Sunday, 10 April 2016

Cancer Support 24hr Gaming Event Fundraiser!

Hello Everyone!

Pirates, Role players, Goons, Not Goons, Miners, Drug makers, Builders etc etc.

On my return to Eve I though you know what this game would be a great one to play during my charity marathon due to being visually stunning and the prospect of quick action. I am calling upon the Eve community to help me in a modest goal of raising money for cancer charity Macmillan in the UK.  Link here to the donation page! 

Link to twitch page is here

In the past I have been involved in a very small part with Plex donations, Fleets for charity events and such and now It is time for me to put on my own. It will be a 24hr Live stream of various games across console and PC. One of which will of course be Eve Online. If anyone would like to join me in a roam ( You will explode.. Its pretty much Inevitable ) with my terrible FC'ing. ( Volunteers for this role accepted ) then get in touch with Randunip in game. If enough Interest is drummed up I wouldn't mind donating a carrier to the flames in a "Attack and Defense" fleet style similar to some events from the past! I'm aiming to raise money for charity while contributing to some form of "content" for anyone who wishes to come join in the fun. If it turns into a all out war then so be it!

Provided interest is high I will most likely do a prize give away of several items. Plex, Ships etc.

Even if you don't want to join in and no ones interested I will still be flying around lowsec/null dieing as much as possible so please come shoot at me!  Please share the donation page, or make a donation yourself :)



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