Sunday, 8 May 2016

NPC Dreads Sansha Belt Dreadnaught Scum!

So having not really kept up to date about whats been doing on and stuff and in the process of just getting myself a little bit more space rich I was "cough" ratting "cough". In a carrier cause well who cares.

Anyway low and behold in the final wave of this sanctum a dread spawn appears. Now I've been hearing how nasty these are.. how sansha ones are the worst.. And after one of our guys went to sacrifice his carrier in order to test out how bad ass it was I dropped my dread on it thinking he may end up in trouble and again. Didn't care. Siege in a asteroid belt.. It's fine.. totally safe. Anyway it popped in short order to my completely maxed out dread which honestly wasn't surprised.

But theres more!? They can't dps for shit. Never even had to turn on the 2nd repper which I had on in prep for being nearly wtfpwned by this super scary dread which in fact is super crap. Granted the tank on it is pretty good against a single carrier even with maxed out skills you can't kill it with one carrier ( Unless randomly it stops repping and just lets itself die after bumping off a asteroid and flying through space at 700m/s. )

Long story short. Fit hardeners relevant to damage type.. Drop 2 carriers. Dies in 4 minutes. Dont shit fit. Loot drop is shit ignore eve appraiser in game as it's horrifically wrong. The only thing worth anything is the BPC's or the actual built components!

But it was fun another little addition to belt ratting/mining deaths of which some are hilarious.  Like said carrier in the link above. Bounty is pretty chunky so if you multibox it down it's a nice slice of isk and pays for more cruisers for me to explode in.


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