Wednesday, 30 May 2012

CCP - Just a little thanks

Years ago I played Warcraft! Yes feel free to stick razor blades under my knee caps and make me jump on a trampoline, but at the time I enjoyed it, I was younger Warcraft appealed to me like a fat kid in a cake shop. I never quite got the same sense of vastness or achievement out of any other game until that is my cousin started playing Eve.

It was back around 2005 I watched him playing what is now old school Eve, the graphics were awesome as far as graphics could go back then and the game looked never ending. I remember the red and black skins for the ships before the revamp I remember the introduction of the Heavy interdictors! All from him and despite it being a harsh unforgiving world it called to me. I wanted something fresh something so far out of the box it'd built its own castle and was bombarding the stuff inside the box with cream pies. I finally made the transition to Eve sometime in the end of 2008 and I've never looked back. Eve in itself is a fantastic awe inspiring game that no one has matched. The game play is fluid and immersive, the communities are vibrant and committed providing the game with some of the best content I've ever seen in a MMO such as Helicity and Mittens Hulkageddon, The blog pack started by Crazy Kinux, The newly instated Burn Jita by the loveable morons of Goonswarm, CCP Alliance tournament, Kirith Kodachi and his BMTHOKK Event! Fact is the player base pours in so much content there like a free expansion in themselves. There fantastic every single one of them and they do, despite their sometimes callous disposition really do make Eve a forever changing universe.

CCP I salute you. For making a game that not only provides endless hours of game play, for taking on the flood of players who wish to ram pitchforks into you and standing strong, for your constant commitment to your game, for giving a home to thousands of awesome individuals, for all the work your design team, your community team, your security team every single one of you deserve a medal a big fucking medal indeed!

When it comes to MMO you guys despite the slip ups inherent with trying to please everyone at once have created one of the most fantastic games I've ever had the pleasure of playing and will continue to play for years to come. Keep up the good work and never let the mob get ya down.

Randy o/

How dare you shoot my Thanatos! ( Forgot to publish this )

Hai guys! Little post here that deserves to be covered in glitter and hailed as the king of funny as last night team speak was swamped with howls of laughter after the antics we had.

It all started early EUTZ a gate camp was setup in G8 in curse so I grabbed a couple of our new guys and headed out. As we set up to crash the party with our two hurricanes a cynabal and a falcon I got linked the names of the campers! And low and behold it was my old buddies from quantum horizons. I gave them a poke and we agreed a cease fire and would pew together. Upon landing on the gate a rapier was attacking suicidal pancake my Aussie buddy! I swear some people have no respect so I ordered the fleet to burn him down. Pancake jumped out As a tengu landed and went red we popped the rapier and called in Quantum to help nuke the tengu what we didn't expect to happen is a arazu to follow them in and drop 4 black ops battle ships on us lol. We lost a hurricane and my cynabal. Bye bye Jolly Roger.

After that I logged off for work. On returning I stuck my alt outside station as normal keeping eyes open for targets when Michus one of the neutrals next door popped into local and landed on station as he docked I undocked and Burned up In my Talos. He I docks I start shooting him and he goes red... I post on comms that I'm having a fight outside station and everyone and scouses mother undocked to whore on the killmail.

About twenty minutes later he returns this time in a eagle so I undock a curse and burn in for tackle. I drop my disruptor on him and start neuting he disrupts my engines too and tanks my DPS fairly well. I let people know there's a free kill outside station again as he is now capped out, couple guys undock and in warps a oracle and tornado from Local Down.

I proceed to burn to keep my transversal up and to be honest there DPS is terrible but I have to warp off at about 20% shields. The Eagle warps off too just as a dark side gang come in. I warp back to station and undock my carrier and the now returned oracle and tornado run away. Dark side leave system so I switch to my pilgrim, Mich comes back and Kronic gets a poin on him at which point we all dog pile him and he finally dies just as the tornado lands 14km from me but warps before I can get point.

Shortly after this Mich returns in a stabber and dies very quickly just as a Initiative mercenarys gang land on station Kai keeps Kronic repped up with his Thanatos and as Kron burns off he pops there republic fleet fire tail in the process this causes a out burst o laughter on comms. They start camping the undock and drop a bubble so being gracious hosts and in good spirits Kai undocks his carrier again.. Followed by three more the fan make a run for it and having no fast tackle and the bubble gone down we missed them all lol!

But they ran out of system and we didn't see them again. Untill there scout came back in landed next to our cynabal and sabre and his fail ass raptor got raped.

Kronic then lost his cynabal to a dark side gang due to being slightly high.

Was such a funny afternoon

Forgot to Publish this! So doing it now as it was so worth it! <3

Harsh Worlds - The Favour ( Dustys Point of View )

The hulk nosed out the docking shields of the amarrian style station with the bright yellow glow of the amarrian systems lighting the gloomy bridge.

I was still reeling from the message from Rand we haven't spoken in years and suddenly he wants a meeting, something serious was up. I plotted in the route to the station Rand wanted the meeting.

“Hmm, 20 jumps. That's going to take a lifetime in this thing.” I mumbled to myself

I plotted a course to a nearby system where I had a Arazu class force recon ship stashed. Which would make the trip much quicker.

As I climbed into the Arazu, the memories started returning. The last time I had done a trip here I had just ejected from the Erebus and didn't even know if my friends were even alive.

The trip had been a boring one with a few other ships seen along the way, well that was until the jump before the system I was meeting Rand. On the gate there seemed to be a large amount of Concord. It seemed that there had been a freighter killed while trying to navigate through the gate, and Concord was protecting the gate to make sure it didn't happen again.

The docking went without incident which was a amazement. These stations docking computers always seem to play up and bump your ship against the next guys ship.
I was just walking down the hallway towards the bar when I noticed someone who looked really familiar.
“COUNTER” I called down the corridor
The man swivelled on his heels, already poised to throw a punch. He relaxed when he saw it was me.
“Man, Rand drag you into this aswell then?” He asked
“Yer, you have any idea what it is were being dragged into yet?” I asked while starting to continue to walk down the hallway
“No idea, but last time the three of us met in a out of the way station like this, we each came out with a dreadnought and a freighter full of loot each”
“Haha, that was a good trip” I replied as we reached the door. “Lets find out then”

The room was a stinking mess especially for a Brutor one.
I noticed Rand in a dark corner and strolled over, sitting down at the table with Rand and started to chat, Rands voice trailed off when we both noticed Counter walk to a guy sat at the bar and punch him squarely in the face knocking him out in one blow.

Rand had asked us for a fleet and while Counter was finding his fleet in this stinking mess of a bar. I decided to get my own.
I reached into my pocket and retrieved my personal communicator. Accessing the secret partition of the contacts list held within, scrolling through the listings I found the entry I was looking for. Artern of Alsaki Corporation, my old employer from back in the days before I even met Rand.

“Dusty is that really you?” came the response from my chat request.
“Yep its me, I need your help and I’m going to need the fleet.”
“Dusty, we've not spoken in years, you just seemed to drop off the radar completely even for my contacts. And now you want the fleet? This must be big.” Came the response.
“Yer I’m sorry about that I had my reasons.”
“Well ok, you know where still here for you, you did enough for the corp back then. Just one thing what have you been doing last thing I heard you were doing a job with that friend of yours. Ray, Riley. What was it.” Artern typed back down the communicator.
“Rand, and yer I had to get out, I just followed my dreams for a bit till the life caught up again.”
“Wait you did it didn't you, you bought a bloody hulk, you bloody carebear”
I could just imagine Artern laughing while typing that last response.
“Yerrrr, I did. I’ll tell you about it at some point. But what about the fleet?”
“Give me a cyno and you'll have the fleet.”
“Thanks Artern, I knew I could rely on you and the corp” I typed as the connection closed.

Counter had just stepped down from a table and the bar seemed to have disappeared.
“I've messaged my employer”

“And what's the reply?” Rand asked

“Light me a cyno and you've got my fleet.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Inferno - My views

Ok, So between suntanning myself the last few days I have dropped by Eve Online to soak up the new changes and quite frankly Im loving them!

Now from what I hear there's alot of people whining about the new UI and various other things. I have one thing to say! HTFU! The new UI is amazing, Just because your too mentally challenged to re-learn how to use it doesn't mean it's bad... Just means your stupid. I love you guy's but seriously... It's not rocket science. For me the UI is more fluid, more manageble and just more.. up to date! when Im at my POS I have EVERYTHING open already.. I can drag and drop to tabs. I can open multiple windows if needs be! It's so fucking tidy I could hump CCP like a rampant poodle. My one and only gripe is they could have updated the ship pictures alittle as the background make's it look a tad meh, if they did what they did with the modules I'd be more then pleased! Even a back shadow would be nice! *hint*

I have yet to do much of anything with faction warfare so I cant really comment on them. However I see the "free isk" from pvp being alittle OP at first depends how it balances out. I guess it'll just mean that navy ships will become considerably cheaper :D

Also it seems while they have moved datacore's primarily to FW, Agents still give them just at a reduced rate. So not so bad I guess. I have 20k RP somewhere I should fetch but cba yet lol

Anyway I'll do a follow up once Ive had some more playtime! For now im enjoying the sun <3

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

New Blogger Initiative - Competition?

We see it every week or at least I do from watching Youtube videos or generally reading blogs that generosity goes along way in the world of Eve, From allowing some of the top PVP pilots to continue making there amazing videos, Yes Kil2 I'm looking at you! Right up to funding various ventures such as Hulkageddon ( Seriously Helicty your a credit to the Eve community! Those miners hurting those poor defenseless rocks!)

So in line with the Blogger Initiative I will be looking at setting up a competition for three category's of new blogs. I think I'm going to go with Pirating/PVP, Research/Industry and PVE Based. It's kind of hard to define the topics without forgetting a part of Eve.

So the Pirate one is easy enough it covers any blogs whose content will or does relate primarily to PVP/Pirating.

Research/Industry will include high sec POS based research market related blogs or anything todo with mining.

PVE Will relate to mostly Incursion and Mission runners.

All these will be refined over the next few days. I will see about enlisting the help of some fellow bloggers to help with this as it will be a monumental task.

The three prizes as such will more then likely be a Cynabal for the PVP based one. Possibly a BPO or a Hulk for the Industry based one and Fully fitted Raven? for the mission runner one! Prizes and Rules subject to change! This is just a brief outline on what I wanna do. Any help would be appreciated and hey if you wanna drop a prize into the prize pool no matter how small we can do something really good for the new bloggers joining our ranks everyday and make someones day.

Rand o/

New blogger initiative.

I've come across a post recently calling for current bloggers to explain how and why they got into blogging and to encourage new bloggers to take the first stride into the blogosphere, This is a brilliant idea.

But I'm going to start with something I also read the other day. One blogger whose name I don't know due to using the iPhone to write this has written a blog trying to discourage people from starting a new blog. Wether this is a reverse psychology thing or wether he is being honest is unknown, I'm hoping it's the latter. But if he is being honest then quite frankly ignore him. He speaks about you being a terrible writer, about there being too many blogs ect ect. Who cares?

I have over 100 blogs on my watch list because I enjoy reading them, I'm not famous I don't strive to be and nor do I have the time to commit to the spotlight. But I always have time for someone's blog. It's been said that the blog pack is the best of the best I have the feed on my iPhone but some blogs I removed a long time ago because they just weren't my cup of tea. Even in the most prestigious group of bloggers in the Eve community some of the blogs are passed over by the likes of you and me for one simple reason, Personal preference. I find some writings lacking creativity, comedy or are just plain bland. But what I find bland someone else finds interesting. So don't be put off by silly things like that! People will read your stuff. I have my blog linked onto and that's it. I get a healthy flood of readers and I get occasional praise or comments ingame. I'm happy with that. Hell on the odd occasion I get a "love your blog" in local while roaming. Rarely though!

At the end of the day if you feel like documenting your escapades for all to see go for it! You couldn't ride a bike right off the bat you had to practise, carry on and improve. Same with a blog, keep at it take in any advice given to you most importantly enjoy it, do it for yourself. If you strive for comments and self recognition it'll become a grind.

You can never have too many blogs!

Wow that pretty much covers what I was going to say to encourage people to get into blogging anyway! I'll just do the bit about me and looks like I'm done lol.

Well Im Randunip, also known as Rand, Randy or Moron depends who you talk to. I fly with the ever loveable Brushie Brushie Brushie guys, whom are addicted to my British accent. And I am the author of Harsh Worlds and One of the main writers for Harsh Worlds fiction the second being Dusty Meg. I love blogging about Eve always have done I created this blog in 2009 to have somewhere I could put my creative thoughts and memory's of events that to me where significant or hilarious. My main inspiration came from Roc Wieler who showed me that no matter what with persistence you could achieve anything and to be the best you could be. See previous post "The Roc". His posts pushed me to start my own blog and to this day I'm still writing, I'm still doing my fiction posts and I'm still very much loving Eve Online. I'm not part of some elite pack, I'm just a guy like you who wants to put something back into a community that gave him so much. I write for my own enjoyment an hopefully other people along the way. I took a long AFK a little while back due to burn out from real life leaving me little time and energy to do anything in game. But I'm still here, I'm still going, My grammar is still terrible, but it's improving. So to all you people contemplating making a blog drop me a evemail ingame on Randunip. I'll help where I can. I'll read your post give you feedback or praise or both! And maybe a cookie. But like I said I always have time for blogs new or old so get those links over here!!!!

P.s I use blogger on the iPhone. The apps awesome! Plus it's nice an tidy and easy to use.

Randy o/

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Harsh Worlds Fiction - Close Call

It was the morning after the meeting, I awoke to find myself slumped over a rather odd looking piece of metal, as I gained my focus back I realised that I had actually slept on top of my ship. The sleek metallic black and blue hull of the curse bobbing in the gravity dock below me. I hadn't picked the most ideal place to take a nap, I could hear the faint humming of the energy neutralisers behind me. I called on Aura to open the maintenance hatch to the pod and slid down inside. Wired and mechanised restraints hugged me and connected themselves to my neural relays I felt a jolt as the ship systems were taken control by own neural network. I could see the interface materialise Infront of me as the ship ran a systems check. I'd taken on the role of a pod pilot shortly after the battle in Podion. I had been so close to dieing I wasn't prepared to go through that again. I urged the ship out of the docking port and silently we slid out into deep space.

The night before had left me drained, and hungover, I pushed the ship into warp to the first stargate and jumped as I watched my world dematerialise Infront of me I caught a faint glimpse of a golden husk decloak behind me.

Once navigation was back online the view screen filled with dots... Big red dots! Alarms started sounding and I sent the ships crew to battle stations... I held our natural cloak while the huge behemoths that were the Sansha approached the gate it was going to be close...if they stayed.. We were all dead. But fate smiled on us today as they started to dematerialise, And as the last one vanished our cloak faded... Sweat was no doubt dripping down the brows of the crew... Mine included. I proceeded to send a distress signal to the station informing them of the impending attack and was told the station had started it's evacuation late into the night only a skeleton crew was left.

I aligned to the out gate and relayed one final message to the station. It read "Tell the boys once the cyno is up... It's all out war and not to hold back"

"Looking forward to it, Station out" was the reply.

I flexed my muscles and felt the ships hardener's fire up and hurled her into warp. I needed to get back to highsec...

As we were in warp a strange silence engulfed the ship and a voice spoke out.

"In the wake of our destruction new life will be born.. Embrace it.. Accept it, for it is the path all life shall take" the hollow voice echoed through my mind as if It were coming from all directions, my stomach knotted and I screamed out "I will find you! And when I do there won't be a damned thing to stop me shredding you into a thousand pieces!" I took a deep breath and sagged back down it had been awhile since I had let the anger boil up to breaking point.

I set course for Inaro it was time to pick up a ship more suited to handle the oncoming storm. My baby. Serenity...

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Get out my local!

I love the local chat window, it's entertaining while being a great early warning device as well. The tears you can get from your prey are delicious when they start spamming local. That is until a bunch of damn Aussies come in!

Haha I kid. I bumped into one of my old cohorts and long time readers Suicidal Pancake and lilfleeb the other day as they roamed through my home system! It's been over a year since I saw those Australian nut jobs and it's great To hear they now only live 4 jumps away! No doubt I'll be jumping across to fly with them on occasion.

Hopefully I'll see you guys soon! Pancakes blog is also on my listing so go check it out ;) it's the Quantum Horizon one!

Randy o/

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Harsh Worlds Fiction - Realisation

It was 2am and the Brutor built Archangel owned station bar was busy as it always is. Men and women drunk away there sorrows, threw there isk away gambling or lost there clone fighting someone they really should have let take there drink. Calling this grim backward blood soaked beer fouled room a bar was a over statement it more resembled a battle field, Just someone had bombarded it with kegs of beer. The smell was over powering but you got used to it, or someone broke your nose either way the problem got solved. The room was small as far as station bars go, it was manned by a guy who had seen it all and then some, the eye patch pulse laser and multiple scars gave the impression he was not someone you wanted to make angry. Despite being in disrepair the place always buzzed with people, mostly pirates who had left there morals and their lives behind years and years ago.

I sat down at a table in the corner of the room it was dark it seems someone previous had taken a dislike to the furnishings and broken the lights. About five minutes after taking my seat Dusty and Counter strolled in. Dusty's gaze fell on me and they made there way over.

"So... It's been awhile eh?" Dusty said his voice was deeper then I remembered it. "Aye, it has been a while my friend... You got my mess...." my voice trailed off as I spotted Counter who had just wandered over to a patron I could only describe as a bear dressed in men's clothing and punched him square in the nose... He then turned around and came back to take his seat. "Sorry about that mate! Had some err... Unfinished business" I stared in shock and then we all burst out laughing. Nothing had changed about Counter, still the same brash crazy son of a bitch Id met all those years ago.

"Guys we have a problem... I have a problem.. The nightmares are getting worse and the Sansha draw closer each day.." I took a drag from my cigarette, "I need your help"

Dusty and Counter looked at me and then each other and simultaneously said "what do you need?"
"I need a fleet... And not just any fleet I need a fleet that would dwarf anything we currently have in empire. I need the craziest son of a bitch's with nothing to lose... We have to make a stand" I could feel my throat tighten, I had to tell them.. So I explained about my dream all those months ago with Imagi's home world being decimated... That voice that kept speaking to me in my nightmares. Counter and Dusty listened. When I finished I said "So... Can you guys help?"

Counter got up off his stool "your gonna need a lot more people then us two at your side and I know just the people to ask. Counter got up onto one of the bar tables and shouted "Will you bunch of cut throat son of a bitch's shut up for five god damn seconds", the crowd fell silent and all eyes were on us. "much better.. Now what do we love most eh? Riches and blowing shit up?" there was a chorus of agreement from the uncertain crowd.. A few were fondling there side arms. "And I know! A few of you be sending Isk back home to help out ya ailing grandma!" feet shuffled. "Well what happens when these Sansha bastards take over empire eh? And wipe out everyone? Family.. Friends.. Our prey? Who we gonna rob and blast into dust then? Now I know for a fact these guys roll with some nice loot all it'd take to cash in is a good sized fleet. I know you all hate each other and ya hate the empires. So how about instead of defending them.. You consider this defence of our riches? Or livelihoods.. Our freedom to do what we want!"
Counter stepped down off the table and grabbed a drink of the bar and knocked it back, "So what do ya say to going out there and letting the Sansha know there messing with the most fucked up clinically insane bad ass mother fucking pirates in the entirety of null space! And get some shiny's while we're at it?"

The room fell deathly silent... After a few seconds a voice in the back of the room spoke. It was a deep voice.. Reverberating around the room. "those bastards killed my partner... She was the best pilot I knew... She dove into a fleet of them about 8 months ago.. Pulling them off me so I could escape she wasn't so lucky.. I've been stuck running this bar ever since..." The rage in the voice grew as the crowd parted you could see the barman pulling off his eye patch.. "Its time they paid the price for taking away MY WIFE!" He let a laser burst spew into the bar disintegrating it on impact. The crowd erupted guns were raised the room boomed with the noise of a hundred pirates after blood. I realised then.. We were all the same. In this together right to the end.

Counter stepped back to our table.. I got my guys In how about you Dusty?

Dusty hadn't spoke much during the whole thing he'd been focused on a comm device.

"I've messaged my employer..."
I looked up at him "And what's the reply?"

"Light me a cyno" Dusty grinned.

The Barman had walked up behind us so I arose to meet his gaze. "So you think you can stop them?" he asked... "I don't know.. But I'll be damned if I don't die trying!"

The Barman laughed and put on his sunglasses. "Whats ya name?"

"Rand" I replied "And yours?"

"Ah... You'll be finding out soon enough" he chuckled and walked away while tossing me a comm device over his shoulder.

"Just give the word" he said as he left through the rear exit arms draped around two amarrian women.

A bit longer then normal I got bored at work! I wanted to try and set the scene a little bit. I think overall my writing needs work but it's improving, but I find that if I enjoy reading my own stuff hopefully someone else will as well!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Myrmidon's first blood

Last night I was chilling in station drinking me some tea when our almighty overlord Polly reported that he had found 3 CVA guys in assault frigate's in U-Q so I grabbed my triple rep Myrmidon and had his alt scout me down, a couple gangs flitted about in U-Q so I stayed safe rather then get blobbed the CVA guys weren't on gate when I finally arrived so I sat chilling on U-Q gate they had one guy on gate with me and two on the other side. Game on! Jumping in I pulsed the MWD back to gate, They yellow boxes me but didn't engage so I jumped out and aligned D87 and just as expected they followed and got tackle.

They were about 4km off me so I landed scram and web on the first retribution and called in Polly in his hurricane, the first one melted pretty quickly and then the vengeance died to our fire power the other retribution tried de-aggressing and going for the gate so we burnt him down too along with one of there pods. Was a fun little fight and the triple rep myrm is a beast. There fits where quite ingenious so props to them for trying something new!

I'll link the killmails when in home.

Randy o/

Just a short one

Hey guy's just a quick one before I finish up tomorrow's fiction post.

I wrote a small piece concerning Roc Wieler a few days ago and to see it has had a positive effect is satisfying to say the least, One small post, One big thank you can make alot of difference it seems. I am glad I could return the favour by giving you your motivation back Roc.

On another note It looks like I could be taking place of the EUTZ director for Brushie. A challenge I shall greatly accept.. Just as soon as I have a few bits in order!

Anyway time for some more isk making and then hopefully some pew pew.

Randy o/

Friday, 4 May 2012

The Roc

Back along after playing this amazing game called Eve Online I decided to start a blog, I just wanted to write about Eve Online whatever came to mind while I was playing. I loved the game and still do, the vibrant and helpful community are what keep me here the friends I made in the past years are what make me log in.

But there's a certain person I'd like to give a personal thanks too. Mr Roc Wieler this gent was the reason I started writing an inspiration you could say, while I'd never be as good as him he inspired me to be as good as I can be. He's written a lot over the years my two favourite blog updates are his rules ( I actually put the good ones on the whiteboard at work, makes me chuckle ) and also about his personal development in Eve and out of Eve. It's good to see someone achieve so much and even over the past few years the determination for self improvement is still there and burning strong. His name is a apt one because this man is a Rock. And he'll still be there when everyone else has burnt out.

A special thank you goes to you sir, you opened up a path in eve that I've enjoyed many times over. As I've said before and I'll say again.

Roc is always relevant. Ask the ladies ;)

Rand o/

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Accomplishments in Eve

I've been thinking for awhile why do accomplishments in eve hold so much weight to them?

Other MMO present us with challenges such as WOW whose raid bosses are tuned to require teamwork and lots of high end gear the satisfaction doesn't last though you get it down to a fine art and it becomes a grind.

But in Eve we have the bear. The variable that crops up in every scenario we can think of, from mining to pvp. In Eve accomplishments last forever in our minds, story's spread like wildfire through the galactic undergrowth of malcontents and miners. Because If you beat the bear it feels great but it's never the same the second time round the next time that massive gate camp full of sabres will catch you or you won't tank the DPS of that 10/10 because you'll yet dc'ed or yes PL will bring supers this time. Add in the fact our assets, everything we own has value the same as our stuff in RL. We worked hard to get it. You don't get nice hand outs in Eve you have to work for your shit. I remember when I played wow ( yes it happened ) I got my character to level 80 fully tricked out and then I quit. Why? Well because it was the same day in day out. No risk no attatchment no fun. In Eve I mined and I ratted and I trained ( oh god the training ) for my carrier and when I got that carrier I felt like I'd achieved something worthwhile I had a capital ship! Ok maybe it's not a super but all the same it was a hurdle it's been over a year and I still have the same carrier.

Achievements stay with you in Eve because of the value you put into your stuff and because of the trials you have to go through to get it. Eve isn't easy and it shouldn't be.

Conclusion: For me playing Eve has a sense of accomplishment far beyond that of any other MMO. Wether it be the construction of a capital, CEO of a successful corporation or a massive corporation theft. I like dancing with the bear, sometimes the bear gets me. But when I get that little bastard it's the best feeling in the world. Eve is challenging, harsh and real. You lose stuff you have Invested in it sucks but when you get the one up and win no other MMO comes even close to how Eve makes you feel.

I love Eve and I'll be continuing to increase my blogging efforts to cover more topics kind of like this one. I have to work on my structuring and such but it's a learning curve and a hard one... The bears waiting round the corner for me... But I have a shotgun.

Rand o/

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Never assume things, it gets you killed

As the title says never assume things in eve. It'll get you killed! Never assume the gate is clear, never assume they don't have fast tackle and yes the guy in your belt is probably going to explode your hulk so don't assume he's salvaging.

I was out and about the other day popping around D87 in curse my little home from home. It was quiet as it always is before peak time and I was chilling out in my pilgrim when I noticed a arbitrator jump in from P04 and warp off I did a scan and waited and scanned again starting to see mission wrecks pop up, rather then do the tedious thing and scan him down I decided to hop into P04 and cloak just off the gate in the hope of catching him.

I sat waiting while a alliance buddy of mine was scrambling to find fittings for a ship so he could Join in, Another five minutes of waiting saw the Arbitrator jump back in. He held cloak alittle then tried to warp off luckily he landed 10km from me and I was already decloaked so one overheated pulse of the scram and web where enough to stop him from fleeing. I popped drones proceededto relinquish his hull from him. In hind sight I should have used Valks instead of Hobgoblins as he made it to gate with 20% structure and instead of my buddy waiting to catch him he jumped in as he jumped out. -facepalm-

He warped off and logged out in D87 I was too say the least alittle disappointed we didn't get the kill but I was determined so I hopped into "Jog On" my trusty sabre! Went around the loop to V7D and 5E chasing a Ishkur when my bud let me know the Arbitrator was back online I warped and jumped into D87 and warped to the P04 gate he let me know he was above gate and shortly after that he'd warped to gate. He jumped as I landed and jumped with him dropping a bubble on the other side and getting my scram and web and bumps on him the sabre ripping him apart as my pal jumped in to help finish him off, he tried getting clear of the bubble to save his pod but couldn't make it and died a squishy pod goo filled death. I think he assumed i was doing something else or that my pilgrim couldn't catch him if I was on gate, he assumed wrong. I scooped the loot and corpse and docked back up feeling much better about my ability to catch people.

I gave the loot to my pal ARGEN TUNE so he can sell it or use it for future fittings ;)

Was a fun little engagement even if he didn't die first time round. Hopefully more opportunity a will present themselves over the week for me to take advantage of!

New fiction post due sometime this weekend and "Trust in the Rust" podcast is making its debut!

Fly safe!

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Harsh Worlds - Just as the dust settles ( Dusty )

“Dusty you still awake or have you fallen asleep again” Digi chuckled over the comms.

Blinking awake from my snooze I got up off the bed and walked to the communicator set on the wall.

“I’m awake now what’s up?”

“Agern has just sent us today’s quota, and were going to need to start early if we want to hit it”

“Argh what does he want with all these minerals, we haven’t had a proper contract in months” I replied still drowsy from the sleep.

“No idea but as long as my account keeps getting credited I don’t care”

With that I clicked off the communicator. I had been having that dream again last night, the one with the Sansha attacking the station with Rand and Counter still inside with me hopeless to do anything sat inside a drained titan. That had been a long day, I had lost contact with Rand and Counter after that day, don’t even know if they are still alive or not, couldn’t pull myself together to finding out, so many people had died it was just a day I wanted to forget. Once the titan was operational again I had jumped it back to the pos and deactivated it there and just left it, it could still be there for all I know just another reminder of that day, which I didn’t want.

After that I had used some ISK and bought a Hulk and a new life, no one knows my past now only the name Dusty remains.

As I walked through the hanger I wondered if Rand and Counter had got out of that system and whether they were still alive now, but that was something I would have to wonder after today’s huge assignment.

When I entered the bridge of my Hulk there was a light flickering on the far console.

“It can’t be” I said in a shock, as that console was the last remains of my old life it was set up to pick up any messages from it, but had never worked or no-one had ever sent a message to it.

As I opened the message I noticed it was a message from Rand, so he was still alive then after all.

The messaged asked for a meeting but didn’t say what it was about. I couldn’t just say no, Rand was a friend and one I had flown with for years.

I clicked on the fleet communicator

“Digi, I need to do something and I should be back in a few days”

“WHAT, what do you mean we need this today you can’t just go” Came the reply

“I need to. If Agern says anything, say I quit or something I’ll find a way, but this I need to do”

“Ok, well good luck with whatever you’re going to do, I’ll try and keep Agern back without handing in your resignation.”

I requested a 2nd perspective on my storyline to which the actual Dusty obliged. So this will for now be a duo posting mapping the culmination o events that lead up the the finale two writers two different story's one outcome. I'll make sure each post is distinguishable too!

Harsh Worlds Fiction - The power of words

Words, Words have a funny way of producing thoughts and emotions you'd otherwise never have considered from love to hate, lust to malice. They make you think of things that otherwise would have eluded your mind. The words I heard that night had that exact effect on me.

I pulled myself off the Gallente bed, the comfort of the silk sheets and puffy duvet lost on me due to a restless night, I felt like a Matari had just slammed his pool cue onto my temple my head was throbbing so I stumbled to the washroom. Splashing water over my face I looked up searching for the face behind last nights dream but only saw my own haggard reflection staring back. It'd been months since id seen Dusty or Counter we had scattered after the station siege from what have now been confirmed as Sansha. Concord Reports told of many planets falling to them as they swept across the galaxy there one minute gone the next.

It was theorised that they were using some kind of wormhole generation technology to transverse from what ever dark corner they were hiding in. It wouldn't matter if we knew anyway they crushed any resistance with relative ease and with seemingly endless numbers it looked like a fight we'd always lose. The problem was getting a fleet large enough together and reaching the incursion before they killed and kidnapped everyone an left.

I turned to aura and booted her up, I sent a message to Dusty and Counter calling for a meeting, I knew after last night that I'd be needing all of my friends... My gut was telling me I was in danger.. But from what? I didn't know there and then but I was determined to find out...

Sorry it took so long works been crazy and I've been lazy! Next part will be tomorrow or maybe even tonight just to catch up alittle!

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