Thursday, 5 May 2016

Hi guys!

Been a while eh? I haven't been AFK. But more over been busy moving my stuff around the shiny starry space that we live in.

So after returning my old corp doing a purge had kicked me out, No hard feelings I had been away a lot longer then expected so It was cool. However when I logged in I ended up chatting with my old buddy Dusty who features in my Fiction work. He offered me a place in the corp he was in out in Nullsec in OR. Now I hadn't played much with him for a while so I figured it would be cool to go chill for a bit with him. Anyway one thing led to another and basically I ended up getting on really well with the guys and decided I'd stay long term.

I wasn't too fussy about who they affiliated with alliance wise and at the time they were in SMA. Considering everything going on and their options they decided to leave and head south and join VOLT.

And here I am! I have a fight I had out in 4-C when in Outerring, I'm running out on a Mach fight as I type this and I am re-booting my fiction so lots going on and it'll be going up tomorrow/tonight depending on how long the fight is!

Have fun and fly stupid <3

Rand o/


  1. Thanks Man =] How are you guys doing these days? I've been meaning to spam Halifax with random shit all week x]