Wednesday, 30 May 2012

How dare you shoot my Thanatos! ( Forgot to publish this )

Hai guys! Little post here that deserves to be covered in glitter and hailed as the king of funny as last night team speak was swamped with howls of laughter after the antics we had.

It all started early EUTZ a gate camp was setup in G8 in curse so I grabbed a couple of our new guys and headed out. As we set up to crash the party with our two hurricanes a cynabal and a falcon I got linked the names of the campers! And low and behold it was my old buddies from quantum horizons. I gave them a poke and we agreed a cease fire and would pew together. Upon landing on the gate a rapier was attacking suicidal pancake my Aussie buddy! I swear some people have no respect so I ordered the fleet to burn him down. Pancake jumped out As a tengu landed and went red we popped the rapier and called in Quantum to help nuke the tengu what we didn't expect to happen is a arazu to follow them in and drop 4 black ops battle ships on us lol. We lost a hurricane and my cynabal. Bye bye Jolly Roger.

After that I logged off for work. On returning I stuck my alt outside station as normal keeping eyes open for targets when Michus one of the neutrals next door popped into local and landed on station as he docked I undocked and Burned up In my Talos. He I docks I start shooting him and he goes red... I post on comms that I'm having a fight outside station and everyone and scouses mother undocked to whore on the killmail.

About twenty minutes later he returns this time in a eagle so I undock a curse and burn in for tackle. I drop my disruptor on him and start neuting he disrupts my engines too and tanks my DPS fairly well. I let people know there's a free kill outside station again as he is now capped out, couple guys undock and in warps a oracle and tornado from Local Down.

I proceed to burn to keep my transversal up and to be honest there DPS is terrible but I have to warp off at about 20% shields. The Eagle warps off too just as a dark side gang come in. I warp back to station and undock my carrier and the now returned oracle and tornado run away. Dark side leave system so I switch to my pilgrim, Mich comes back and Kronic gets a poin on him at which point we all dog pile him and he finally dies just as the tornado lands 14km from me but warps before I can get point.

Shortly after this Mich returns in a stabber and dies very quickly just as a Initiative mercenarys gang land on station Kai keeps Kronic repped up with his Thanatos and as Kron burns off he pops there republic fleet fire tail in the process this causes a out burst o laughter on comms. They start camping the undock and drop a bubble so being gracious hosts and in good spirits Kai undocks his carrier again.. Followed by three more the fan make a run for it and having no fast tackle and the bubble gone down we missed them all lol!

But they ran out of system and we didn't see them again. Untill there scout came back in landed next to our cynabal and sabre and his fail ass raptor got raped.

Kronic then lost his cynabal to a dark side gang due to being slightly high.

Was such a funny afternoon

Forgot to Publish this! So doing it now as it was so worth it! <3

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