future ;D

No doubht we'll have many more fails like the deimos to come and quite probably some bait. Will be interesting to see what happens!


Battle Report

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