Saturday, 28 May 2016

Macmillan Charity Stream - Results

So as you are or are not aware I did a charity stream on the 20th for 24hrs.

( I used up my saved breaks near the end for a power nap but forgot to turn off the stream hahaha ) ;D

 I managed somehow to raise £287.67p this is the equivalent at current exchange rate for USD: $420.71 and EURO: 378.58. Which is amazing! The EVE ONLINE community pitched in from Alliance members to random fleet bros raising £132 of the total! You guys rock!

Donations page is here in case you wanna add to the total amount!
Twitch Stream here -  If you go to previous broadcasts you'll find the stream in there. Also it's split down as I had tech issues part way through!

Overall I want to thank everyone who donated you made a huge difference to a great cause and you are all freaking awesome <3

Rand o/

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